Small Automatic Chapati Making Machine


In the commercial food business, making chapati on a large scale always takes time and manual power, Until and unless small automatic chapati making machines come onto the market.

Moreover, if you are running a food business, you must have consistent and efficient services to grow and make a position in the market.

Thus, with the help of an automatic chapati maker machine you have efficient and convenient cooking.

  • Small Automatic Chapati Making Machine


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      Small Automatic Chapati Making Machine



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      Small Automatic Roti Machine

      Product Specification of Small Automatic Roti Making Machine

      Product Small Automatic Chapati-making Machine
      Material Stainless Steel
      Material Grade SS 304
      Dimension 35*30*55 mm
      Weight 290 kg
      Thickness Adjustable up to 1.2- 5mm
      Crushing capacity 400- 600/ hr
      Voltage 220-230 Volts
      Size Adjustable up to 2-inch to 8-inch
      Power LPG/PNG

      Frequently Asked Questions Related To Small Automatic Chapati Making Machine

      If you are running a small food business like a canteen, catering, food courts, or others with heavy workflow, making chapati becomes a tedious and slow process. Thus, there you need to invest in a good roti making machine to save time, effort, and money.

      If you want to buy a small automatic chapati making machine for your food business, you must look for these factors:-

      • Production capacity that fulfills your business needs.
      • The power source that should be both energy and cost-saving.
      • Your machine should be easy to operate and customize the chapati as per the business demand.

      Automatic Chapati Making Machine (Small)

      Moreover, a small automatic chapati making machine is equipment that makes consistent quality chapati on a small scale without manpower. All you need to do is load the ingredients and power the machine.

      In addition, there are many reasons you should have a small automatic chapati making machine for your food business:-

      • Cost-effective.
      • Time saving.
      • Reduces manpower and food spillage.
      • Prevents contamination during the cooking process, thus maintaining hygiene.
      • Quick production of chapati, thus serving more customers at a time.

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