Turkish Ice Cream Machine 6 Hole


6 barrels Turkish Ice Cream Machine, a symphony of innovation and taste. Powered by a robust 1400W motor, this machine boasts the brilliance of equivalent compressors, ensuring a steady flow of frozen delights. With a voltage of 240V, eco-friendly R22A refrigerant, and a temperature range of 20-30°C, precision, and perfection intertwine in this frozen adventure.

  • 6 hole turkish ice cream machine

    Turkish Ice Cream Machine 6 Hole


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      6 hole turkish ice cream machine

      Turkish Ice Cream Machine 6 Hole



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      Turkish Ice Cream Machine 6 Hole

      Barrel Size6
      Machine Type6 Hole Turkish Ice cream machine
      Temperature Range20-30°C
      Body MaterialStainless steel
      Automation GradeAutomatic
      Frequently Asked Questions About 6 Hole Turkish Ice Cream Maker Machine

      Absolutely! Its robust design and automatic features make it an ideal choice for commercial operation.

      Fear not, the machine equivalent compressor ensures a quiet operation, letting you experience the soundless operation.

      Indeed! The temperature range of 20-30°C provides the flexibility needed to create various frozen delights.

      Advantages of the 6 Hole Turkish Ice Cream Machine

      • Increased Production Efficiency: The 6-hole design allows simultaneous production of multiple flavors, enhancing efficiency and meeting diverse customer preferences.
      • Automation for Operational Ease: The automatic features of the machine reduce manual efforts, enabling staff to focus on customer service and overall business operations.
      • Stainless Steel Durability: The stainless steel body ensures durability, minimizing maintenance costs and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the machine.
      • Customer Attraction through Performance: The high-quality components and unique features of the Turkish Ice Cream Machine can be leveraged as a marketing point, attracting customers seeking a premium ice cream experience.
      • Diverse Temperature Range: The machine’s temperature range of 20-30°C provides flexibility for crafting various frozen treats, allowing businesses to experiment with different recipes and cater to a diverse audience.

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