How To Open an Ice Cream Parlour in India

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Hearing the word ice cream 🍨 excites everyone, whether you are 10 or 50. Love for ice cream is irrespective of age, number, and season. Moreover, in India, where summer is the longest season, the ice cream business is reaching its height every coming year.

Step By Step Guide To Opening A Profitable Ice Cream Parlour In India

If you plan to leave your traditional work and enter the ice cream business, you are on the right track, as it is very profitable.

However, if you need to learn how to open an ice cream parlour in India, here is a stepwise guide to help you plan your business.

Business Plan On How To Open An Ice Cream Parlour In India

Planning a business before executing it makes it reach its destination sooner than an unplanned one. Moreover, there are various steps you need to take before setting up your business.

In addition, from the cost of opening an ice cream parlour to marketing, there are many things you need to focus on. However, this blog makes it easy to open an ice cream parlour as you dreamed.

1. Market Analysis

Before investing in any business, it is crucial to research and study the market you are going to start a business. Moreover, there is always a change in the market, so you need to know the current scenario of the ice cream business in India. Knowing the market makes it easy to decide what to do and what not to grow your business.

In addition, researching the market enables you to set up your business uniquely, allowing you to stand out among your competitors. Also, you need to study the target customers and their eating behaviors to set up your business.

2. Decide The Type of Ice Cream Business

There are various types of ice cream businesses you can start in this niche. Moreover, every type has its profitable destination. So, you can start with any type that interests your target audience. The different types are:-

  • Themed ice cream café
  • Small takeaway ice cream shop
  • Dine-in and takeaway ice cream parlour

You can also take a franchise of ice creams like Amul, Rollicks, and others. However, taking a franchise will not permit you to show your creativity. In addition, you also need to decide which type of ice cream you will serve at the start. For instance, you can choose options such as ice cream rolls, cakes, milkshake ice cream, and others.

3. Choose The Perfect Location

Choosing the location that benefits your business is very crucial. Moreover, there are some points you should focus on to finalize your business location.

  • It should be accessible to your target customers.
  • Choose a location that has ample space for parking and gatherings.
  • Meet with local agents to get easy deals for the location.
  • Check whether your space is enough for the customers to sit and enjoy.

4. Registration And License

Registering your business to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is necessary to run any business in India. Moreover, along with registration, you will need a license to operate your business smoothly. It includes:-

registration and license process of ice cream business

  • FSSAI license
  • Fire safety license
  • Health license
  • GST registration
  • Shop establishment license
  • Local authority municipal license

5. Equipments And Ingredients

When we talk about the commercial food business, the tedious part is accommodating equipment as required. Equipment is the backbone of any food business so it is essential to plan what type of equipment you need for your business.

Moreover, if you are confused about which one to buy, then here is the list of some essential types of equipment:-

In addition, after finalizing the menu, it’s important to invest in the essential ingredients you need for your business.

6. Hire a Professional Staff

Hiring a staff that makes your business grow is important. It would help if you chose someone for your ice cream parlor. Moreover, select professional chefs and workers who can present delicious ice cream and snacks to your customers. You will require:-

  • Chefs
  • Waiter
  • Manager
  • Ground working staff

7. Design Your Ice Cream Parlour

Your ice cream parlour should be such that it attracts a large number of customers. Thus, you should design it creatively. In addition, there are many ways you can bring customers.

  • Keep it colorful and fun.
  • Design unique seating areas.
  • Keep big open glass windows so that customers can see the parlour from a distance.

8. Market Your Ice Cream Parlour

Marketing is key to attracting customers and growing your business. Thus, marketing your outlet should be creative and detailed so that you do not miss any aspects.

  • Decide the name of your ice cream parlour and design a logo and tagline.
  • Make a social media handle of your business and get a QR code of handles.
  • Print the QR code along with the logo on all the packaging bags.
  • Digital marketing is emphasized more than other ways as people are more active online.
  • Advertisements should be placed on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • Print pamphlets about your grand opening so that customers in that area can know and come.
  • If you have any known famous person in that area coming for the inauguration, it would add publicity to your outlet.
  • Give discounts and offers to customers visiting in the initial days after the opening of your outlet.

Ice cream parlours are the best way to enter into business as they require minimum investment and maximum profit. Moreover, if you want to start an ice cream parlour, this blog on how to start an ice cream parlour in India will help you.

In addition, if you wish for business success, all you need to focus on is the cost of opening an ice cream parlour and marketing it to reach a large number of customers. Thus, follow these detailed steps and open your ice cream parlour with clarity.

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