3+1 Chinese Burner Range

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Upgrade your kitchen with our 3+1 Chinese burner range. We used high-quality stainless steel 304 with 3+1 noob. It offers high-speed cooking.

  • 3+1 chinese burner range

    3+1 Chinese Burner Range


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      3+1 chinese burner range

      3+1 Chinese Burner Range



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      Best 3+1 Chinese Burner Range For Kitchen

      Product 3+1 Chinese burner range
      Material Stainless Steel
       Material Grade SS 304
      Dimension 24*66*32 inches
      Weight 130 kg
      Fuel type LPG
      Number of Knob   4
      Knob material ABS
      FAQs Related to the 3+1 Chinese Burner Range

      There will be 4 burners in this Chinese burner range. It will have 3 Chinese burners and one Indian burner.

      The 3+1 Chinese burner is for commercial use as it offers 3X times more temperature than the normal kitchen stove to cook food at a faster rate and deliver food to a maximum number of customers. In addition, special utensils are required to cook on this commercial burner range. Thus, it’s not advisable to use it regularly at home.

      It is used to do all types of cooking, including deep frying, deep stirring, braising, stewing, Chinese noodles, soups, and more.

      There is a huge difference between the Chinese burner and the traditional burner range.

      • The 3+1 Chinese burner range comes with a large and powerful burner size that uses curvy utensils. Meanwhile, the normal burner comes with a small burner size using normal kitchen utensils.
      • The commercial Chinese burner range offers high-heat flames for faster cooking in less time. At the same time, the normal burner offers less heat than the Chinese burner for slow, normal cooking.
      • Chinese burner ranges cook food that can be cooked at high temperatures. On the other hand, a normal burner offers multiple cooking options as it has a moderate heat flame.

      3+1 Commercial Chinese Burner Range

      If you are running a restaurant or food business, Chinese food must be on your menu as it is a go-to food for most people. Moreover, every food place is serving Chinese foods, looking at the demand.

      If you are in the food business, you very well know that quality Chinese food can not be cooked on a normal stove, for professional chefs prefer commercial chinese burner range. In addition, if you have a commercial food business with huge customer demand, you must have a 3+1 Chinese burner range in your professional kitchen.

      Commercial 3+1 Chinese Burner Range

      Moreover, the 3+1 Chinese burner range is a special Chinese burner that cooks food at high temperatures at a faster rate. In addition, the Chinese stove offers 3X times more heat than the normal commercial stove. This stove range offers 4 burners, including 3 Chinese burners offering high flame and one Indian burner for normal temperature.

      Moving forward, the 3+1 Chinese burner range offers many advantages over normal stoves. Apart from high temperatures, it offers a versatile cooking experience. You can make a variety of food such as deep frying, deep stirring, Chinese soups and noodles, and many more.

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      1 review for 3+1 Chinese Burner Range

      1. Varsha

        very good machine, easy to use, superb quality

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