Essential Equipment For Bars to Improve Service Speed

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The bar business is a very vast and competitive industry where you can only compete in the market through efficient service. Moreover, having efficient equipment enables faster service speed, enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity and profit, and building your brand.

Essential Equipment For Bars

Equipment plays a great role in maintaining the efficiency and speed of the services in the business.

Customers are always attracted towards bars that offer quick service with very less waiting periods. Thus, the faster you deliver the orders, the more customers will return to your bar, increasing the revenue. However, the speed of service is directly connected to the convenience which is offered by essential bar equipment.

Essential Equipment For Speeding Up Service

Equipment is necessary for the efficiency, environment, and overall success of your bar. Moreover, the right bar equipment helps bartenders speed up the service and maintain the service’s quality. In addition, there are a few points to consider about the essential equipment for quality and faster service.

Bar Setup And Organization

Setting and organising your bar efficiently is important to increase the productivity of your business and enhance customer experience.

Moreover, bar setup and organization in a unique style give an attractive look to your bar as well as improve operational efficiency. However, there is always confusion on how to organise the bar to make it productive. Here are a few things you should consider while setting up a bar.

  • Functional efficiency: Designing the bar is not only the key to success, but it’s important to have insights on which design will optimize the workflow. Moreover, it’s important to streamline the design process that offers functional efficiency. Having easy access to glassware and cocktail ingredients and adding speed rails for bartenders makes a big difference during rush hours to improve the bar’s efficiency. In addition, hidden spaces and built-in alcoves also add to the smooth functionalities of your bar.
  • Maintaining cleanliness:  Bars are always prone to be messy and unorganised, especially during rush hours. Thus, it’s important to have equipment that makes cleaning easy and fast to complete the next order in less time. For instance, using stainless steel or sealed stone table counters instead of wood tops is easy to clean. In addition, slip-resistant mats should be in bars as liquor spillage is very common. It’s important to have proper sanitization of the equipment before use.
  • Manage machinery: For the smooth functioning of your bar, it’s important to manage the machinery. Moreover, it’s crucial to maintain your stocks and regular updates on what your bar needs. If there is a lack of any ingredients or equipment, it will directly affect the service of the bar disappointing the customers.
  • Smart organisation: There is a great relationship between good organization and better service of your bar. Thus, it’s crucial to organise the bar equipment and ingredients so that your bartenders do not waste their time finding stuff during peak hours. Install wine shelves, map your liquor backups, keep the height of beer shelves appropriate, mirror your coolers and wells, and many more.

Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Beverage Dispensing equipment is crucial for the better functioning of the bar as it helps to make the perfect cocktail for the customers. Moreover, it eliminates the need for multiple bottles to make any cocktail, thus saving time and offering speed and accuracy while making any cocktail. Also, it saves your money as it reduces the wastage. Here are some crucial beverage Dispensing equipment you must equip in your bar:-

beverage dispensing equipment

  • Slushing Machine – Slushing machine keeps water freezing below freezing point and makes frozen cocktails, margaritas, juices, coffee, and many more chilled beverages. This is important to have in the bar for quick service of cool beverages for customers.
  • Draft Beer System or Kegerator- The machine is used to dispense beer from a keg without wastage or spillage. Moreover, the system includes a keg of beer, a pressure regulator, a carbon dioxide cylinder, beer lines, and a faucet. Thus, it delivers draft beer from a keg in less time.
  • Soda and Cocktail Dispensers- These dispensers are important for serving soda and cocktails efficiently. Thus, you need to have syrup pumps, CO2 tanks, water lines, and dispensing valves to install these essential dispensers in your bar and improve the serving speed.

Point of Sale (POS) System

It’s crucial to have a Bar POS system as it helps to serve with ease and convenience. Moreover, the POS system with integrated technology helps to save time and ensure quick customer service. In addition, the POS system effectively manages sales, and bills, keeps records on inventories and simplifies customer management.

Other Considerations

ice scoops machine

  • Ice Machines – We cannot underestimate the importance of ice in bars. Thus, it’s important to have ice machines that meet the demands of your bar. Thus, it’s crucial to have ice machines along with ice accoutrements such as ice scoops, storage bins, crushed ice, ice moulds, and others.
  • Dishwashing Equipment – Dishwashing equipment makes it easy to wash fragile glasses and dishes without breaking and maintain quality. In addition, the glassware washer helps to wash in no time, allowing bartenders to serve the customers nonstop stop with maintaining the hygiene of the bar.

Implementing Equipment For Improved Service Speed

Conduct a cost analysis to prioritise equipment purchase – Every business is for making a profit, thus it’s crucial to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to prioritise equipment purchases. Moreover, cost-benefit analysis is a powerful decision-making tool that enables bar owners to maximize their return on investment. Through this, you will be able to measure the benefits of any equipment purchasing and analyse the cost of purchasing that equipment. It includes purchasing costs, implementation costs, maintenance costs, and others. Thus, it’s important to evaluate whether it is beneficial for your business or not.

Train staff on using the new equipment effectively – Training staff on using the new equipment effectively leads to improved productivity and maximum utilisation of the equipment. Also, it reduces the risk of accidents or errors while using the equipment due to lack of knowledge. However, if you are investing in new equipment, it would be a waste if your staff don’t use it effectively. You can train your staff in several ways:-

  • Schedule regular training sessions
  • Make training mandatory for staff
  • Offers incentives to motivate your staff
  • Hire professional trainer
  • Implement a variety of training methods so that they grasp easily

Regularly Maintain Equipment to Ensure Optimal Performance

Machinery requires regular maintenance if you want your equipment to last long and offer heavy performance. Here are a few things you can consider if you want your equipment to give optimal performance:-

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance – Equipment withstands heavy-duty work daily; thus, it’s necessary to schedule regular preventive maintenance. It reduces downtime of equipment and increases the efficiency.
  • Calibrate your Equipment Regularly –  Regular calibration of your equipment ensures the safety of the machine and allows the machine to function effectively. In addition, calibrating your equipment enables you to figure out any issues before they become serious and hamper your business.
  • Regular Cleaning of Equipment –  Regular cleaning is crucial to keep your machine away from any damage and contamination. Thus, it improves the safety and efficiency of the equipment, enhancing productivity.
  • Ensuring Replacement of Equipment Parts- It’s beneficial for equipment that its parts get replaced, prolonging its life and enhancing its efficiency.

If you are running a bar, it’s important to have essential equipment that improves service speed, making your business profitable. Moreover, the implementation of essential equipment maximizes work efficiency and minimizes the time and efforts of bartenders enabling bartenders to complete more orders in a given time.

Thus, it enhances customer experience, making them return to your bar repetitively, profiting your business. Essential equipment will help you to offer services that will make your bar different from others and build your reputation among your competitors.

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