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A Bain Marie counter is a piece of equipment used for heating and keeping food warm. It consists of a water bath used to maintain a consistent temperature for foods that need to be kept warm, such as sauces, soups, and gravies. The Bain Marie counter benefits restaurants and caterers as it allows them to prepare and serve hot dishes for extended periods without losing quality or freshness.

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    Bain Marie Counter


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      bain marie counter

      Bain Marie Counter



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      Model Hot Bain Marie Counter
      Material Stainless Steel
      Grade 304
      Warranty 1 Year
      Colour Silver
      Delivered Pan India
      Weight 80.00 Kg(s)
      Bain Marie Height 3 to 6 feet
      FAQ's About Hot Bain Marie Counter

      No, Bain Marie counters are designed to keep food warm and unsuitable for cooling food. For cooling food, refrigerated or freezer units should be used instead.

      Are you starting a restaurant or new in the food industry, and don’t know the importance of the Bain Marie counter

      Bain Marie counter is the equipment used in the food industry for heating food and keeping it warm for a long time. In addition, it uses a water bath technique where two containers are kept on each other.

      One lower container is filled with water, and the top container contains food. Lastly, the electricity is supplied to boil water, and food in the top container remains warm and fresh.

      Benefits of Bain Marie Counter in Business

      Introducing Bain Marie is a boon to the food industry, benefiting the catering and restaurant business. Moreover, it is an essential tool in any domestic or commercial kitchen. There are many benefits of commercial bain marie counters.


      Bain Marie allows temperature control as per the requirements. Moreover, cooking in bain marie is a relief as it does not allow food to burn or overcook. Thus, it is ideal for busy restaurant kitchens, which increases turnaround time.


      Commercial bain marie counter is efficient enough to run the food industry as it organizes the kitchen and boosts the work speed. It reduces the use of multiple pieces of equipment as it is self-sufficient and ensures work is done faster and with less effort.

      Moreover, using the best quality commercial bain marie counter in your kitchen, you can cook different cuisines quickly every time.


      The Bain Marie counter is the most versatile and is multipurpose in functioning. Moreover, the food display counter serves multiple functions, such as melting chocolate, boiling custards, and simmering sauce. In addition, the counter can also be used to make cakes and pastries. However, the commercial Bain Marie counter price may be high if you want to buy a multifunctional model.

      Tips to Buy the Best Commercial Bain Marie Counter

      If you want the best commercial bain marie counter to buy for your restaurant or food business, then you must consider a few points.

      • Material: A stainless steel counter is better than other materials as it offers longer life. In addition, it is easy to clean, durable, and resistant to corrosion.
      • Size and type: Decide the food volume you want to cook regularly to decide which size to buy. In addition, decide the type of counter you want, such as dry heat, wet heat, or soup warmers.
      • Efficiency: If you are in the big restaurant business, you must buy highly efficient food to generate more food. In addition, you must consider that the counter you choose to buy must have energy-saving features to save costs.
      • Purpose: Buy the type of counter that suits your purpose for domestic or commercial use. In addition, there are different sizes and types of bain marie counters as per the purpose of the business.
      • Configuration: Commercial bain marie counters are available in various configurations such as single chamber, double, or multiple enclosures. However, it would help if you considered it before buying one.

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