8 Best Pizza Ovens for Home Use in 2024: Verified Buying Guide

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Best Pizza Ovens For Home Use

Pizza, the word itself, waters in our mouth whenever we hear it. Pizza is always fun to eat, whether it’s midnight snacking or a social gathering. And who will say no to pizza? It’s the cheapest and yummiest meal if you want to avoid cooking. Moreover, making pizza at home is fun as it is easy and simple to make in a pizza oven.

Now, making pizza at home is more preferable by people these days than ordering it online. Moreover, pizza is now cheap and easy to make in wood-powered or gas-powered pizza ovens. In addition, pizza ovens offer a fast pizza-making process of about 5 minutes or even less. In addition, if you are interested in turning your favourite restaurant pizza into homemade, there are the best pizza ovens for home in the market for you.

Moreover, with the best pizza ovens for home, you may turn your pizza into the tastiest slice of traditional and smoky flavour at home. What better than making restaurant-style pizza in your home backyard? In addition, the pizza ovens are not specific to any weather, even if they are wood-powered; they perform in adverse climates.

However, you may wonder why you buy a pizza oven for home use when you have a traditional oven. Yes, your doubt is obvious: you can make good pizza at home using your traditional ovens. But, there is a huge difference in the taste of pizza when made in pizza ovens. The pizza oven gives perfect high-temperature bake time, and the pizza’s crust texture makes it restaurant-style.

Benefits of Having the Best Pizza Ovens For the Home Over the Traditional Oven

The pizza oven is an alternative to making restaurant-style pizza at home with the same taste and texture. Moreover, there are several benefits of using a pizza oven for home use compared to a traditional oven.

  • It offers high bake time and temperature, giving it the best crust texture and original smoky flavours.
  • Allows rapid evaporation of water, thus making toppings crispy without drying.
  • Other than pizza, it is best to roast vegetables, meat, and other food items much quicker than at home.

Top 8 Best Pizza Ovens for Home 

As people have become more health conscious recently, the interest in making everything at home is rising faster. Also, the demand for high-quality pizza ovens and other appliances is significantly increasing. Moreover, many manufacturers are introducing a variety of pizza ovens in markets so that people can buy as per their needs and requirements.

So, if you are interested in buying the best pizza oven but need clarification about the best one for you and your family, then, this article is best for you, giving complete details of the best ovens you may consider buying. Moreover, there are different varieties of pizza ovens, such as wood, fire, gas, and electricity.

However, the setup requires spacing in your kitchen or backyard and an investment of a little more than traditional home ovens.

Here are the complete details of the top 8 best pizza ovens for home to guide you to buy the best from the rest and invest in the right appliance.

1. Breville Pizzailo – Best Electric Powered Pizza Oven for Home

Breville Pizzailo

If you plan to buy an electric pizza oven, the Breville Pizzailo oven must be on your list. This is the best indoor pizza oven that can reach a temperature almost equal that of the outdoor pizza oven. Moreover, its control temperature cooks pizza better than any other indoor pizza oven.

  • Built and Capacity: This oven arrives with stainless steel built for easy pizza slicing. In addition, it has a carbon steel pan with a removable handle. The oven is attractive and efficient enough to be on the countertop. Moreover, talking about capacity, this 45.6 pound weighing oven can make a 12-inch pizza. Furthermore, the oven is 22.3×21.4×18.9 inches in dimension, which makes it easy to install on the kitchen shelf.
  • Temperature: The oven operates at 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it has three push-button dials for setting the baking temperature, baking time, and darkness adjustment. In addition, the oven preheats in 15 minutes and cooks pizza in 90 minutes.
  • Accessories and price: It has a pizza peel and a deep dish pan to cook pies and other items. Talking about cost, the oven is available on Amazon with a price tag of $800, i.e. approximately 60,000 rupees.


  • Safe best pizza oven for indoors.
  • It is best for frozen pizza and other types of pizza.
  • User-friendly with pre-set buttons.


  • High budget.
  • It does not give a smoky flavour.
  • It only works on electricity.

2. Ooni Koda 16 – Best Gas Powered Pizza Oven

ooni koda pizza oven for home

Ooni Koda 16 is the best gas-powered pizza oven and the most reliable and user-friendly tabletop oven. Moreover, a large oven opens, making it easy to put pizza slices in and make high-quality pizza. In addition, it is a powerful, lightweight appliance, arriving with great speed, heating power, and maintaining crust consistency, making it the best gas-powered pizza oven.

  • Built and capacity: The oven is L-shaped and lightweight with a folding legs feature. In addition, a 39 39-pound weighing oven can make a 16-inch pizza. It comes with 23.2*25*14.7 inches in dimension. It is fully assembled; you only need to unfold the three legs and connect the gas tank, and it is ready to use.
  • Temperature: It is gas-powered and operates at a higher temperature than the electric oven. It works with temperatures up to 950 degrees. In addition, it takes 15 minutes to preheat the oven and 90 seconds to ready the quality pizza.
  • Accessories and cost: Ooni Koda 16 has a propane regulator and hose. Peel and natural gas regulators are available separately if you need them. In addition, you can buy this best pizza oven under the 60K range with a price tag of Rs 59,999.


  • Simple and easy to use with a larger opening in the oven.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Does not give a crisp taste and smoky flavour like wood pizza ovens. 
  • It does not have a thermometer to measure the inside temperature while cooking.

3. Ooni Karu 16 – Best Multi Fuel Pizza Oven

Ooni Karu 16 best pizza oven for home

If you are looking for the best multi-fuel pizza oven, Ooni Karu 16 tops it. Moreover, this oven provides a multi-fuel option for wood, charcoal and natural gas. The oven comes with a gas burner separately. In addition, the oven offers versatile outdoor cooking fun with recent technology and advancements. It serves multipurpose functions such as making large pizzas, roasting meats, and seaming vegetables. Thus, this oven allows you to use gas or wood for low maintenance if you want a smoky flavour in your food.

  • Built and capacity: The oven arrives with a new design, powder-coated carbon steel and stainless steel body, including a new hinged door design with View Flame technology that increases visibility. Moreover, the oven will have increased insulation, airflow, and visibility. Talking about capacity, the oven weighing 28.4kg arrives with a cooking space of 16.7 inches and 33*32*20 inches in diameter.
  • Temperature: The oven works at 950 degrees, optimal for making yummy pizza and satisfying your soul. In addition, it takes 20 minutes to preheat the heat, and the cooking time is 60 seconds.
  • Accessories and cost: The oven arrives with natural gas burners, a thermometer, and other small supporting elements. In addition, if you are interested in buying the best pizza oven under the 80K price range, this Rs 79,999 price tag suits you.


  • Multiple fuel options 
  • Ideal baking temperature and control as per convenience.
  • New advancements and technology in the design.
  • A digital thermometer mounted in the oven displays the oven’s internal temperature.


  • Wooden fuel may take time to preheat.

4. Ooni Fyra 12 – Best Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

ooni fyra 12 best wood pellet pizza oven

Ooni makes a reliable pizza oven, keeping everyone’s choices in mind. Now, if you want to buy an oven that is only wood-powered, then the Ooni Fyra 12 is the best wood-pellet pizza oven for home use. Moreover, you can choose this oven if you are considering a low budget and are interested in smoky flavour foods. In addition, the oven uses a wood pellet with a smaller oven stone and opening. It is small but makes perfect pizza with a touch of smokiness over your food.

  • Design and capacity: The pizza oven is easy to assemble with a simple design, including a tall chimney and large cylindrical pellet hopper. It has a powder-coated carbon steel shell that gives heat retention. Moreover, it weighs 22 pounds, and the making size is 12 inches. In addition, the oven measures 29.1* 15.4* 28.5 inches in dimension.
  • Temperature: It regulates temperature up to 950 degrees, giving pizza a defined crunchy finish. Moreover, the wood pellet heats up faster than any other fuel. And thus, it takes only 15 minutes to preheat the oven. After reaching the optimum temperature, in 60 seconds, the oven makes pizza with a beautiful crust and a tasty smoky flavor.
  • Cost: Ooni Fryer 12 is a cheap and budget-friendly small oven. Moreover, it is available on Amazon for only $329.


  • Less expensive and user-friendly.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heat up fast as the wood pellet burns faster than charcoal or gas.


  • Small size 
  • Less portable  
  • Learn to manage using a wood pellet fire. 

5. Gozney Dome: Best Professional Pizza Oven

Gozneydome pizza oven for home use

If you are looking for the best professional pizza oven in your backyard but want to build it with something other than bricks, then the Gozney dome oven might be a suitable choice. Being a professional oven, it arrives with a strong build with a wide opening for large pizzas.

Moreover, it is a dual-fuel oven that uses wood and gas fuel. The oven comes in two models so you can use either wood and propane or wood and natural gas. In addition, the oven is heavy, so having a Gozney stand consisting of four wheels is good, making transportation easy.

  • Design and capacity: Gozney Pizza is heavily built with ceramic-bonded outer coating, making it best for outdoor use in any climatic condition. Moreover, it’s very user-friendly and easy to set up, which is good if you have a busy kitchen or little time to stand near the oven. In addition, the oven weighs 128 pounds and measures 26 x 24.8 x 28.8 inches in dimension. Furthermore, its large opening offers the ability to make pizza sizes up to 16 inches.
  • Temperature: The oven operates at a 950-degree temperature. Preheating takes 45 minutes to reach such a temperature, slightly longer than others. But, as it reaches the temperature, it takes only 30 seconds to make the pizza.
  • Cost: As the oven is professional and heavily built, the price is also somewhat heavy. It comes under the price tag of $1999. Moreover, it’s only for the customers ready to pay a heavy amount for this valuable beauty.


  • Big and lavish.
  • Offers dual fuel cooking system.
  • It regulates temperature and makes tastier pizza.
  • Multiple uses for baking, roasting, and more.
  • Optional attachments such as thermometer and probe jacks.


  • It is heavy
  • Very expensive
  • It has a long preheating time of 45 minutes, much more than others.

6. Cuisinart: Best Pizza Oven For Indoor

Cuisinart Best Pizza Oven For Indoor

Indoor electric ovens are always in demand as they have nothing to do with wood or fuel, making them very easy and handy. Moreover, Cuisinart must be in your kitchen if you are looking for an easy-going, budget-friendly oven. In addition, the oven is ready to use and does not require assembly. This is an efficient indoor pizza oven with active cooling technology.

Also, making a pizza in this is easy as you can monitor from outside through interior light and big glass windows. Furthermore, it is for making normal pizza and other styles, such as Detroit, New York, and more, with all possible customizable toppings. Also, it has a complete user manual guide for quick reference.

  • Design and capacity: The oven is designed to provide an efficient indoor cooking experience. Moreover, the oven has a stainless steel body with glass, giving the kitchen an elegant look. In addition, the appliance weighs 25 pounds and measures 17.5x19x11 inches in diameter. It has an easy-to-control design with a countdown timer that does not auto off the oven when food is ready. You can make 12 inches of Neapolitan pizza with this electric pizza oven.
  • Temperature: This indoor pizza oven reaches the highest temperature, up to 700 degrees. Moreover, the preheating takes 20 minutes to 30 minutes. After reaching the optimum temperature, it takes 5 minutes or less to make the pizza. In addition, the countertop pizza oven ensures that the pizza has a crispy crust and authentic flavour.
  • Accessories and cost: The oven arrives with a 12.5-inch pizza stone to make crispy pizzas. In addition, there is a deep dish pan to make pies and pizzas and a pizza peel for sliding the pizza slices. Talking about cost, it is a budget-friendly pizza oven arriving with a price range of approximately $299.


  • Compact and easy-to-use design.
  • Budget-friendly and affordable.


  • Heavy.
  • Longer preheating time.
  • Only indoor, no outdoor use.

7. Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven – Best For Home

solo stove pi pizza oven home use

If you are a camping lover or want an outdoor oven, you must go for the Solo stove pi pizza oven. It is among the best multi fuel pizza ovens on an affordable budget. Moreover, setting up the oven is easy as it requires fitting the parts and burning wood to start the pizza-making process. In addition, the oven comes with heat distribution optimization and is best for beginners to learn to use the multi fuel oven. This enables us to make the tastiest pizza regularly.

  • Design and capacity: The Pi oven has a durable and strong body comprised of durable 304 stainless steel. Moreover, it has a useful and clean design where ashes and food crumbs naturally accumulate on the surface. In addition, it has a demi dome shape structure and panoramic opening that makes launching pizza in the oven easy. And, thus, best for beginners. Furthermore, the oven weighs 31 pounds and measures 20.5 x 15.1 inches in dimension. You can make a maximum of 12 inches of pizza in this oven.
  • Temperature: As it is wood and gas-powered, the heat generated is very high. The oven operates at a maximum temperature of up to 850 degrees. Moreover, the preheating times take only 15 minutes, and the pizza takes 90 seconds.
  • Cost: it is a budget-friendly and affordable oven available at a price range of $449. As you will get both gas and wood fuel options, the price is very low as compared to other ovens.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Less heating time.
  • It is best for beginners as managing fuel and heating is pretty much easier than others.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • No front door is present.
  • No accessories are present with the oven.
  • There is a need for frequent turning of pizza to have the perfect crunch.

8. Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven

ninja woodfire outdoor home pizza oven

Making smoky pizza is always a complicated process. But, with the Ninja woodfire pizza oven, it is a lot easier and hassle-free. Moreover, it is an oven with advanced technology that has features to infuse a smoky taste into pizza.

In addition, it is an 8-in-1 pizza-making appliance that makes pizza, roasts, max roasts, bakes, broils, dehydrates, and keeps warm food. It makes any outdoor space into a kitchen. However, the technology is not that simple, as there are different settings for different types of pizza. Also, the oven gives several advantages over others, such as there is no need to turn the pizza while it is being made.

  • Design and capacity: The Ninja oven is a powerful appliance designed to perform multifunctions. Moreover, the oven is metal-built, weighs 32.4 pounds, and measures 21.5*18*15.1 in dimension. In addition, it has a weather-resistant build to survive every weather condition outdoors.
  • Temperature: The oven operates maximum at a 700-degree temperature range starting from 105 degrees. In addition, the oven offers complete temperature control with no flame, resulting in caramelizing, charring, and blistering for premium texture. It also serves as a high-heat roaster and foolproof barbeque smoker. Moreover, the preheating time is 25 minutes, which is better than that of an electric oven.
  • Accessories and cost: Ninja oven arrives with accessories such as a pro heat pan, pizza stone, pellet scoop, pizza stone, and blend starter pack. Moreover, talking about the cost, this multipurpose pizza oven is available at a price range of $499. Thus, you are getting valuable appliances in the general amount.


  • Easy to use.
  • Wood-fired flavours.
  • 8-in-1 multifunction.
  • No need to turn again and again.


  • It is all covered, so food can’t be viewed from outside. 
  • Different types of pizza have different settings, so it could be a little bit confusing.


Pizza is something that attracts everybody towards it. And it would be the cherry on the cake if you could make it at home. So, if you want to buy the best pizza ovens for home so that you can bring restaurant taste to home, then this article will be of great help. Moreover, this is the list filtered out from the numerous pizza ovens to help you choose the best pizza oven for home from the rest.

In addition, these top 8 pizza ovens are the best pizza ovens for indoor as well as outdoor use. Thus, you could invest in any one of them as per your requirements. The complete specifications of the oven will give you full knowledge about the appliance so that you can choose the right fit for you.

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