Commercial Gas Deep Fryer


Our Commercial Gas Deep Fryer is perfect for frying all types of food, including meat, french fries, samosas, and chillies. The Deep gas fryer has a capacity of 6 litres, making it ideal for commercial use in restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments. It has a total power of 6 and operates on gas, providing a more energy-efficient and cost-effective option. With a compact size of 290x520x445mm and a weight of 26kg, this fryer is easy to move and store.

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    Commercial Gas Deep Fryer


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      gas deep fryer

      Commercial Gas Deep Fryer



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      Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

      UsageFrying to all meat, french fries , samosa ,chilly
      Warranty1 Year
      Total Power6
      TypeGas 1-Tank Fryer(1-Basket)
      Capacity6 L / Tank
      Weight (net)26 KG
      Power SourceGas
      FAQ's About Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

      Yes, the Commercial Gas Deep Fryer can be used indoors and outdoors, as it operates on gas.

      While this fryer is primarily designed for frying foods, it can also be used to cook other types of food, such as stews and soups.

      Frying has always been the most popular cooking technique, whether it’s domestic or commercial. Moreover, frying on a large scale needs equipment, and a gas deep fryer has been a significant investment in the food industry. It easily handles the daily frying to satisfy customers’ needs.

      What is a Commercial Gas Deep Fryer and What Benefits

      A gas deep fryer is frying equipment that uses a gas line to heat the fryer and fry the food. Moreover, it is most commonly practiced in almost every home and restaurant. In addition, commercial gas deep fryers have several benefits in the food business.

      1. Temperature – The gas deep fryer heats up at a faster rate, thus frying the food at a faster pace, saving you time. And thus scaling up your sales.
      2. Capacity – A commercial gas deep fryer cooks food at a higher capacity. In addition, the commercial food industry sometimes uses a gas deep fryer that holds a capacity of up to 100-150 pounds.
      3. User-friendly – Gas deep fryers are a convenient form of cooking. And all the restaurant’s cooking staff are more familiar and friendlier with gas fryers.
      4. Cost – using commercial gas deep fryers consumes less energy and, thus, operates at a lower cost.
      5. Clean and maintenance – gas deep fryers are easy to clean and maintain. It is a durable appliance and doesn’t require regular services. Thus, it saves the cost.

      Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

      There are a variety of commercial gas deep fryers in India, like electric deep fryers and many more. However, it’s confusing for buyers to choose the right one for their business. So, if you want to buy a gas deep fryer for your food business, you must consider a few essential points.

      • Decide the type: Different types of gas fryers, according to their functions and sizes. In addition, you must decide whether you want a countertop type or floor-standing type of gas fryer as per the requirements of your business. Moreover, you must decide which type of fryer you want per the space available in your work area.
      • Calculate the size: Deciding the right size of your fryer is always confusing. It’s always tough to decide as a small size will not meet the needs and requirements, whereas a big size will be a waste of money if not used entirely. Thus, deciding how much quantity is a daily requirement is crucial and then buying according to that.
      • Decide quality and warranty: Good quality equipment is necessary in the kitchen as it prevents many hazards. Moreover, you should spend on the quality of the deep fryer and its warranty, as it’s better to spend once than multiple times on repair. Buying a high-quality gas deep fryer also ensures your safety while working in the kitchen.
      • Deciding the cost: Deciding the budget is a necessary step in buying any appliances. How much you want to spend on your gas fryer will decide which type, design, and quality of commercial fryer is available.

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