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The kitchen also called the heart of the restaurant. A kitchen is a place where many flavors come across and become a complete meal. To make your kitchen even better we have some stylish, modern, and advanced kitchen equipment.

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    Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    These kitchen equipment are specially designed after understanding the requirements of restaurants. Commercial kitchen equipment is designed for special purposes as they are used in bigger restaurants and hotels. So their work efficiency should be higher.

    cold press oil machine
    Cold Press Oil Machine 374,000.00
    cold oil press machine with heater
    Cold Oil Press Machine With Heater 1,859,000.00
    cold organic oil press machine
    Cold & Organic Oil Press Machine 1,929,000.00
    automatic commercial oil press machine
    mini oil machine with digital display
    Mini Oil Machine with Digital Display 21,499.00
    Domestic Oil Press Machine
    Fully Automatic Coffee Machine 77,350.00
    Regenta Espresso Coffee Machine 13,499.00
    Cocktail Station And Liquor Rail 56,300.00
    Drain Board & Liquor Rail 49,000.00

    Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

    When it comes to setting up your restaurant kitchen you need to be very clever while installing the right equipment. The market is flooded with a huge range of restaurant kitchen cookwares but still, we always want the quality. Ensure that you find the right product.

    So, as we said, we have a huge collection of all kitchen equipment from start to end, smaller to the bigger one. we manufacture commercial ovens, commercial bakery ovens, commercial burner range, commercial convection ovens, commercial fryer, commercial pizza oven, commercial refrigerator, commercial stainless steel shelving, food display counter, fried ice cream machine, gelato ice cream machine, Popsicle ice cream machine, softy ice cream machine, stainless steel table, Thai roll ice cream machine and turkish ice cream machine and a lot more which comes in high quality.

    Specification of Kitchen Equipments

    Brand: Hadala Kitchen Equipment
    Power Source: Heat and electricity
    Material: Mostly Stainless Steel
    Category: Both Heating and Cooling

    The wholesale price shop of commercial kitchen equipment delhi offers discounts and special prices so that you can always soar profitably in your avenues.

    Therefore, we have manufactured many amazing kitchen types of equipment that come with great technology, easy to use, and make work easier. The kitchen equipment manufactured by us comes with high quality and is tested before delivery. The list of best kitchen equipment is right this way. We manufacture a wide range of best commercial kitchen equipment that will be helpful for you. The commercial kitchen types of equipment are as follows. Bakery equipment, commercial cooking equipment, commercial storage equipment, display counters, ice cream machine, and restaurant equipment. All these types of equipment are supplied by us and are very efficient.

    Purchase the Most Affordable Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Are you planning to launch a new restaurant or replace an old existing commercial kitchen equipment? Your search ends here because we are sure to cover up all your requirements without putting a Dent in your budget. Talking about the styles and varieties of commercial kitchen products, we have been the leader in the industry ever since our existence. The specific type of kitchen equipment including cooking, storage, small wares, janitorial, and refrigerants are available with us at the prompt delivery and lower prices.

    The Best Cooking Equipment is Here

    Needless to mention, high-quality cooking equipment for the kitchen provides better efficiency and more profits. It should meet your needs and must be durable in the long run. Therefore, commercial kitchen equipment has come up with a range of Deep fryers, grillers, broilers, coffee brewers, holding equipment, griddles, and much more. Apart from providing equipment of high durability, we make sure that each of them has a suitable power consumption so that installing and running them, in the long run, is not a source of headache for you.

    Qualities it offers

    1. Safety Feature

    Our very first concern is to work on safety. Every owner wants the equipment they buy should be free from all hazards. To overcome the risk we already design our products so fine that it reduces the possibility of any danger.

    1. Durability

    The better the quality the more durable is the kitchen equipment. We have designed our kitchen equipment with the best quality product and therefore it is more durable to work with a little bit of care that can make them work for a longer time.

    1. Maintenance

    Another important quality that everyone looks for is the maintenance of equipment. Many machines are available that need more maintenance. But our equipment is designed in such a way that they will need a bit of care only and they will be ready to rock. Handling is super easy with our products.

    1. Optimal Space Management

    Most of the types of equipment come in a heavy size that they consume a lot of space and are used for selective purposes. However, our products are more space-efficient and they are used for multipurpose. And they give a great look to your kitchen.

    Commercial Kitchen Equipment Price List India

    MachineStart. PriceApprox. Price
    Bakery EquipmentsRs. 20,000Rs. 99,999
    Restaurant EquipmentRs. 35,000Rs. 250,000
    Ice Cream MachineRs. 32,000Rs. 155,000
    Commercial FryersRs. 14,999Rs. 75,000
    Benefits of Our Kitchen Equipment Commercial
    • Highly efficient
    • Pocket friendly
    • Comes with modern technology
    • Space efficient
    • Energy Efficient
    • Modern Design
    • Time-saving
    • Convenient
    • And many more

    Choose the Finest Kitchen Equipment

    Commercial kitchen manufacturers have a clue about the optimal storage equipment. you will find different equipment that can Hold and preserve a good amount of food in your restaurant. Each storage equipment we sell not only serves the commercial requirement but also perfectly fits in the layout of the kitchen.

    Best refrigeration and storage equipment for commercial use

    We have a full-fledged range of ice machines, beverage dispensers, refrigerators, and freezers having different features and specifications. Each commercial kitchen product we provide is a blend of perfection and utility. The beverage dispensers perfectly store different varieties of soft drinks so that you can serve them fresh exactly when you want.

    Food preparation equipment to ease cooking

    Your restaurant business is considered profitable only when it is able to handle a large number of orders in a very short span of time. With the commercial kitchen manufacturers, it is possible to receive the finest food preparation equipment that slash away the overall time consumption. You can prepare different varieties of sauces, cheese slices, noodles, and different varieties of food with the economical range of mixers, food processors, Spice grinders, and blenders. The commercial kitchen products that we have are definitely going to suffice your requirements at a single go.

    Any efficient Kitchen starts with a good and complete commercial kitchen. For this, you may require different kinds of equipment. With Hadala Kitchen Equipment, you will get the experience of using premium quality machines with maximum support from our end.

    But, before moving further, we must ensure your machine needs.

    Here are some essential commercial kitchen equipment:

    Ice Cream Machines

    An automatic ice cream machine will help you with the freezing and churning. These machines will take care of it from small batches to large ones. Our machines get the texture and give you the smoothness of ice cream. Also, you can get various types of ice cream machines with us, ranging from Rs.52,000/- to Rs.1,50,000/-. We also sell trending popsicle machines that operate on 2.8W. So don’t wait up.

    Restaurant Equipment

    Restaurant equipment is the backbone of your business. Any well-established restaurant must get a complete set of equipment. This will provide a streamlined operation in your kitchen facility. Get the best prices for everything from stainless steel tables to commercial refrigerators with Hadala Kitchen Equipment. With this, it is important to maintain your food and safety, which is why a commercial pizza oven is necessary in your restaurant. We also provide equipment to smaller establishments.

    Commercial Storage Equipment

    Stainless steel storage and stainless-steel tables will enhance the facility as you will not experience wear and tear from these kitchen equipment. Getting well-made equipment has many advantages, such as durability, easy maintenance, and long-lasting. This will also solve your trouble of space problems.

    Commercial Freezer

    Keeping your food fresh is the number one priority, so always opt for commercial kitchen equipment. We will understand your requirements, and our team will guide you in choosing the best equipment for your facility. A commercial freezer has a variety, such as display freezers, Chillers, Blast Chillers, Ice cream Chillers, and undercounter freezers.

    Bakery Equipment

    A good bakery always relies upon the machines that are being used. Machines mix the dough and ensure your customer gets a soft and crusty pastry to their satisfaction. Our food mixing machine has an adjustable speed of 148,244,480 RPM; you can adjust it as per the task.

    A commercial kitchen needs to be complete, and you will surely get the results with us.


    Significance of Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Today’s World

    In today’s world, machines do all the heavy lifting and ensure you can do the simultaneous work. And in this competitive market, it is important to stay two steps ahead. Efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and health standards, your establishment will improve in all segments whatsoever.

    Don’t forget the Small wares

    We cover up to 360-degree commercial kitchen products that include smallware and miniature kitchen tools as well. We understand that your commercial kitchen should have the best of chef knives, mixing bowls, pots, whiskers, food, spoons, and turners in order to ensure that your culinary skills remain unhindered. You can buy almost any variety of commercial kitchen products and kitchenware from commercial kitchen equipment in India either online or offline whenever you want.

    Why us?

    Providing the best and latest quality product is what defines our work. Our primary concern is to serve our customers with the best quality product and help them find which is best for them. We understand the requirements of the customers. It is not easy for many to buy such heavy machines. It requires a lot of effort to buy and set up a very single unit in your restaurant. Therefore, we serve our customers with a high-quality product to make sure that they won’t have any complaints. We manufacture affordable pricing products so that our customers feel satisfied. Using the finest technology and using high-quality products make our product highly efficient and durable.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Any machine will improve your speed and work productivity. It is the right fit for any facility, small or big.

    It depends on the task you want to perform. Contact us, and our team will guide you through the selection process.

    Consider storage, a long-lasting freezer, and a space-saving machine.

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