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Having the right equipment in the kitchen is the backbone of your successful food business. Moreover, no matter how big or small a food business you own, you must be updated with the latest appliances and equipment to compete in the market. However, if you are interested in starting a cloud kitchen but need to know what the right cloud kitchen equipment will be? Don’t worry; we will help you choose the right cloud kitchen equipment for you because we have a specialist team of cloud kitchen setups.

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Choosing the right kitchen equipment and utensils is important when setting up a hotel kitchen. As Hadala Kitchen Equipment, we understand the significance of a well-equipped kitchen in delivering a seamless dining experience for your guests.

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Welcome to Hadala Kitchen Equipment, your 100% trusted commercial kitchen consultants and planners. With a strong reputation for excellence in the kitchen industry, we specialize in providing practical solutions that suit your needs.

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    What is a Cloud Kitchen?

    You might have ordered food from a place that you haven’t seen anywhere but is available online. Those virtual restaurants are called cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens. Cloud Kitchen has delivery-only services that do not offer dine-in-place and contact the customer through online mode only.

    What Will be the Right Cloud Kitchen Equipment for Your Business?

    With the rise in delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy, the cloud kitchen business is becoming very profitable and growing exponentially. Moreover, if you are going to start a cloud kitchen business but need to learn about the right cloud kitchen equipment, then here is a list of equipment you need to have:-

    • Cooking range: The cooking range is the essential equipment in any commercial or domestic kitchen. Moreover, there are two types of cooking ranges you can have for your cloud kitchen.
    • Gas range: It is the most common and easy-to-use cooking range. In addition, it takes less time to heat up and cook food at a faster rate.
    • Electric range: It is the most efficient cooking range that will save your energy and cost. However, it takes more time to heat and offers slow cooking.
    • Exhaust system: Ventilation is essential in any kitchen for easy workflow, as it would be tough to cook in a kitchen with smoke. Moreover, it’s necessary to choose the exhaust system according to the food you need to cook in your kitchen. For instance, if you have to cook food that does not require a lot of greasing, then you can go for a standard exhaust system. But, if your kitchen requirement is all greasing and smoking, then buy exhaust with fire prevention.
    • Oven: Oven eases the cooking process; thus, it is essential equipment for your kitchen. Moreover, depending on the food you want to serve and the volume of orders, you need to choose your oven.
    • Commercial Refrigerators and freezers: It would help if you had refrigerators and freezers to store the raw materials for your kitchen. Moreover, it is best for commercial kitchens as it avoids food spoilage on a large scale.
    • Kitchen counters: Having a kitchen counter, depending on the size of work you need to do, is essential. Moreover, choose a counter that provides enough space for cooking and a separate space for cleaning.
    • Commercial mixers: There are many commercial mixers available on the market that are best for different work ranges. Thus, buy the commercial mixer that is best for your kitchen needs.
    • Sinks and essential other equipment: You need to install sinks in your cloud kitchen to ease the cooking process and keep your kitchen clean. Moreover, there are other essential kitchen equipment that you should have:
    1.  Cutting instruments
    2.  Storage Shelves
    3.  Fire extinguisher, gloves, floor mats
    Commercial Kitchen Setup₹ 1500000.00
    Commercial Kitchen Counter₹ 78000.00
    Commercial Steel Kitchen₹ 3500.00/Square Feet
    Canteen kitchen Equipment₹ 200000.00
    Restaurant Kitchen Equipment₹1000.00
    Commercial Kitchen Setup₹ 500000.00
    Cafe kitchen Equipment₹ 300000.00

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