Double Tank Deep Fryer

Original price was: ₹58,000.00.Current price is: ₹40,000.00.

Deep frying is a common practice in Indian kitchens, whether domestic or commercial. Moreover, deep-fried foods are liked by everyone, whether they are fritters for elders or French fries for children. In addition, looking at the demand for deep-fried foods, commercial deep fryers have become the must-have appliance in the professional kitchen. Most of the restaurants with large customer service demand double tank deep fryers to keep up with orders.

  • double tank deep fryer

    Double Tank Deep Fryer

    Original price was: ₹58,000.00.Current price is: ₹40,000.00.

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      double tank deep fryer

      Double Tank Deep Fryer

      Original price was: ₹58,000.00.Current price is: ₹40,000.00.


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      Commercial Double Tank Deep Fryer

      Product Two Tank Deep Fryer
      Material Stainless Steel
      Usage Restaurant, Hotels, Cloud Kitchen
      Fuel Electric
      Frequently Asked Questions Related to Double Tank Deep Fryer

      Double tank fryer generally comes with two oil tanks and two baskets to deep fry the food items. Moreover, it is essential for the quick frying process. You can deep fry two separate food items at the same time without mixing each other. In addition, it saves space for two appliances in the kitchen.

      No, a double tank deep fryer is not only available in electric. It comes both electric and gas-powered. You may buy as per the need of your business. However, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

      There are different sizes of double tank deep fryers available that you can buy as per your requirements. Moreover, this double deep fryer measures 600*580*425mm in dimension.

      No, you can not boil water in a double tank deep fryer. It is specifically to heat oil and deep fry. However, if you add water to this, the tank and heating components will get rusted.

      It’s easy to clean all types of commercial fryers using the boil-out method. It requires cooling down the fryer and removing the basket. Then, fill it with soapy water, boil it, and clean it. At last, cool it off to dump the dirty water and rinse thoroughly.

      Best Double Tank Deep Fryer

      So, if you have a good-running food business, then you must incorporate a double tank deep fryer to replace the traditional deep fryer. Imagine having a large number of different orders from customers that you need to serve at the same time. Then, it would be difficult to fulfill with a traditional deep fryer, right?

      Thus, a double tank deep fryer enables one to fry different food items deep simultaneously as it has two tanks and two frying baskets. In addition, the advantages of using a double tank deep fryer are:-

      • Cook multiple orders at the same time
      • Efficient and hassle-free cooking
      • Saves space for two fryers in the kitchen
      • Saves time to prepare other food items.

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