Single Burner Stove For Restaurant


Single Burner Gas Stove is a kitchen buddy that makes cooking a breeze! Imagine having instant heat for smooth operations, making your dishes perfect every time. It’s not just fast; it’s easy to operate, helping you cook quicker and smoother. Whether in a fancy restaurant or your cozy home, this stove is ready for any cooking adventure. And guess what? It’s super easy to clean! With high-quality materials, it keeps things hygienic and safe.

  • Single Burner Stove For Restaurant


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      Single Burner Stove For Restaurant



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      Single Burner Stove For Restaurant

      Usage/ApplicationCommercial Kitchen | Domestic
      Gas SourceLPG
      Material GradeSS 304
      Weight40 kg
      ISI CertifiedYes
      Hygienic Yes
      Material Stainless Steel
      Dimensions 750 X 750 X 600
      Transport PackageCartons with Wooden Racks
      Frequently Asked Questions About Single Burner Gas Range For Restaurant

      The burner flame may stay low due to a clogged burner or gas supply issues. Clean the burner ports and ensure proper gas flow for optimal performance.

      A faulty thermocouple or gas valve could cause this issue. Check and replace these components if needed to maintain a consistent flame. Also, you can invest in our high-quality single-burner stove for better longevity.

      Design and Material of Single Burner Stove For Restaurant

      Our single-burner gas stove is made from premium SS 304 stainless steel, which makes this machine more powerful. It’s the epitome of hygiene, bearing ISI certification and ensuring your kitchen meets the highest standards.

      Single Burner Efficiency and Customization

      This single-burner stove balances portability and performance by weighing a mere 40 kg and boasting dimensions of 750 X 750 X 600. The promise of customization echoes through its design, aligning effortlessly with your unique cooking needs.

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