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    double tank deep fryer
    Double Tank Deep Fryer Original price was: ₹58,000.00.Current price is: ₹40,000.00.

    Deep frying is a common practice in Indian kitchens, whether domestic or commercial. Moreover, deep-fried foods are liked by everyone, whether they are fritters for elders or French fries for children. In addition, looking at the demand for deep-fried foods, commercial deep fryers have become the must-have appliance in the professional kitchen. Most of the restaurants with large customer service demand double tank deep fryers to keep up with orders.

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    Single Tank Deep Fat Fryer With Digital Controller
    Single Tank Deep Fat Fryer With Digital Controller Original price was: ₹67,000.00.Current price is: ₹45,000.00.

    Deep fried foods are most popular among the Indian population, and every restaurant owner aims to serve them to generate revenue. Moreover, the commercial kitchen uses multiple appliances for different cooking options.

Deep Fat Fryer

We all are fans of French fries and samosa that water our mouths whenever we hear about them. Moreover, deep fried food is always our favorite as it makes our food crunchy from the outside and fluffy from the inside.

Thus, it is very handy and delicious to eat. In addition, no matter how health-conscious people are becoming these days, eating deep fried food is still at the top. However, deep fried foods are now becoming healthier as well as tastier with recent advancements in deep fat fryers.

Moreover, if you own a restaurant or food business, then your kitchen is incomplete without a deep fat fryer. A commercial deep fat fryer is an appliance that allows deep frying by submerging food in oil heated at high temperatures. In addition, a commercial deep fryer works as the hero of the kitchen, whether you serve French fries, mozzarella sticks, fried fish, or many more.

What are the Types of Deep Fat Fryers?

A commercial deep fat fryer is designed to hold large quantities of oil and fry in large batches. Moreover, there are different types of deep fat fryers that you could use in your commercial kitchen as per needs.

Countertop Deep Fat Fryer: These are deep fat fryers often used in food trucks and small food businesses that do not require heavy deep frying.

Standing deep fat fryer: These fryers are for heavy-load frying work, especially for restaurants with heavy customer flow or food businesses selling deep fried foods.

Electric deep fat fryer: These fryers are more efficient and use electricity as a source of energy.

Gas deep fat fryer: This fryer uses gas lines as its fuel. It is a more common type of deep fryer as it is portable and easy to use.

What are the Benefits of a Deep Fat Fryer?

Deep fat fryers are always in demand by restaurant owners or eatery businesses as people always love deep fried foods. Moreover, commercial deep fryers come with many advantages that benefit the food business.

Multifunctional: A deep fat fryer not only fries fast food but can also fry vegetables, meats, and many other eatables. Moreover, a commercial deep fryer arrives with multiple baskets and separate oil tanks, offering multiple cooking options. Thus, it saves your investment in different appliances.

Consistent high quality: Commercial deep fat fryer offers consistent performance, yielding high-quality food. Unlike manual frying, there are no mistakes in cooking time and oil temperature. Thus making the cooking process very convenient and easy.

Time-saving: commercial deep fat fryer works with higher temperatures and heats oil very quickly. Thus saving time while cooking. In addition, the fryer offers consistent temperature control, reducing cooking time. As cooking time is less, professional chefs can easily manage more than one customer’s order at a time.

Easy to clean and maintain: Commercial deep fat fryers are easy to clean as they do not have complex structures. Moreover, most of the fryers are made of stainless steel, which is more hygienic than any other material. In addition, the fryer comes with removable tanks that are easy to clean in no time.

What to Look For Before Buying a Deep Fat Fryer?

A deep fat fryer is a must-have appliance in any restaurant or eatery business. Moreover, looking at the demand, there are numerous commercial fryers in the market, causing confusion about which one is best. However, if you want to buy the best deep fat fryer for your business, then you must consider some important points before buying.

  • Size: Consider the size of the deep fat fryer as per the required volume of your business. Moreover, fryers are available in different sizes as well, and multiple-size baskets are also available in the market to handle large volumes of food.
  • Efficient temperature: Consider a fryer that has temperature control features to enable large volumes of food to be consumed in a short time. Less temperature would cause food to be soggy and of low quality. Thus, it’s very important to have a high-temperature fryer.
  • Type: Decide the type of deep fat fryer you want for your food business. Moreover, it depends on whether you want a gas-powered fryer or an electric fryer. Thus, choose the fryer which will be suitable for your business.
  • Budget: Budget is crucial to decide before buying the deep fat fryer. However, the deep fat fryer price depends on the quality and build of the fryer. In addition, invest in a deep fryer that results in good quality food even if the budget goes a little bit higher.

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