Automatic Chapati Making Machine


Chapati is the staple food in India and is made in every kitchen whether domestic or commercial. However, making chapatis in large amounts is a tedious job in cooking. Thus, we have an automatic chapati making machine that eases the roti making job in commercial kitchens.

  • Automatic Chapati Making Machine


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      Automatic Chapati Making Machine



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      Automatic Chapati Machine

      Product Specification of Automatic Chapati Making Machine

      Product Automatic Chapati-Making Machine
      Material Stainless Steel
      Capacity 1000 rotis per hour
      Chapati Diameter Up to 8 inches
      Chapati Thickness App. 0.9 mm to 2 mm
      Features Moisture locking technology, Blue flame burner technology, Touch screen control system

      Frequently Asked Questions Related To Automatic Chapati Making Machine

      An automatic chapati-making machine is designed to make chapati at a faster speed. Thus, it takes approximately 20 minutes to read one batch. However, the time depends on the amount of chapati you want to prepare.

      Using an automatic chapati maker machine ensures faster cooking than the traditional method. In addition, the machines reduce the preheating time which reduces the energy consumption. Thus, it is very cost-effective.

      Yes, an automatic chapati making machine is designed keeping hygiene in mind. Moreover, it offers hygienic cooking as it prevents contamination while preparing chapati. Thus, it is healthy to make chapatis in automatic chapati making.

      Best Automatic Chapati Making Machine

      Moreover, the commercial chapati maker is an innovative solution that makes soft and round rotis without much manual involvement. Thus, if you are fed up with rolling dough and making perfect chapati, then worry no more as the automatic chapati maker machine is in service for you.

      The automatic commercial chapati maker machine offers numerous advantages to food businesses whether it’s restaurants, commercial catering services, or others.

      • Large production: Automatic chapati-making machines produce large amounts of chapati in less time. Thus, it improves production efficiency by meeting the demands in a short time.
      • Maintain quality: The machine ensures the production of every chapati with consistent quality i.e. uniform thickness, and size.
      • Less time: With an automatic chapati-making machine, the cooking time is reduced thus, you can produce a large amount in a given time.
      • Reduce labor cost: The automatic chapati maker machine works with minimum manual involvement, thus reducing the extra labor cost and increasing the profits.
      • Easy customization: The automatic chapati maker machine offers a wide range of options to customize the type of chapati you want in terms of its size and thickness.
      • Reduces food and energy wastage: The commercial chapati maker machine uses the exact amount of ingredients for production reducing the wastage as compared to manual chapati production. In addition, the latest automatic machines are designed to use less energy, thus saving the cost.
      • User-friendly: The chapati maker machine comes with easy-to-use controls that do not require special skills or training to operate.
      • Easy to scale your business: You can easily scale your business as demand increases by adding more commercial chapati maker machines. It does not require an increase in physical strain. And thus, maintain a balanced working condition with expanding business.

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