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“Starting a food business never goes wrong if you are in India. India is the land of food, and starting a food business is always a win-win situation.”🚀

Step By Step Guide to Start a Cloud Kitchen on Zomato

Moreover, Cloud Kitchen is becoming more popular with the growth of online delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy, blink, and many more.

Thus, there is detailed information if you want to set up a cloud kitchen but need to know how to start a cloud kitchen on zomato.

Zero to Hero: Building Your Cloud Kitchen Business on Zomato

Moreover, a cloud kitchen, also known as a ghost kitchen, is a food business that doesn’t require any dining space like a restaurant and only requires a kitchen that can be anywhere. Thus, it is a profitable business with low cost.

In addition, a cloud kitchen is a type of food business that operates with a delivery-only option. After COVID-19, people usually prefer to order food online, making Cloud Kitchens three times more successful than dine-in restaurants.

However, cloud kitchen success depends on many food aggregators like Zomato. Cloud kitchen owners reach Zomato, an online platform where people search and discover restaurants and get food delivery services.

Moreover, Zomato helps to create a bridge between restaurants and customers with ease and convenience. Thus, if you are investing in a cloud kitchen, Zomato will help you show your culinary skills and make your position in the market.

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen On Zomato

Setting up a cloud kitchen is very easy, as it is a low-investment food business that gives high returns. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about crucial things such as location, interiors, or heavy staffing. You only need a functional kitchen with the necessary kitchen equipment and a few staff.

In addition, after setting up your cloud kitchen, you need to proceed through legal formalities to start a food business. And then, put your cloud kitchen on Zomato and enjoy the success. Soon, it starts blooming.

Setup A Cloud Kitchen

If you want to start a cloud food business, you need to decide on the concept of your cloud kitchen. It is necessary to decide what you are going to offer to customers. And then set up the kitchen accordingly. Moreover, there are a few things you need to do to set up a functional cloud kitchen.

  • Select a place in your home kitchen to dedicate to your cloud kitchen business. The kitchen should have all the necessary things, such as a proper water supply, electricity, drainage, and hygiene.
  • Decide the type of food you want to serve and develop the menu accordingly.
  • Set up the essential equipment required to cook the food listed on the menu. The equipment you need includes an oven, refrigerator, cooking range, griller, utensils, shelving, and others.
  • Hire a chef to turn your menu into dishes. Also, hire a helper and cleaning staff to keep your kitchen organized and clean.

Register Your Cloud Kitchen And Get A License

Registering your business and getting all legal licenses is necessary to run a food business in India. Whether it’s a cloud kitchen or a dine-in restaurant, you must go through all the legal formalities to proceed with your business.

  • Get GST registration
  • Trade license
  • Shop establishment license
  • Fire and safety license
  • FSSAI License (Food safety and standard authority)
  • Register your cloud kitchen with the Ministry of the Corporation of India (MCI)

How To Register Your Cloud Kitchen On Zomato?

Registering your cloud kitchen is a smooth process, and Zomato offers an easy interface where you can register your business without any inconvenience. Moreover, there are a few requirements you need before registering your business on Zomato:-

  • PAN card copy
  • Regular GSTIN
  • Bank account details
  • Restaurant menu
  • Images of your top 5 dishes
  • FSSAI License copy or application number

Moreover, to register your cloud kitchen on Zomato, you must follow a few steps and enjoy your startup business.

Create An Account On Zomato 

To register your cloud kitchen on Zomato, you must create an account. To do this, you need to open the Zomato website or download the Zomato application. In addition, sign in to your Zomato account with your email ID or valid mobile number. Feed all the necessary details asked while creating an account.

Fill In Your Cloud Kitchen Details

Once you have created an account, Register your cloud kitchen on Zomato by filling in the details of your business. These details may include the name and location of your cloud kitchen, the type of food you are serving, opening and closing hours, contact details, and others. However, to ensure smooth functioning, you need to register your business accurately and avoid any confusion.


After registration, Zomato will send you a verification code on the mobile number or email ID registered during the account creation process. Thus, enter the code to verify that your Zomato account is ready to use. You can be the manager of your business.

Add The Menu And Photos Of Dishes

After the formalities, the next important thing is to add your cloud kitchen business’s menu and photos of your best dishes. Moreover, adding pictures and a menu is crucial as it will attract your customers and help you browse what you have for them.

In addition, to attract and promote impulse buying, add high-quality photos of your dishes. This is also a marketing strategy to engage patients on your restaurant page. Adding a short description is also good to help customers understand your dish and its taste better.

Zomato Verification Process

Once you finish all the steps, a Zomato representative will contact you and access the registration form. Once you get a green signal from the representative, your restaurant page will be live within a week, and customers will be able to see your cloud kitchen brand on Zomato. In addition, in case of any query, you can contact a Zomato representative with the point of contact assigned during this process.

Manage Your Zomato Account

Now, you have your cloud kitchen on Zomato, and you can manage it the way you want. Make sure the content and page are engaging for customers and that the account is up to date.

In addition, it’s beneficial for your business to offer new offers and discounts on dishes and promote events.

Market Research for Starting a Cloud Kitchen on Zomato

Understanding Consumer Preferences

Market research is very important to understand the local demand and consumer preferences. Utilize surveys, focus groups, and online forums to gather information about what cuisines are favoured in your target location. For example, suppose you’re planning to open a cloud kitchen in Bangalore. In that case, you might find a high demand for South Indian cuisine and international cuisines like Italian or Thai due to the diverse population and people’s taste.

Analyzing Eating Habits

Examine the eating habits of your target demographic. With the rise of health consciousness, there might be a significant market for organic or vegan options. Platforms like Google Trends can help identify such dietary trends in your region.

Competitor Analysis in the Cloud Kitchen Space

Identify Key Players

Start by listing down major cloud kitchens that operate in your target area on Zomato. Note their menu offerings, pricing, and customer reviews. For instance, if Rebel Foods operates in your area, study their brand, Faasos, to understand how they manage menu variety and pricing.

Differentiation Strategies

Analyze what unique features your competitors offer. These could include meal customization, subscription meal plans, or loyalty programs. For example, many successful cloud kitchens offer meal kits or ready-to-cook options, catering to the busy lifestyles of urban dwellers.

Marketing Strategies for Your Cloud Kitchen
Hire Digital Marketing Agency

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create buzz before and after launching your kitchen. Regularly post high-quality photos of your dishes, behind-the-scenes operations, and occasional promotions. A real-world example is how “The Bowl Company” utilized Instagram to showcase their gourmet bowls, gaining substantial follower engagement.

Collaborations and Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with food bloggers and influencers to reach a wider audience. Offering free taste tests in exchange for reviews can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. An example is a Mumbai-based cloud kitchen that partnered with local food influencers on YouTube to drive awareness and trial.

SEO and Online Presence

Optimize your Zomato listing by using keywords that potential customers might use to search for your type of food. Regular updates, responding to reviews, and maintaining a high rating can significantly improve visibility.

Additionally, creating an essential website with your menu, contact information, and links to your social media can enhance your online presence.


Cloud Kitchen is a prospering business that works alongside food aggregators like Zomato. Moreover, Zomato is one of the booming online food delivery platforms changing the restaurant industry’s vision.

Earlier, restaurant food was only available when we visited a restaurant. However, with the introduction of these online delivery services, eating food is now possible anywhere and at any time.

In addition, thinking about starting your cloud kitchen is very beneficial as it offers profits at a meager cost. Starting your new business on Zomato will ensure your cloud kitchen gets proper exposure and popularity and starts earning from the beginning of the business.

However, this blog can be very helpful if you want to learn how to start a cloud kitchen on Zomato.

It provides a detailed explanation of what you need to set up a cloud kitchen and how to register it on Zomato.

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