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  • New-28%Limited
    Automatic Chapati Making Machine Original price was: ₹400,000.00.Current price is: ₹290,000.00.

    Chapati is the staple food in India and is made in every kitchen whether domestic or commercial. However, making chapatis in large amounts is a tedious job in cooking. Thus, we have an automatic chapati making machine that eases the roti making job in commercial kitchens.

  • New-22%Limited
    Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine Original price was: ₹82,000.00.Current price is: ₹64,000.00.

    Making chapati in a commercial kitchen has always been a task for professional chefs. But, with the introduction of the Chapati making machine, cooking has been more fun for them.

    Moreover, the arrival of semi automatic chapati making machines has revolutionized the food industry as they offer efficiency, consistency, and convenience making productivity growth and thus profit in business.

  • New-24%Limited
    Small Automatic Chapati Making Machine Original price was: ₹92,000.00.Current price is: ₹70,000.00.

    In the commercial food business, making chapati on a large scale always takes time and manual power, Until and unless small automatic chapati making machines come onto the market.

    Moreover, if you are running a food business, you must have consistent and efficient services to grow and make a position in the market.

    Thus, with the help of an automatic chapati maker machine you have efficient and convenient cooking.

Roti Maker Machine

Whether you are a professional chef or homemaker, one tedious thing in cooking is to make chapatis for everyone. But what if you know that you can have a roti maker machine for your domestic or commercial kitchen? Yes, the roti maker machine in your kitchen will make your job easy, and you can relax for a bit.

Moreover, with the evolution of technology every second, the food industry is constantly upgrading itself. Introducing the roti maker machine is an innovative solution to meet your needs and requirements. In addition, if you are tired of rolling dough and making perfect chapati, then this chapati maker machine will resolve all your problems.

Commercial Roti Maker Machine

The Roti maker machine is an electric appliance that enables you to make round and soft rotis. Moreover, a commercial roti maker is a game changer for a food business that makes flatbread on a large scale. Thus, the chapati maker machine is a smart investment if you are in the regular chapati making business or making roti for the home kitchen.

In addition, looking at the demand for commercial chapati maker machines, there are different types introduced in the market.

  • Semi automatic roti maker machineIt is best for small scale businesses like canteens, restaurants, and others, or at home. It requires external manual help.
  • Fully automatic roti maker machineIt is for large-scale businesses where a large number of chapati is required to make. It does not require any manual intervention in the process.
  • Electric roti maker machine – It uses electricity and is best for domestic use and small restaurants.
  • Hydraulic roti maker machine – It uses hydraulic pressure to carry the entire process of kneading dough to make roti.

Benefits of Using Roti Maker Machine for Domestic and Commercial Kitchen

The Roti maker machine is a relief for someone who is struggling to make round roti and for someone tired of making roti in large numbers. Moreover, other than making round roti, there are many more benefits to using a chapati maker machine. These benefits directly impact the business, making it more productive and profitable.

Efficient:  The Roti maker machines automate the roti-making process without any manual help. Thus, offers a large quantity of flatbread making in a small duration boosting the productivity of business. In addition, the machine is efficient in fulfilling the demand without any adulteration in quality.

High-quality roti: The Roti maker machine offers high-quality roti throughout without altering any size or thickness, which is beneficial for the business. Unlike manual roti making, there is no variation in the roti making, thus offering a better customer experience.

Time-saving and cost-effective: The roti maker machine offers the production of roti in large batches in no time. Thus, you can serve more customers at the same time.

Moreover, you don’t have to waste your time in the kitchen making chapati, as your chapati maker machine serves you in less time. In addition, it reduces the labour cost as it is easy to use and saves you money in the long run.

Do not create a mess: Making roti is tedious work as you have to clean the entire area. However, the roti maker machine does not cause a mess in the process as everything happens inside the machine.

Hygienic and fresh: The roti maker machine is very easy to clean and does not allow any contamination in the process of making roti. Thus offering hygienic and fresh rotis to customers. The material of the machine is such that it becomes easy to sanitize.

Tips to Consider Buying a Chapati Maker Machine

The roti maker machine is popular among household or commercial kitchens as people are keen to know about this outstanding invention. Moreover, numerous roti makers in the market are competing with each other, offering various features.

However, if you are going to buy the machine, then make sure to research your options and buy the one that feels best for your business. The various machines would confuse you to buy the perfect one. Thus, here are a few tips to consider before buying the best roti maker machine for your use.

Type:  Before buying the roti maker machine, it’s better to decide which type of machine you want. Moreover, it is better to decide the purpose of the machine, whether you want it for your household kitchen or commercial business use. Thus, as you decide the purpose, it’s easy to choose which type of machine you should buy.

Capacity: Roti maker machine is a one-time investment. So, it’s crucial to decide the quantity of roti you need to make daily and choose the suitable capacity of the machine. In addition, choosing the right capacity is important for smooth functioning and better productivity.

Easy to use: Choose the roti maker machine that is easy to use and does not require any heavy operation to start the process.

Size and material: The right size and right material are crucial for the high-quality production of roti. Moreover, choose the size according to the size of roti you want regularly. In addition, choosing the right material is important as different materials react differently. For instance, using aluminum material distributes heat easily and makes cooking fast. Also, nonstick material offers roti without burning or sticking to the surface.

Durability: Check for the durability of a machine before investing in it. Choose to buy a durable machine that can withstand heavy-duty work continuously. In addition, make sure the body of the roti maker is robust and offers user-friendly function.

Other features:  There are many features you should focus on before buying the roti maker.

  • Make sure the machines come with accurate indicator lights indicating when the machine is ready.
  • Look for a shockproof body, as it is necessary to keep safety a priority.
  • Buy the machine with a non-heating handle. Thus making it safe and easy to use and manipulate.

Budget: Deciding budget before buying any appliance is good for business. There are many machines in the market at different price ranges. Thus, choose the roti maker, which is affordable. You should not buy cheap machines to save your money, nor should you go for expensive ones as it would unbalance your budget. Thus, it’s better to look for good quality machines with decent brands at affordable ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Roti Maker Machine

How should I know when the roti is ready to take out from the roti maker machine?

You can take out your roti from the machine when it becomes round and fluffy. In addition, it’s important to turn the roti once there are bubbles and then leave it until it’s brown and fluffy.

My roti is cracking from between while cooking; how can I make it properly in the roti maker machine?

The roti is likely to crack when instructions and processes are not followed properly. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make the perfect roti:

  • Do not use refrigerated dough.
  • Your dough should be a little different from manual roti dough. Knead the dough more softly than usual.
  • Leave the dough kneaded for 20 minutes, and then start the cooking process. Also, you can buy our dough kneader machine for this process faster.
  • Your machine should be hot enough before putting roti on the machine as your roti may crack when the machine is not heated appropriately.

How much time does the roti maker machine take to make roti for two people?

Usually, with the manual process, it takes 30-45 minutes to make the roti following the complete process. But, now it takes only 20 minutes to prepare roti for two people with the help of a machine. In addition, the taste of the roti from both processes is the same.

How many rotis can I make from 1 kg flour?

There is no accurate counting. However, roughly calculating that one roti takes 50 grams of flour approximately. So, you can make 20- 25 rotis out of 1 kg flour.

Is it worth buying a roti maker machine?

Yes, if you don’t know how to make roti or if you are running a large-scale food business, then it’s worth buying the roti maker machine. In addition, it helps to make perfect roti in less time. Thus, it increases the productivity of your business. However, if you know how to make perfect roti and there is no large demand, then there is no need to have a roti maker machine for your kitchen.

Why did my roti become hard to make with the roti maker machine?

There are many reasons behind your hard rotis when made with a roti maker machine.

  • Your dough might be hard or not kneaded properly.
  • There might be overheating of the machine, making your roti hard.
  • Your dough might be inconsistent, making hard roti.
  • There might be a chance that you left your dough balls in the air for a long time, making them stiff.

Can I use oil or ghee in the roti maker machine?

No, you can not directly use oil in the machine. However, you use oil while making the dough.

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