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    electric combi oven
    Electric Combi Oven Original price was: ₹350,000.00.Current price is: ₹330,000.00.

    An electric combi oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines multiple cooking functions into one unit, including convection, steam, and combination cooking. This type of oven is commonly used in hotels and restaurants because it allows for efficient cooking with consistent results. The electric combi oven specified here weighs 152 kg and operates on electric energy, with a gas pressure requirement of 2.8.

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    combi gas oven
    Gas Combi Oven Original price was: ₹240,000.00.Current price is: ₹158,000.00.

    A gas combi oven is a commercial kitchen appliance that combines three cooking functions – convection, steam, and combination cooking – into one unit. Based on the specifications, this particular gas combi oven has a pan capacity of 20 x 18 x 26 inches, meaning it can hold pans of that size for cooking. It is suitable for a restaurant or hotel serving 300-500 meals daily, making it ideal for busy kitchens.

Technology is evolving and upgrading every single minute; there are new advancements in the machine world. Combination ovens that rule over ordinary ovens were introduced to revolutionize the kitchen experience.

Moreover, the combi oven comes with versatile functions and advanced technology, making your normal kitchen luxurious. If you want to own one, then this article is for you. Here is complete detail on the combi ovens, giving you insights about their details.

What is a Combination Oven?

A combination oven is an advanced oven that is three in one, which allows one to cook with a combination of steam and convection. It replaces the separate use of steamer ovens or convection ovens. Thus, you save time, money, and space in a professional kitchen.

Moreover, a commercial combination oven is a breakthrough in the food industry that allows multiple cooking solutions in one appliance. The oven uses a smooth switching mode between convection heating that circulates hot air. And steaming that adds moisture and humidity to the food. This ensures that the food sustains its natural colour and taste.

The combination oven can be used to cook various food items.

Some of them are

  • It allows perfect roast and cooking of meat
  • Steaming of fish
  • Poach eggs
  • Smoke food
  • Cook vegetables and more
  • Grill and bake loaves of bread, pastries, cakes, and pies

Thus, a combi oven is one solution to cooking and exploring new cuisines without mess.

How Does a Comb Oven Work?

The combination oven works on a very simple mechanism. It combines the work of convection and steam altogether. It means

  • A fan distributes evenly throughout the oven, like a convection oven.
  • Then, water or steam is injected into the oven, resulting in a rise in humidity to a certain level.

Thus, the combination of heat and steam restores the flavour of food and cooks food faster.

Benefits of Using a Combination Oven

The combination oven replaces two types of ovens: convection and steam ovens. The appliance is full of benefits, whether it is for domestic or commercial use. Moreover, using a combination oven in the kitchen has multiple benefits.

Some of them are:

Multifunction – The combination oven is very versatile and multifunctional. It is not only about heating and steaming food. But it covers various cooking methods like fryers, grillers, etc. Thus, it saves time cooking as it cooks food faster, money, and space as it is the replacement of two different appliances.

Flexible Cooking – The Combi oven offers flexible cooking, allowing for a large or small number of customers with ease and comfort. In addition, it allows one to cook a variety of dishes at the same time. Thus, it is ideal for commercial and domestic use.

Cost saving – It is a multifunctional appliance, thus saving money from buying several other pieces of machinery. In addition, it saves the cost of additional ventilation, additional help, or skilled chefs.

Space saving – A combination oven saves space in the kitchen as it replaces the need for many appliances.

How to Choose the Right Combination Oven

Everything becomes beneficial only when you choose the right option for you. Multiple combination ovens are in the market, but choosing the right one makes a difference in the kitchen. Moreover, there are a few points to consider before buying one.

  • Size and Capacity: Before buying one, decide the food volume you must prepare. In addition, it’s important to decide on the oven size based on the space in the kitchen.
  • Control Options: Control options are an important factor you should consider. There are two control options, i.e. manual control and digital control. In addition, a digital combi oven offers great control with precise temperature functions. Moreover, the electric combi oven is very easy to use; thus, if you want a smaller kitchen, this can be considered.
  • Cleaning Process: Cleaning is crucial in selecting which combi oven to buy. Many ovens come with complex designs, making the cleaning process very difficult. In addition, it’s best to buy an oven that is easy to clean and maintain. However, some combi ovens have automatic cleaning functions. Thus, choose the right oven, whether an electric combi oven or a gas combi oven, that meets your kitchen’s needs.

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