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    automatic commercial oil press machine
    Automatic Commercial Oil Press Machine 26,100.00

    The automatic commercial oil press machine is an automatically driven mini compact oil press machine that performs multiple functions. The machine presses a variety of seeds such as peanuts, coconuts, olives, sesame, soybeans, walnuts, and many others.

  • New-16%Limited
    cold organic oil press machine
    Cold & Organic Oil Press Machine 1,929,000.00

    Cold and organic oil press machine is a commercial oil press machine in a compact size that squeezes oil on a large scale improving the health and wealth of people. Moreover, the introduction of this unique technology machine has drastically changed the market scenario.

  • New-16%Limited
    cold oil press machine with heater
    Cold Oil Press Machine With Heater 1,859,000.00

    The cold oil press machine with heater is specialized for extracting oil from seeds and plants. Moreover, it arrives with a built-in heater that is designed for cold press oil extraction on a commercial scale.

  • New-17%Limited
    cold press oil machine
    Cold Press Oil Machine 374,000.00

    A cold oil press machine is a machine that extracts oil without using heat or chemicals maintaining the nutritional value of the oil. Moreover, a cold oil press machine is available with the latest compact design and large capacity that extracts oil from a variety of seeds.

Commercial Oil Machine

Commercial oil press machines arrive with large capacity and produce oil on a large scale for industries. So, if you are running a mobile oil factory, mini oil mill plant, small and medium cooking oil industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical company, and others. Then, a commercial oil press machine is best for you.

Commercial Oil Press Machine For Heavy Operations

Moreover, commercial oil press machine arrives with the following features:-

  • Design: The commercial oil press machine comes with a robust design to withstand a high volume of work regularly. Moreover, the machine with a stainless steel body and sturdy construction makes it easy to operate.
  • Capacity: The machine arrives with a large capacity to fulfill the needs of business on a large scale. Moreover, it can press oil of approximately 1000 to 3000 Kg/ 24 hours and more. Thus, it increases productivity and benefits the oil business.
  • Efficient: Commercial oil press machine arrive with high power motors that make the machine efficient enough for large-scale production and meet industrial demands. In addition, the motor in the machine has approximately 2.5-5.0 KW high power which is much higher as compared to a home oil press machine.
  • Cost-effective: Using a commercial oil press machine for large-scale production saves money as the latest technology allows less energy consumption. In addition, there is less manual intervention so there will be less labor cost.
  • High-quality: Commercial oil press machine ensures high-quality oil extraction to keep your business ahead of competitors. The machine works with multiple functions, such as a machine heater, oil press, and oil filter. Thus, it works in a series of processes and yields high-quality oil for your business.
  • Versatile: commercial oil press machines are not limited to press only one type of seed. It offers versatile functions and presses different types of seeds such as sunflower seeds, castor, soybean, coconut, almonds, flaxseeds, groundnuts, and many others. Thus, it is preferable to use it in every oil industry.

Best Oil Press Machine Commercial

Thus, a commercial oil press machine is an essential asset for your large-scale oil industry as it significantly boosts oil production. In addition, its top-notch features give an extra edge to the commercial industries and well-suited industrial applications. Moreover, the commercial oil press machine is available in three types, each with its benefits.

  • Screw oil press machine: This type of commercial oil press machine is small in size and is most commonly used in every industry. However, it is best for small to medium-scale oil production.
  • Automatic commercial oil press machine: This type of commercial oil press machine works fully on automation and is efficient to meet industrial demands. Moreover, the machine comes with a heating system and oil filtration enabling the machine to offer high production.
  • Auto-temperature commercial oil press machine: commercial business needs oil production at a faster rate. Thus, this machine serves higher oil production in less time. The machine comes with an electrical heating pipe in the oil extraction chamber and processes oil production. In addition, the machine has an electrical control cabinet that allows little manpower to operate and yields oil in large amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Commercial Oil Press Machine

  1. How to buy the best commercial oil press machine for my oil business?

There are numerous oil press machines for commercial business in the market, confusing people about which one to buy. Thus, if you are new to the industry and want an efficient commercial oil press machine, then you must look for the following points-

  • Choose a commercial machine that is durable and strong built as the machine needs to perform a large amount of work.
  • Choose the machine with high motor power enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the machine. Thus benefiting the business.
  • Choose the machine that requires minimum manpower and maximum yields.
  • Ensure your machine offers versatile functions and presses multiple seeds.
  • The machine should be affordable as there are many machines in the market. Thus, choose the best quality under your budget. Commercial oil press machine price depends on the quality and efficiency. So, determine what is beneficial for your business.
  1. How many vegetable seeds can we process in this commercial oil press machine?

The commercial oil press machine allows a wide variety of seeds to process and extract oil. It includes sesame seeds, mustard, peanut,  sunflower seeds, castor, soybean, coconut, almonds, flaxseeds, groundnut, and many others.

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