Sugarcane Juice Benefits: A Complete Guide to Refreshing Health Advantages

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“Sugarcane is a super important crop in India. If you’ve ever been to India, especially in the hot summer months, you’ve probably noticed sugarcane juice stalls all over the place. They’re like refreshing spots offering relief from the heat. But sugarcane juice isn’t just tasty – it’s really good for health! Let’s explore all the awesome things sugarcane juice can do for your health”

indian family enjoying sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice in hot summer gives such a relief and hydrates the body. There are many health benefits of sugarcane juice, as it not only relaxes your body but also offers nutrients and electrolytes that replenish the lost ones from the body.

Moreover, in the old days, sugarcane was not such an important crop and was given to animals. However, later on, with time, people realized the sugarcane juice benefits and importance of sugarcane in the human body. Thus, the demand for sugarcane has risen to a new level, and the sugarcane business is now touching the sky.

In addition, India is the second largest country to produce sugarcane after Brazil. It is sweet as it contains sucrose, which is a natural sweetener. Moreover, sugarcane juice is a nutrient-rich drink and is important for the Ayurvedic medicine system.

Properties of Sugarcane Juice Contains

There are many sugarcane juice benefits as it comes with numerous properties that are good for the human body. The multiple properties that make sugarcane popular in the health industry:-

  • It has a cooling effect
  • It is used as an analgesic
  • It has antiseptic properties
  • It reduces liver disease and cholesterol
  • It is used in the body as an antioxidant
  • Also, it reduces high blood pressure
  • It is used as a diuretic agent to help with urination
  • It is used as a laxative that increases the bowel movement
  • Sugarcane juice is the best anti-inflammatory agent and relieves inflammation. 

Nutritional Value in Sugarcane Juice

Nutritional Value in Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice has numerous health benefits as it has a high nutrition content. In addition, the nutrient contents of the juice were determined by HPLC, and flavones and phenolic acids were determined and isolated from the juice. The isolated acids are:-

  • Tricin
  • Luteolin
  • Apigenin
  • Sinapic acid
  • Caffeic acid
  • Hydroxycinnamic acid

Moreover, the nutrient value of the juice is as follows:

Protein   2.9% 
Fibre  27.5% 
Potassium   27.9 g 
Calcium   1.6 g 
Magnesium   1.5 g 
Phosphorus   1.3 g 

Other than this, the juice contains vitamins that include vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, and E. In addition, the juice has 39 calories of energy and 9 grams of carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice benefits make it a popular drink for people. The major benefits are as follows:

1. Offers Instant Energy

Sugarcane juice contains a large amount of carbohydrates and glucose that instantly energizes your body. In addition, the simple sucrose in the juice is easily absorbable and thus fills up the space of drained levels of glucose. So, when you are roaming on hot summer days, drinking sugarcane juice refreshes your body and gives energy to roam around.

2. Hydrating Agent

Sugarcane juice is considered the best hydrating agent as compared to other natural sweetener drinks or even water.

3. Skin Benefits

Sugarcane juice helps to freshen and glow your skin without any external cosmetic help. Moreover, sugarcane juice helps to eradicate many skin problems, such as

  • Acne – Using sugarcane juice on the face as a face pack will help you get rid of acne. According to Health, juice is a common source of alpha hydroxy acids, including glycolic acid. It helps to increase cell turnover. In addition, the sugarcane juice exfoliates the blocked skin pores and lowers the accumulation of dead cells.
  • Ageing– Sugarcane juice protects your skin from aging in the early days. In addition, the juice has antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds that make the face glow, moisturize, and soft. Thus preventing early ageing.

4. Safe Pregnancy

Sugarcane juice benefits pregnant woman as it serves as a great addition to their diet when taken daily. Moreover, the juice makes sure the conception is quick, and pregnancy is safe. The juice has some amount of folic acid and vitamin B9 that protect the child from neural birth defects.

In addition, research suggests that the juice lowers the ovulation problem in women, thus increasing the chances of conception.

5. Oral Benefits

Sugarcane juice has major health benefits that keep oral problems away from people. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Prevent bad odour and tooth decay – Sugarcane juice has an ocean of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, that help to build the first layer of the tooth, enamel. In addition, the nutrient flow in the mouth strengthens teeth and prevents decay. Moreover, getting a bad odour from the mouth signifies that there is a nutrient deficiency in sugarcane juice, fulfills eradicates the problem.
  • Helps in tooth and bone development – Sugarcane juice is a rich source of calcium that helps to make your bones strong as well as teeth. In addition, sugarcane juice contributes majorly to a Child’s skeletal growth and development.

6. Treat Febrile Disorder

Growing children mostly suffer through many febrile disorders hindering growth and development. Thus, sugarcane juice benefits by treating febrile conditions. The febrile conditions cause a temperature rise, thus losing protein content from the body. However, sugarcane juice overcomes the loss of protein as the drink has all the nutrients necessary for the body.

7. Prolong Liver Functions

Sugarcane juice is beneficial for the functioning of the liver. Moreover, it improves liver health and problems related to the liver. Jaundice is a common disease that is caused due to improper functioning of the liver and bile duct that gets clogged.

According to the National Institute of Health in its published study, sugarcane juice helps to maintain a normal level of glucose in the body. This ensures that the body recovers fast and becomes healthy. In addition, sugarcane juice is alkaline which helps to reach the normal electrolyte level in the body. And, reduces the stress on the liver.

8. Helps in Digestion

Sugarcane juice benefits are not limited to only one part of the body but cover every system of the body for normal functioning. Moreover, sugarcane juice is beneficial for better digestion of the food. Thus, it helps to reduce constipation and clear bowels. Sugarcane juice consists of potassium as a constituent that maintains the PH level of the stomach and initiates the digestive enzyme secretion that aids in digestion. So, if you are having regular problems with digestion and constipation, bring sugarcane juice into your habit and lead a stress-free life.

9. Helps To Reduce Diabetes

There is always a myth that sugarcane juice will be too sweet for diabetic people or that one who has diabetes should not consume sugarcane juice.

Bursting the myth, research shows that diabetic people can take sugarcane in moderation without any problem. Moreover, the juice has sucrose that comes with a low glycemic index helping to control the blood sugar.

However there are many sports drinks that claim to be sugar-free, but compared to those drinks, sugarcane juice is beneficial for people with diabetes. However, the research that sugarcane juice is fit for diabetic people is still under study, so it’s better to consult your physician before starting a sugarcane juice.

10. May Fight Against Cancer

Cancer might seem like a big mountain, and the sugarcane in front of this disease would be like a rat. But, to your surprise, sugarcane juice acts as a barrier against severe diseases such as prostate and breast cancer. In addition, new research on the National Institute of Health suggests that the flavonoids present in sugarcane juice are useful as they act as an inhibitor for cancerous cells in the mammary gland. Thus preventing breast cancer in most people.

11. Helps To Heal Wounds and Infection

There are multiple health benefits of sugarcane juice in the human body impacting individuals to lead better life. Moreover, the juice acts as an immunity booster and causes rapid healing of wounds. In addition, sugarcane juice has natural sucrose as a healing agent and heals any wound in less time. However, if you want better results, you can dab sugarcane juice on the wounds to heal at a faster pace. The juice acts as an anti-inflammatory agent when used in diluted form.

12. Helps To Treat Sore Throat

Sugarcane juice has a large amount of vitamin C that proves to be a home remedy for sore throat. In addition, the juice is also rich in antioxidants that fight against Viral or bacterial infections. Thus, if anyone is suffering from a sore throat or itching in the throat, then a glass of sugarcane juice with salt and lime is enough to soothe your throat and cure the sore throat.

13. Provides Strength To Body Organs

Sugarcane juice comes with all important nutrients and sugars that help to strengthen the body’s organs, including reproductive organs, sensory organs, and many others. Moreover, the intake of sugarcane juice makes our organs stronger and helps to work in sync with the other organs and perform better. Thus, keeping a glass of sugarcane juice as a daily routine is a must for every individual.

14. Prevent DNA Disintegration

Sugarcane juice has not only external benefits but also helps in internal improvement. Moreover, sugarcane juice, with its antioxidants, helps to prevent the oxidative degradation of cellular fats and lipids.

Thus, it controls the base of life, i.e. life. In addition, the juice protects the DNA from the radiation-induced damage that affects the brain and central nervous system.

15. Helps in Weight Loss

There are many advertisements about drinks that help you to loosen your weight. But, all have preservatives and are harmful to the body. So, now you can try something natural, which is Sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice deals with the main reason for weight gain is cholesterol.

In addition, the juice improves the heart condition by cutting off the bad cholesterol. Also, the juice contains highly soluble fibers that manage the weight of the individual. So, you can make your detox sugarcane drink for weight loss and detoxify your body.

16. Help To Have Good Nail Health

Many of us have brittle and discoloured nails. This is due to a lack of nutrients. However, sugarcane juice comes full of nutrients, helping individuals to have a nourished and healthy life.

17. Help To Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infection is a common problem, especially among females who suffer the most. Moreover, sugarcane juice improves kidneys and solves problems like urinary tract infections. However, you need to mix sugarcane juice with coconut water and lemon and drink twice a day to prevent or eradicate the infection. The juice relieves the burning sensation from the area due to these infections. In addition, sugarcane juice helps to prevent some more kidney-related diseases such as STDs, prostatitis, and others as drinking it increases the protein level in the body.

18. Help You With Acidity

Acidity is the most common problem, no matter the age, due to the lifestyle everyone is living in. However, incorporating one glass of sugarcane juice can help to relieve the acidity. Sugarcane juice is alkaline and, thus, will maintain the acid-base balance of the body. In addition, drinking sugarcane juice soothes the burning of the stomach and gut and soothes acidity.

19. Helps To Prevent Constipation

The health benefits of sugarcane juice include preventing constipation. Moreover, the juice is full of fibres that may help to get rid of constipation when taken daily. The fibers in the juice bulk the stool and smooth it so that it becomes easier to move and pass through. In addition, the juice of sugarcane has potassium that prevents constipation and infections occurring in the stomach. Also, it has laxative properties that augment digestive functions and heal stomach issues.

20. Removes Toxins From The Body

Sugarcane juice is the best detoxifying drink as it cleanses the body from toxins and harmful elements, maintaining harmony inside the body. Moreover, the juice helps to increase the metabolism of the body which will ultimately lead to weight loss.

Is Sugarcane Juice Healthy OR Not?

Now, we all know the benefits of sugarcane juice, but is it healthy in every case? Moreover, excessive amounts of everything creates problems, and so the sugarcane juice. The excessive consumption of sugarcane juice leads to several side effects and will negatively affect your body. It includes:-

  • More in calories amount – When we see the nutritional value, sugarcane juice has natural sugar that carries high calories. It has almost 269 calories which is equal to the calories of 1000 gm sugar. However, when consumption is excessive, it may adversely affect the body. Thus, only one glass of sugarcane juice is recommended daily.
  • Convert into toxic at a faster rate – We all are aware that sugarcane juice helps to remove body toxins, but little do we know that Sugarcane juice can also become toxic and affect your body. Yes, you read right. Sugarcane juice, when not consumed within 15 minutes, can oxidize and become toxic, creating many stomach problems and other illnesses.
  • May cause insomnia – Sugarcane juice, when consumed in large amounts, may cause insomnia, stomach ailments, weight loss, dizziness, and headache. In addition, the presence of chemical policosanol in juice causes these issues.
  • Act as blood thinner – Sugarcane juice has policosanol chemicals that thin blood and hinder the clot formation process. Moreover, it results in profuse bleeding from the body. Thus, if you are on blood thinner, then avoid sugarcane juice.
  • May cause infection or upset stomach – Sugarcane juice is mostly available from vendors selling roadside thus attracting all the dirt causing health issues to one who drinks. Moreover, if not maintained hygiene, it can cause diarrhoea, Chagas, and many other infectious diseases.

Sugarcane, earlier, was merely a crop, but with the unlimited health benefits of sugarcane juice, it is the best natural drink. Moreover, there are numerous health benefits of sugarcane juice that we have listed above, which offer better health and a good life for every human.

In addition, the drink is full of essential nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and many more that are beneficial not only for skin, hair, and nails but also for the internal body system as the kidney, brain, stomach, and many others. However, these health benefits are possible only if you consume healthy and hygienic sugarcane juice prepared in clean utensils. Otherwise, you may suffer from problems like diarrhoea, Chagas disease, or others.

Sugarcane juice offers a plethora of health benefits, making it a popular choice for refreshing beverages. From instant energy boost to aiding digestion, sugarcane juice is truly a powerhouse of nutrients. For those who enjoy the convenience of enjoying fresh sugarcane juice at home or in their businesses, investing in a reliable sugarcane juice machine can be a game-changer. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, these machines streamline the process of extracting sugarcane juice, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor.

FAQs Related To Sugarcane Juice Benefits

Sugarcane juice is recommended to be taken at midday. Moreover, you can drink sugarcane juice when you have physical activity, or you are under the sun for a long time. Sugarcane juice will help you to hydrate your body and maintain nutrients.

There are many theories for diabetic people whether they should consume sugarcane juice or not. Some of the theory suggests that it is good for diabetic people to drink sugarcane juice as it does not affect blood sugar. It has a low glycemic index, helping to control diabetics.

However, there is another theory suggesting that it has natural sugar, which is also a sugar that disturbs the blood sugar level. Thus, it’s better to consult a physician before consuming sugarcane juice. And, even if you drink, only one glass a day is enough.

It’s advisable to drink sugarcane juice within 15 minutes of its extraction as it oxidizes making it toxic for the body and causing several diseases. However, if you store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, then you can drink sugarcane juice for three days.

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