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Starting a Fast Food Business in India: Your Ultimate Guide

Starting something your own makes you your boss, giving you authority to run according to you. Moreover, if we talk about fast food in India, everyone will become interested in our food diversity.

If you are planning to start a fast food business, it is a brilliant idea as the market is growing exponentially. People always search for new fast food corners with new tastes and unique concepts. Thus, why not start a fast-food business in India if you are looking for a startup?

Fast Food Corners Are Very Popular in India

Moreover, fast food corners are also known as Quick Service Restaurants in market terms, serving a type of food that is made in large amounts and gives quick delivery.

In addition, there are many options in the fast food business, like starting a food corner or food truck. And every option comes with its benefits. However, if you are clueless about how to start a fast food business in India, here are details on fast food business ideas and step by step process.

1. Analyze Your Target Market

Before starting a fast food business in India, it is essential to thoroughly analyze and know the market in which you are stepping in. Moreover, it’s crucial to study the market and your target audience so that you can set up something different than the existing fast food centers. Thus, you can offer a unique variety of foods to attract customers. So you need to:-

  • Study your target customers and know their choice of food.
  • Choose the niche of fast food you are going to serve.
  • You can join other food franchises or make your own brand.
  • It’s not always about customers; choose the food you are comfortable serving.

2. Business Plan To Start a Fast Food Business

Planning is necessary as it directs whether you are going in the right direction or not. People with no planning become directionless and always end up nowhere. So, I am making a business plan that will include things necessary for fast food business ideas. It includes:-

  • What will be the name of your brand?
  • Where will your business start?
  • What food services will you provide?
  • What are your competitors doing in the same field?
  • How much investment do you have to make?
  • How will you distribute your prices and share margins?
  • What are the other requirements to make your business possible?
  • When will be the final day you will start your fast food corner?

These are a set of things to plan for an excellent start to your business. Thus, answering and completing all these sets of things will lead to the start of your dream business.

3. Choose Location Correctly

Location is important if you are planning for a fast food corner, as it should be accessible to your customers. So, choose an area in a crowded place where there are frequent people gatherings. As your brand is new, customers will need to find you by your name. Thus, it becomes important for your business growth that you open your food corner where people can easily come to you. At first, you should have the mindset that people will not find you; you will find people.

4. Registration And License For Your Fast Food Business In India

If you are planning to open a fast food business, you have to go through the rules and regulations of the government. You must register your business legally with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). In addition, you need to register as:-

  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability Partnership
  • Private limited company registration

Moreover, you must get a license and permits to start your fast food business after registering. It includes:-

  • FSSAI license
  • GST registration – You can operate without GST at the start, as it becomes mandatory when your annual sale exceeds 20 lacs.
  • Shop and Establishment Act license.
  • NOC license from the fire authority and your neighborhood.
  • You need a liquor license to serve liquor in your shop.

You can proceed with your business planning after obtaining a legal registration and license.

5. Investment For Your Fast Food Business

Investment is the backbone of any business you want to start. Without investment, every plan is just a pen-and-paper thing. Moreover, you need to invest in some of the essential things such as:-

  • Renting a space: You will require a minimum of 250- 300 square feet to start your small business. This will be the thing that will require your maximum investment. However, you can contact local agents to get the best deals.
  • Interiors and other facilities: Once you get the space, it’s important to have a unique interior that will amaze your customers and compel them to come again and again. In addition, other than this, you will have to invest in water, electricity, and other things.
  • Staffing: you must plan how many chefs and service people you want for your business. And thus, the investment will be according to that.
  • Ingredients: You have to invest in the raw materials for the menu you want to serve. However, you do not need to stock your kitchen at the start.
  • Marketing and insurance: It’s smart to have your store insurance. In addition, you have to invest in marketing your business via packaging, designing a logo, social media advertisements, and many more.

After making a rough investment idea, you must figure out the funds. The least amount you need to start a small fast-food business is 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs. However, if you don’t have this amount as your savings, then you need not worry. You can have different finance options. It includes:-

  • Crowdfunding
  • Business bank loan
  • Funds from a government scheme
  • Loan from friends and family
  • Business Investors
6. Design Your Fast Food Outlet

Designing your outlet with unique ideas is important, as everyone is really into aesthetics these days. Customers are attracted to where they get good food with aesthetics different from the rest. Moreover, you should be creative in how you design the outlet in terms of seating, wall decorations, and keeping the theme for the outlet. Also, people-friendly games should be added to keep them engaged while food is on the way.

7. Market Your Outlet To Attract Customers

Moreover, marketing your outlet should be done so that a large number of customers are attracted. Thus making you grow. However, it is a slow process.

  • Print your brand logo and catchy tagline on the packaging.
  • Print pamphlets about your grand opening.
  • Use mascots to display your brand logo in crowded places and tell people about your shop.
  • Use social media handles to showcase your beautiful outlet, compelling people to come and explore.
  • If you have a little more budget, you can place ads on social media and local news.
  • Give discounts and giveaways to the first 10 customers and bonuses to a customer who visits for the first time.
8. Grand Opening

Choose the auspicious day for a grand opening of your outlet with rituals and pooja per your religion. You can make a special invitation to a few people for the opening day.


Investing in a fast food business is a great way to start your own business and escape traditional jobs. Moreover, your unique fast-food business ideas will let you grow and stand out in the market. So, if you want to know how to start a fast food business in India, the above information will help you get through it.

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