Heavy Duty Mixer Machine


The Heavy Duty Mixer Machine is a powerful and durable appliance designed for commercial use in hotels and restaurants. With its 3 HP motor and stainless steel construction, it can easily handle heavy-duty mixing tasks. This mixer has a 10-litre capacity and weighs 30kg, making it a reliable and stable appliance. It comes with a 1-year warranty and operates on 240V electrical power.

  • heavy duty mixer machine

    Heavy Duty Mixer Machine


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      heavy duty mixer machine

      Heavy Duty Mixer Machine



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      Heavy Duty Mixer Machine

      Application Hotels, Restaurant
      Motor Power 3 HP
      Warranty 1 Year
      Material Stainless Steel
      Capacity 10 Kg
      Voltage 240 V
      Power Source Electrical
      FAQ's About Heavy Duty Mixer Machine

      Yes, the Heavy Duty Mixer Machine is suitable for mixing wet and dry ingredients, making it a versatile appliance for any commercial kitchen.

      Mixer and professional kitchen work in sync, as working without a heavy duty mixer machine would be tedious. Moreover, commercial kitchens demand heavy duty mixers to fulfill the large amount of work, upscaling productivity and sales.

      Moreover, a heavy duty mixer machine uses powerful motors to mix and blend the food items. It is a compact and reliable appliance for commercial kitchens and professional chefs. In addition, it arrives in different sizes, accommodating the food items as per the needs.

      Heavy Duty Mixer Machine Benefits

      Commercial kitchens demand a large amount of work that heavy duty mixer machines do. It easily handles heavy work such as making thick paste, grinding and crushing vegetables, etc.

      Moreover, it is available in different capacities and price ranges as per the features and benefits it provides. In addition, there are various benefits to choosing a heavy duty mixer machine for your food business.

      Multifunctional – Heavy duty mixer machine serves multiple functions of grinding, crushing, mixing, and many more with ease and fast.

      Power and Efficiency – Heavy duty mixer machine comes with a powerful motor offering higher RPM. Thus enhancing the speed and power of the motor for greater yield. In addition, with greater power, the mixer will work efficiently in no time. The powerful blade of the mixer gives superior cutting performance.

      Durability – Heavy duty mixer machines are built for a larger amount of workload. Thus, it is very strongly built and durable. These bakery mixers are for heavy work and are a long-term investment in the food business.

      User Friendly – Heavy duty mixers are built for regular work, so there are few complications. It does not require skilful manpower to operate. Moreover, it simplifies the mixing process easily and comfortably, making productivity smooth.

      Saves Space – Heavy duty mixers serve multiple functions, minimizing other equipment in the kitchen. Thus giving more space in the kitchen to work hassle-free. In addition, it is also best for kitchens which have limited space.

      Usage of Heavy Duty Mixer Machine

      The professional kitchen has many uses of the heavy duty mixer machine.

      • Commercial kitchen: heavy duty mixers are essential in preparing food on a large scale.
      • Bakery and eateries: For dough mixing and other baking processes, heavy-duty mixers are widely used.
      • Catering and food delivery services: heavy-duty mixer serves the versatile function of mixing different food items.
      • Restaurants: The mixer serves bulk mixing daily.


      Heavy duty mixer machines are essential in the food industry as everything would be difficult and complex without them. Moreover, if you are considering investing in the food business, this is the important machinery you should keep as a priority on the equipment list.

      In addition, its versatile and heavy-duty functions, such as mixing, grinding, crushing, and maintaining the required consistency of food, enhance productivity. Thus, it increases the sales of the business, making it profitable.

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