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Hygiene is the first thing you should be concerned about as a restaurant owner. Moreover, people like visiting places again. You offer hygienic customer service with good food. So, whether you are in a small food business or a bustling restaurant, you must have dishwashing equipment.
However, if you don’t want to spend much space on this, then an undercounter dishwasher would be best for you.

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      Undercounter Dishwasher



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      Best Undercounter Dishwasher

      Technical Specification of Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher

      Product Undercounter Dishwasher
      Material Stainless Steel
      Weight 52.5Kg
      Dimensions 600*600*822 mm

      Frequently Asked Questions Related To Undercounter Dishwasher

      Although the under-counter dishwasher looks like a household dishwasher, it is different in terms of function; moreover, an undercounter dishwasher offers a rapid wash cycle for more dishes than a household dishwasher. In addition, it offers space optimization with quick washing of around 500 plates per hour.

      There are numerous undercounter dishwashers in the market making it confusing to buy. Thus, look for a few features before buying:-

      • Quality and build of the undercounter dishwasher.
      • Look at the dishwasher, which has a rapid wash cycle.
      • Look for an affordable dishwasher.
      • The undercounter dishwasher should sanitize dishes properly thus maintaining hygiene.

      Yes, it is healthy and hygienic to use an undercounter dishwasher. The undercounter dishwasher is designed to wash at a high temperature that removes all the bacteria and offers a hygienic kitchen environment.

      The undercounter dishwasher is a compact and efficient dishwashing machine that can be commonly used in small commercial kitchens, food courts, bars, canteen, and other places with medium customer flow.

      Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher

      Moreover, an Undercounter dishwasher is a dishwasher that can conveniently come under the counter. It looks the same as the domestic dishwasher but has more speed and washing capacity.

      In addition, it is an efficient, versatile, and compact commercial dishwasher that is commonly used in small food businesses.

      An under-counter dishwasher is the best solution for busy kitchens with less space availability. In addition, there are various benefits of using an undercounter dishwasher.

      • High-capacity dishwashing: Even with its compact size, the undercounter dishwasher has a high dishwashing capacity of up to 500 plates per hour. Thus, best for small commercial kitchens.


      • Space saver: Undercounter dishwasher is compact and comes beneath the counter optimizing the kitchen space. Thus, you can use the remaining space efficiently.


      • Manual Front loading design: The undercounter dishwasher is designed with front manual loading options. This feature makes loading and unloading very convenient and easy.


      • Quick wash cycle: The best equipment is that that saves time in the professional kitchen. And, the undercounter dishwasher is designed to increase the cleaning output with its rapid wash cycle duration.


      • Sanitized dishwashing: The undercounter dishwasher washes dishes at a temperature of around 60 degrees and rinses at a temperature of 82 degrees. Thus, high temperature ensures complete sanitization of the dishes.

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