Cold Press Oil Machine


A cold oil press machine is a machine that extracts oil without using heat or chemicals maintaining the nutritional value of the oil. Moreover, a cold oil press machine is available with the latest compact design and large capacity that extracts oil from a variety of seeds.

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    Cold Press Oil Machine


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      cold press oil machine

      Cold Press Oil Machine



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      Best Commercial Cold Press Oil Machine

      Technical Specification of Cold Press Oil Machine

      Product Cold Oil Press Machine
      Motor Power4 KW
      Dimensions1180 x 530 x 1120 mm
      Weight195 kg
      Material Stainless Steel 304
      Type Semi-Automatic
      Voltage440 V
      CapacityUp to 5 tons per day

      Frequently Asked Questions Related To Cold Oil Press Machine

      The cold oil press machine extracts oil without heat or chemicals. However, if you incorporate a heater into the machine, it will raise the temperature making oil loose it’s nutritional value. However, using a heater increases the speed and amount of oil extracted from the machine.

      The cold oil press machine is crucial machinery for oil industries as it offers versatile functions to enhance productivity and benefit businesses.

      • Cold oil press machine works without using heat or chemicals to extract oil. Thus, extracts of nutrient-rich and organic oil preserve the health of an individual.
      • The machine extracts multiple seeds that include mustard, peanut, sunflower seeds, castor, soybean, walnut, groundnut, and many more. In addition, the residual after extraction of oil is also rich in protein. Thus, it is beneficial for the business.

      Multiple Cold oil press machines come with multiple features that you need to choose for your business. Moreover, there are a few points you need to consider before buying a cold oil press machine for your business:-

      • Choose the capacity of the machine that meets the needs of the business.
      • Different sizes of machines are available in the market. Thus, choose the machine size that fits the space available.
      • Choose a machine with high motor power to fulfill commercial demand. The powerful motor enhances work productivity in less time and thus, benefits business.
      • Choose a machine that is easy to operate and doesn’t have complicated controls.
      • Choose a machine that is easy to clean and maintain after every use.
      • Your machine should have sturdy construction to withstand heavy workflow.

      Best Cold Oil Press Machine

      In addition, the machine is the best economical solution for home or medium-scale oil businesses.

      Moreover, the cold oil press machine is available with the following features:-

      • The cold oil press machine arrives with robust and efficient performance that offers premium cold press oil extraction.
      • The cold oil press machine commercial maintains exact temperature control increasing the oil efficiency and preserving the nutrition of the oil.
      • The machine has a durable and sturdy design with a stainless steel body offering corrosion-resistant features.
      • The machine arrives with a powerful motor of 4 KW that enhances the oil extraction process in less time.
      • The machine with its high capacity for oil extraction is best for commercial oil business.
      • The machine design is very clear as it offers easy squeezing of oil along with easy cleaning. You need to clean only with a brush and cloth.
      • The machine allows multiple hours of continuous work extracting oil approximately up to 5 tons daily.
      • The machine is very silent and causes no sound irritation while operating.

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