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If you have been in the food business for years, you might have understood the extent of competition in the Indian market. Moreover, opening a restaurant might be easy, but executing it takes a lot of work and is even more complicated when you plan to do it alone.

Best Restaurant Consultants in India: Your Guide to Success in 2024

In addition, to make your restaurant reach heights, you have to think something out of the box. From thinking about the concept to planning the budget, setting up the whole idea in reality, and marketing, these things might seem like few things on paper, but doing them all alone is tedious and may take time and lots of effort.

However, you can handle all this when you hire the best restaurant consultant in India to assist you.

Moreover, a Restaurant consultant is an expert who offers external assistance to set up and improve your food business. The best food consultant in India provides you with the best insight and guidance on how you could set up a successful restaurant and advise the solutions to grow your business.

In addition, you may choose a general consultant who helps plan the restaurant’s opening or a specialist consultant who will guide you thoroughly in financing, marketing, and others.

What Should You Look For Before Hiring The Best Restaurant Consultant In India?

With immense growth in the food business, many restaurants compete to survive and expand. However, if you need help opening or growing a restaurant, restaurant consultants are available for you. In addition, there are a few features you must look at before hiring the best research consultant for your business.

  • Expertise: Before choosing the consultant, consider whether the person holds some degree in this field. In addition, if you want the best results, look for experienced consultants. However, a professional consultant will charge you more.
  • Availability: If you are spending money, the consultant should prioritize you. Thus, look for a readily available consultant who listens to what you want in your restaurant.
  • Reviews and feedback: Before choosing a consultant for your project, knowing about their past work is necessary. Thus, check all the reviews and testimonials of previous clients to get to know your consultant better.
  • Performance: Before choosing the restaurant consultant, check the successful results of its previous tasks. Look for the success rate of the consultant before hiring them.
  • Pricing: If you are opening a restaurant, you must think before spending any penny, as it may affect the budget. Moreover, you must look for consultants who will work under budget. In case you can’t afford an experienced consultant, you may just ask for a once-a-month visit.

Top 15 Restaurant Consultants in India to Boost Your Food Business

Suppose you wish to open a successful food business but need help figuring out how we at Hadala Kitchen are the best restaurant consultants in India. We offer assistance in setting up your restaurant from the start. Here is the verified list of 15 top food consultants in India who will help you grow your business.

1. Eatitude Gourmet Technologies

It is a consultancy company led by Chef Koushik Shankar, the renowned face of the food industry. Moreover, he is among the top restaurant consultants in India who envision creating an award-winning F&B brand. Talking about his work, some of the best clients are Abby’s, Burgerman, the Bread House, and many more. Thus, if you want the restaurant to be grand and visionary, then you must choose Eatitute Gourment Technologies as your consultant team.

2. Dny Hospitality Restaurant Consultant

This is among the best restaurant consultants in India, offering strategic restaurant consultancy. It will guide you in the conception of your business, along with menu engineering, operational analysis, and staff training.

3. Table And Fork Food Business Consultant

It is the food business consultant in India that offers a fine dining experience with exceptional services like designing your menu, optimizing restaurant layout, and training your staff.

4. Bistro Brain Restaurant Consultant

It is the leading restaurant consultant in India that streamlines restaurant operations. Moreover, it offers the construction of a menu, equipment management, budget control, and staff training.

5. Young Turks- One-Stop Hospitality Consultant

Young Turks are the best food business consultants in India who offer the best solutions for restaurant management. They also support you from the start of your business, including market research, brand development, budget planning, and other restaurant operations.

6. Mango Curry Restaurant Consultant

Suppose you want your restaurant to specialize in Indian cuisine. In that case, it is among India’s best food restaurant consultants as it has a better understanding of traditional Indian cuisine. In addition, it offers kitchen and reception design, menu development, and teaching traditional Indian style to staff.

7. Weserve Restaurant Consultant

It is among the top restaurant consultants in India and was founded by famous chef Sujit Mehta. This award-winning consultancy aims to serve the food business, making it grow exponentially.

8. Nitin Itandon Restaurant Consultancy

This restaurant consultancy focuses on improving results and helping your business grow. Moreover, it offers expert market strategy, optimizes restaurant operations, and enhances the customer experience.

9. Botc India

It is among the best restaurant consultancy in India. It offers operational optimization and budget management and introduces new technology to help your business grow and profit.

10. Phrc Consultant

It is a trusted consultancy in the food market that offers strategic planning for restaurant development, budget management, market valuation, and customer satisfaction assessments.

11. Zion Hospitality

This is the leading F&B consultancy run by chef Ajay Chopra. It offers experienced teams to turn your dream restaurant into reality. Its team will assist you in kitchen design, restaurant equipment selection, menu development, and budget balancing.

12. Hands Hospitality

This restaurant consultant is behind the success of many restaurants in India that offer better handling of restaurant making to have sustainable success. In addition, it offers step-wise assistance in building your restaurant business and scaling up your business if there is any downfall.

13. Sindbad Restaurant Consultant

This consultancy firm, headed by the famous chef Pankaj Pathak, has helped many restaurants, pubs, and cafes grow and reach new heights.

14. Gourmet Sage Hospitality Solutions

It is a leading restaurant consultancy under Rajesh Kumar, with highly skilled consultants who can provide tailor-made solutions for your business needs.

15. Culinary Kraft Restaurant Consultant

It offers comprehensive services to enhance your business and make it excel. They specialize in menu engineering, quality management, better customer satisfaction, cost control, and many other solutions.


If you plan to open a restaurant, selecting the right restaurant consultant becomes crucial to make it successful. There are many challenges in the restaurant business that you can not resolve on your own.

So, you will need the experts who know how to handle the problem and get you out of this. Thus, using their expertise, you can choose any of the above 15 best restaurant consultants in India to benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Best Restaurant Consultant In India

You can find restaurant consultants through

  • Google search 
  • Any referral from known  
  • Any conference or expert networks

You should hire a restaurant consultant when you:-

  • Want to expand the business
  • Want to manage budget and have more profits
  • Find a downfall in customer flow and are clueless about the reason

Yes, if you want your business to grow exponentially without blindly investing, then hiring a research consultant is a good idea. Moreover, hiring an experienced consultant can have a huge impact on your business, helping it reach new heights.

Charges of the restaurant consultant depend on many factors, such as place, type of work, and others. Moreover, pricing can also depend on the amount of work like:-

  • Hourly pricing
  • Project-based pricing
  • Retainer bases pricing

Restaurant consultants play an important role when starting or improving your food business. It includes:-

  • Work with clients to understand their demands or expectations of the restaurant.
  • Research, interpret, and plan what to do to enhance the performance.
  • Comprehensive solution by menu engineering, financing, technology integration, and staff training.
  • Detecting issues in business downfall and finding ways to resolve the problem. Thus increasing the revenue and expanding your food business.

No, they work temporarily in your restaurant and not as an employee. Restaurant consultants are experts hired to help your business by identifying problems, finding solutions, and implementing solutions to resolve the issue. And thus expanding your business and making it a great success.

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