Oil Press Machine

An oil press machine is a machine that is used to extract oil from different seeds and plants. Moreover, there are many products such as peanut butter, soaps, and many more that are the result of the oil extraction process from the oil press machine.

The machine has versatile functions helping agriculture businesses expand more with their yields. Thus, if you are looking for an oil press machine for your business, then there are different types of oil press machines available depending on the needs and demands of your work.

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    Different Types of Oil Press Machines

    There are different oil press machines depending on the use as every machine differs in configuration and working method. In addition, before purchasing the oil press machine, it’s important to consider whether you want it for oil production at home or for commercial purposes. Thus, depending on the purpose, there are two types of oil press machines:-

    Domestic Or Home Oil Press Machine

    Home oil press machines arrive in compatible size best for domestic use capacity. It comes with the following features:-

    • The machine allows 3 to 4 hours of continuous oil pressing.
    •  The motor has the efficiency of a commercial motor, allowing the home oil press machine to continuously extract oil and benefit the user.
    •  In addition, the machine is easy to use, control, and clean.
    • It is lightweight and can be easily moved as per the need.
    • It arrives with a stainless steel body with an oil extraction capacity of 3-6 Kg/ hr.

    Best Oil Press Machine For Heavy Operations

    A commercial oil press machine is best for you if you are running an oil manufacturing business. The machine comes with a higher oil production capacity as compared to a home oil press machine. In addition, these machines are available with high motor power and high capacity and are more efficient. The commercial oil press machine is available with the following features:-

    • It has a sturdy stainless steel body best for high-volume production of oil on a large scale.
    • The machine has an efficient motor of 5.5 KW power, allowing a longer duration of oil extraction.
    • In addition, the machine offers an oil pressing capacity of approximately 1400-3000 Kg/24-hour, which is best for any commercial oil business.
    • The machine is compatible with any type of seeds, allowing business flexibility and, thus, saving the cost of buying different machines.

    Thus, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a commercial oil press machine for the production of oil on a large scale.

    Types of Oil Press Machines For Multi Purpose

    The oil press machine is the key machine if you are in the business of the production of oil. However, different oil press machines have different working principles that extract oil in different methods. Thus, there are the following types of oil press machines arriving with different oil pressing processes offering the production of high-quality oil.

    • Screw oil press machine: screw oil press machine is the most common oil press machine used in every oil production business. Moreover, the machines use rotating screw shafts to push the oil seeds and extract the oil continuously. In addition, this type of machine achieves maximum oil production, thus efficiently benefiting the business. The machine can produce approximately 4500-10000 kg/ 24 hours of seeds. Therefore, it is the best type of commercial oil press machine.
    • Automatic oil press machine: Automatic oil press machine uses electric coils that heat and control temperature automatically and press oil. Moreover, it is best for small or medium-scale oil production businesses as the output rate is slower than another machine, i.e. it can produce approximately 30-35 L/hr. However, it benefits the business with less energy consumption and lower production costs.
    • Cold oil press machine: The cold oil press machine uses the mechanical pressing of seeds to extract oil and does not use any chemicals. In addition, the machine arrives with an oil pressing section and filtration section that makes a convenient and easy oil production system.
    • Hot oil press machine: The hot oil press machine uses hydraulic pressure to extract oil from seeds at high temperatures. However, unlike the cold press, the nutritional value of oil extracted from the hot oil press machine is comparatively low. The machine offers high oil production capacity and, thus, is best for large-scale commercial business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Oil Press Machine

    Oil press machine has multiple uses in the oil business for different types of industries. It includes:-

    • Food industry: The oil press machine is the most important machinery in the food industry as it extracts high-quality oil that can be used in restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens, and others.
    • Cosmetic industry: Oil press machines are important as they offer raw edible oil for skincare products and hair care, such as shampoos, soaps, and others.
    • Pharmaceutical industry: oil extracted from oil press machines is rich in nutrients and is used to produce various healthcare medicines and supplements.
    • Domestic use: A home oil press machine is used to extract oil without any use of chemicals. Thus, best for cooking.

    There are various types of oil press machines offering different oil-extracting processes. However, it isn’t very clear to decide which one will be best for your business. Thus, it would help if you considered the following things before buying one:-

    • Capacity: consider the capacity that your business requires, and then buy the oil press machine as per the capacity. If your requirement is less, then go for a domestic oil press. Or, if your requirement is high, go for a commercial oil press.
    • Power: Buy the oil press with a motor power that fulfills the demand of the business. In addition, you may choose different power source oil press machines according to the business.
    • Budget: It is important to consider the budget you want to spend on the machine. There are numerous oil pressing machines so you can choose as per your budget. However, spending a little more is good to get a high-quality machine.

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