30 Essential Kitchen Equipment List For Your Cloud Kitchen

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Cloud kitchen business has grown enormously ever since the COVID outbreak, and the business is so successful that many restaurant owners are turning to cloud kitchen business. Moreover, the food business has always been successful in India as food and flavors are part of life for people here.

In addition, the cloud kitchen business is more likely to succeed as it has little investment and more profits. All you need is the best kitchen equipment for a cloud kitchen and a good chef. Thus, you can start anywhere you can start.

Introduction To Cloud Kitchens

Moreover, Cloud Kitchen, also known as Ghost Kitchen, is a food business model with only delivery options and no dine-in for the customers. The only way to connect with customers is online.

In addition, the investment needed for the cloud kitchen setup is less as there is no need for an expensive location, the best infrastructure, and beautiful interiors. You only need to invest in the kitchen equipment, and then you need to collaborate with food aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and others.

30 Best Cloud Kitchen Equipment List for Kitchen Success

However, if you want to invest in a cloud kitchen, you need a fully functional kitchen anywhere in your home or the place of your choice. In addition, the kitchen is described by its equipment, so you need the best kitchen equipment for a cloud kitchen.

However, if you are new to this business, it might be challenging to know which kitchen equipment is essential. Thus, here is the list of 30 essential cloud kitchen equipment you would require to run a successful cloud kitchen business.

1. Oven

The oven is the most important kitchen machinery for your cloud kitchen. Moreover, the oven is the most needed equipment if you need to bake a cake, make pizza, or any other food items. There are types of ovens that you can install in your kitchen as per the needs of the kitchen. It includes a standard oven, a convection oven, or a combination oven. In addition, it depends on the menu of the kitchen and the volume of orders from customers before we decide which type of oven will be good for your business.

2. Cooking Range

If you are setting up a kitchen for your food business, the essential equipment you need is a cooking Range. Cooking Range is essential to start the normal cooking process. However, you can buy a range of two burners, three burners, or multiple burners as per the needs of your cloud kitchen business. Moreover, you must know two types of cooking ranges before incorporating them into your kitchen.

3. Gas Cooking Range

It uses gas as a fuel to heat the burner and start the cooking process. Moreover, Gas cooking ranges are more efficient as they provide high heat, making cooking faster and enhancing the customer experience.

4. Electric Cooking Range

This is a convenient form of cooking using electricity. However, it takes more time to cook food than a gas Range. However, it is energy efficient and easy to clean.

5. Kitchen Counters

Cooking counters are necessary for the efficient functioning of your cloud kitchen. They allow us to work without creating mess and ensure smooth work. Moreover, it’s important to have counter space that is sufficient for the amount of work your business needs. Kitchen counters should be made of reliable material that will provide longevity. For example, Stainless steel kitchen counters are most durable for heavy duty.

6. Kitchen Exhaust Hood System

A kitchen hood system is mandatory to maintain a safe and healthy kitchen environment. Moreover, it’s crucial to have an exhaust hood system that is reliable for your kitchen work. For instance, if you have greasy food on your menu, then you need a heavy-duty hood with fire protection; otherwise, a standard hood will be sufficient for your business.

7. Commercial Refrigerator

A refrigerator is always needed in commercial kitchens, whether you have a cloud kitchen or a dine-in restaurant. It is necessary to store food and reduce wastage. In addition, depending on the volume of food you need to store and the type of food, you can use multiple commercial refrigerators in your cloud kitchen.

8. Hand Sinks

Hand sinks are essential to cloud kitchen equipment for washing hands. They help keep the kitchen clean and enhance the efficiency of cooking.

9. Three Compartment Sinks

Installing multiple sinks is necessary as it offers ease and convenience for the cook to wash vegetables or other essential things while cooking. However, a lack of sinks may cause inconvenience in the cooking and preparing process, and cooking may take time.

10. Ventilation

Ventilation is an essential thing in your cloud kitchen. As the cloud kitchen has limited space, the air inside the kitchen must vent out for a safe cooking environment. In addition, the ventilation system is necessary for proper airflow and to control the temperature imbalance caused by smoke and oil during food preparation.

11. Cutting Instruments

Cutting instruments should be efficient for properly cutting, chopping, and slicing food material.

12. Mixer

A mixer is an important piece of equipment that helps to mix and grind raw materials necessary in the cooking process, reducing the cooking time.

13. Fryer

A fryer is essential equipment if you serve deep-fried food. It saves a lot of cooking time and offers fast deep frying.

14. Hot Plate

The hot plate is advanced cooking equipment used to cook everything you cook on the cooking Range. Thus, you can easily cook food on a hot plate if your stove is busy.

15. Shelves

It is essential to store things and organize your cloud kitchen.

16. Slicers

Slicers are important for slicing raw materials quickly, enhancing cooking efficiency and quality.

17. Cooking Utensils

You must have utensils such as pans, lids, pots, spoons, plates, and many other essentials for the cooking process.

18. Storage Boxes

You need kitchen canisters, boxes, storage containers, ingredient bins, and many others for storage purposes.

19. Safety Equipments

Every kitchen should have safety equipment to maintain a safe cooking environment. It includes

20. First Aid Safety Kits

A first aid safety kit is necessary in the kitchen to help in case of emergency.

21. Fire Extinguisher System 

A fire extinguisher system is necessary equipment in case of a fire emergency.

22. Rubber Mats

It would help if you had rubber mats in the kitchen, as they don’t catch fire and are anti-slippery.

23. Aprons & Gloves

It keeps the body safe from heat and dirt.

24. Security Surveillance

It is necessary to monitor normal kitchen functioning and check for any emergency. 

25. Floor Signs

You need to keep floor signs in the kitchen to avoid any accidents.

26. Cleaning Equipment

If you have heavy orders, you may have a dishwasher for your cloud kitchen. Moreover, you need cleaning supplies like dishwashing soap, sponges, and others.

27. Commercial Griller

A commercial griller is important in your cloud kitchen if you have grilled food, sandwiches, and other items on your menu.

28. Food Warmer

If you have a busy kitchen, you can cook food and store it in a food warmer. Thus, you can save time and reduce customer waiting periods.

29. Dough Kneader Machine

When you have a high volume of work, a dough kneader machine will ease your work.

30. Roti Maker

Roti maker will help you make soft and fluffy chapati in less time during rush hours.


Equipping your cloud kitchen with all the necessary kitchen equipment is very important for the success of your business. Thus, if you are new to the cloud kitchen business and need to learn about the best kitchen equipment you need in your kitchen. Then, here are the 30 essential cloud kitchen equipment lists you must have for the smooth functioning of the kitchen.

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