Electric Shawarma Machine


An electric shawarma machine uses electricity to rotate the chamber where meat is kept and cook the meat to make the best shawarma. The machine is ideal for commercial heavy workflow restaurants, hotels, public gatherings, resorts, catering, and other places.

Moreover, the machine is made of stainless steel with three burners that make shawarma at a faster speed, enhancing customer experience.

  • electric shawarma machine

    Electric Shawarma Machine


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      electric shawarma machine

      Electric Shawarma Machine



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      Electric Shawarma Making Machine

      Electric Shawarma Machine Product Specification

      Product Electric Shawarma Machine
      Material Stainless Steel
      Weight 22 Kg
      Power Source Electricity
      Voltage 220V
      Number of Burners 3
      Knobs 3
      Dimensions 50*65*91 cm

      Frequently Asked Questions Related To Electric Shawarma Machine

      Electric shawarma machines are ideal for heavy-duty commercial use in food businesses. These include restaurants, hotels, home-based food businesses, catering, cafeterias selling shawarma, cloud kitchens, cafes, any public gathering, and many other places.

      We use a shawarma machine to roast a variety of food, such as chicken, mutton, turkey, lamb, beef, fish, some vegetables, kebab, and many other items.

      Choosing a suitable electric shawarma machine is confusing as numerous machines are in the market. However, if you want to buy a suitable electric shawarma machine, you need to consider a few points:-

      • Consider the capacity of the machine according to your business demands. Buy the machine that fulfills the requirement for the number of orders.
      • Consider the size of the machine based on the space available in the kitchen.
      • Decide which type of machine will be best for your business: gas, charcoal, or electric.
      • Make sure you buy the machine with durable and sturdy construction. Stainless steel is considered as the best material for your machine.
      • Consider buying a machine that is pocket-friendly and fits your budget.

      Yes, an automatic chapati making machine is designed keeping hygiene in mind. Moreover, it offers hygienic cooking as it prevents contamination while preparing chapati. Thus, it is healthy to make chapatis in automatic chapati making.

      Best Commercial Electric Shawarma Machine

      Moreover, the electric shawarma machine is versatile as it is not limited to cooking only one type of food. It perfectly cooks and roasts chicken, mutton, turkey, kebab, and cheap and other food items as per customers’ demand. In addition, the machine arrives with the following features:-

      • The machine has a stainless steel body that makes it durable for commercial use.
      • The machine arrives with a non-stick-coating rotatory pole that works at a balanced speed, evenly distributing the heat and allowing food to cook.
      • There are three burners available in the electric shawarma machine that is independently controlled by three knobs.
      • There is a temperature control system that allows the customisation of machines as per the needs of the business.
      • The machine comes with non-slip feet, enabling safe operation without fear of falling.
      • The stainless steel body makes the machine sturdy and robust enough to withstand the pressure of a busy kitchen, enhancing customer satisfaction and benefiting the business.
      • The machine arrives with easy-to-clean and maintained features, enabling the operator to clean it easily after every use during rush hours.
      • The rotatory rod automatically rotates when electricity is provided and heats the chamber, offering equal heat at every corner
      • It saves money as the machine works with minimum energy consumption and, thus, saves utility bills.
      • The built-in power motor eliminates the possibility of being exposed to a heat source.

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