Electric Fryers


Our Commercial Electric Fryers are designed for high-volume cooking and are perfect for restaurants and cafes. With various sizes and capacities available, these fryers can meet all your requirements. They operate on electricity and have a total power of (kW) 20, providing consistent and efficient cooking. They are easy to use, maintain, and clean, and come with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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    Electric Fryers


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      commercial electric fryer

      Electric Fryers



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      Electric Fryers

      External Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 40x90x85
      Tank Capacity (lt-GN) 21
      Warranty 1 Year
      Total Power (kW) 20
      Electric Elements (KW) 20
      Tank Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 31x44x20
      Weight (net) 58 KG
      Power Source Electric
      FAQ's About Commercial Electric Fryers

      Yes, Commercial Electric Fryers can be used for cooking a variety of foods, such as stews and soups, with the appropriate accessories.

      Deep frying is the most significant part of the commercial cooking industry, whether in large restaurants, small cafés, food trucks, or other similar food stores. Moreover, electric fryers are the type of deep fryers used in the food industry.

      Commercial electric fryers add quality to the kitchen by offering fast and efficient food services. In addition, it offers a wide range of cooking options, from fried fitters to fish fry and others. We also have a gas deep fryer machine. You can consider this machine as well per your needs and requirements.

      What Are Electric Fryers and Their Functions?

      An electric fryer is an appliance that uses electricity to heat large amounts of oil to fry food products. Moreover, the fryer contains a frying basket and lid that covers the oil to spatter. In addition, the fryer allows temperature regulation through a coil that runs around the vessel.

      Moreover, the commercial electric fryer is not a complicated machine and serves various functions.

      Some of them are:

      Temperature Control

      Commercial electric fryers arrive with temperature control features enabling them to maintain optimum temperature. Moreover, the fryer will have either a knob setting or buttons as per the model. In addition, if you are handling a busy kitchen, the fryer will save food from burning through alarms or auto-off features.

      Adequate Frying Capacity

      Commercial fryers allow the largest frying capacities for the commercial food industry. Moreover, it saves time by frying the items at one time rather than frying small amounts multiple times.

      Filter Oil

      An electric fryer allows for the filtering and reuse of the oil. Thus saving money and increasing business. In addition, the filtration process is easy and does not require additional help.

      Easy To Clean And Maintain

      The biggest worry while using any appliance is its cleaning. The electric fryer is easy to clean and maintain. It is cost-effective as it reduces labour costs for cleaning.

      Tips To Consider Before Buying a Commercial Electric Fryer

      Numerous electric fryers on the market have different features and options. However, buying the one that meets your needs and requirements is necessary. Still, it becomes challenging to choose which is suitable for you among so many. Thus, here are a few points to consider before buying the perfect electric fryer for you.

      • Capacity: first and foremost, deciding how much food volume you have to fry regularly is necessary and then deciding the fryer’s capacity you want to buy. What if you need 10L of capacity but buy a 5L capacity fryer? Then it would be problematic to cook?
      • Oil filtration: Choosing an electric fryer with good filtration is essential. The excellent quality fryer filters the impure oil and keeps it clean. Thus, choose the fryer with good oil filtration to save money in the long run.
      • Temperature: You must decide the type of temperature control feature that enables the cooking process in your busy kitchen.
      • Safety features: It is crucial to know the safety features of the fryer, as deep frying is dangerous sometimes. In addition, features such as auto-off, external cool touch, and many more are necessary to check that the fryer has these features.

      Price: Considering price before buying is necessary as different models are available under different price ranges. So, it depends on your budget and which commercial electric fryer you want to buy.

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