20 Best Billing Software For Restaurants in India – 2024

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Opening a restaurant business requires a lot of investment and effort. Moreover, all the efforts are successful when you make profits. So, managing bills is important for the smooth functioning of a restaurant.

However, counting bills and keeping restaurant order tracks manually may be hectic and tedious tasks. Thus, billing software for restaurants is important for managing bills and accounting services.

In addition, having the best billing software for restaurants enhances work efficiency and saves time.

What Is Restaurant Billing Software?

Restaurant billing software is an application that automates the restaurant’s workflow. It eases the restaurant workflow by performing the following functions:-

  • Table reservation
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Order management
  • Keeping records safe

Why Use Billing Software in Your Restaurant?

Moreover, the best online billing software for restaurants helps to manage the invoice of your restaurant along with other requirements. In addition, the billing software allows you to effortlessly generate bills, monitor sales, track orders and payments, and generate invoices. Other than this, restaurant billing software is useful as it offers accurate numbers and information that help managers and other management bodies make better decisions for restaurants.

Additionally, the software offers insights into long-term customer buying patterns, trends, and business sales, enhancing the growth of your restaurant.

What Are The Benefits Of Restaurant Billing Software?

Restaurant billing software is not limited only to calculating the bills but is useful in many other ways. It includes:-

  • Automates your workflow – Restaurant billing software automates all the functions of restaurant processes, including receiving food orders from customers, billing, machinery management, and others.
  • Makes menu visibility better- It helps managers check the menu that is sold out or available to confirm the bookings.
  • Enhance customer experience – This software helps to offer the best services with access to menu cards to the customers, helping them have the best restaurant experience.
  • Manage staff and reduce operational costs – The software keeps records of every staff member, including their payment, shifts, duty hours, and other information. In addition, the software keeps records of all the restaurant inventories along with raw materials so that there is no repeat purchase, thus saving money.
  • Expand your restaurant business – With the help of software, you can expand your restaurant by connecting with payment gateways, online delivery channels, and networks to reach more people out there.

20 Best Billing Software For Restaurants In India

Technology has left no stone unturned to make any operations in every field easy and convenient. Moreover, if you are running a restaurant and tired of manual billing management, then it’s high time you install the best billing software for the restaurant.

In addition, if you are looking for the best online billing software for a restaurant, then here is a list of 20 billing software for restaurants in India.

1. Vyapar Billing Software

Vyapar billing software is a simple billing software that has an inbuilt GST invoice and accounting system for small-scale businesses. Moreover, the software is cloud-based, which supports macOS and Windows on the desktop platform and Android and Vyapar app on mobile platforms. In addition, vapour billing software handles your entire restaurant operations on a single platform.


The Vyapar billing software offers multiple features:-

  • Create GST invoices, estimates of business, and quotations within a few seconds. Moreover, it allows you to send these invoices via software to WhatsApp and email.
  • It helps to track the customer’s order, ensuring that delivery and payments occur on time and that there are no invoicing errors.
  • It offers customization as it includes a professional invoice template.
  • You can manage expenses very easily. In addition, you can easily separate the payments that are receivable or payable.
  • This software easily manages multiple bank accounts for your business and generates delivery challans.
  • It offers high security on the data and has built-in data recovery software.

2. Gofrugal Restaurant Pos

GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS is a simple billing software that has simple restaurant management system solutions for restaurants, bars, and fine dining. Moreover, it operates on Windows and Android mobile platforms along with the GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS App.


The features of this software are:-

  • CRM
  • Banking integration
  • Customer management
  • Expense management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing and payment handling
  • Customizable invoice designer
  • Estimates and quotations with recurring invoice
  • Order management, product database, taxation management
  • Multi-user login and access control with payment gateway integration

3. Just Billing Restaurant Billing Software

Just Billing is a unique business restaurant solution for small and medium businesses. It is a very simple-to-use mobile app that doesn’t require any special skills to operate.

Features:- Just Billing restaurant billing software offers powerful features for operational efficiency. It offers:-

  • Accounting and CRM
  • Customer and document management
  • Expense management, along with inventory and financial management
  • Multi-account management with multi-user login access control
  • Quotation and estimation of finance
  • POS invoice

4. Poster Pos Restaurant Billing Software

Poster POS restaurant billing software is the best online billing software for restaurants. It is very easy to set up and allows access to finance, inventory, and statistics easily online.

Features:- Poster POS restaurant billing software comes with multiple features. It includes:-

  • Manage table, delivery, orders, billing, and menu.
  • Helps in online ordering
  • Table billing, along with online billing
  • Reports and analytics
  • Expiry management
  • Tips management
  • Separate checks

5. Fusionresto Billing Software For Restaurant

FusionResto is the online billing software for restaurants that simplifies your restaurant business and offers operational efficiency.

Features: It comes with innovative tools and advanced functions that offer various features. It includes

  • POS invoice and track sales
  • Manages the time and attendance of the staff
  • Calculate and keep track of costing
  • Reservation and management of tables
  • Processes Credit and gift cards easily
  • Multi-currency support and maintaining customer database
  • Manages payroll, inventory, staff, and orders from the restaurant

6. Tally Prime Billing Software For Restaurant

Tally Prime is the best management software for restaurant billing, inventory, banking, and payroll. Moreover, this is budget-friendly and popular management software for both small and medium restaurant businesses.

Features:- Tally Prime billing software comes with features that will make your restaurant operations very easy and convenient.

  • Audit trail
  • Accounting and asset management
  • Banking and barcode integration
  • Loan and advance management
  • Manages customers, finances, inventory, tables
  • Bonus, email integration, investment, customized invoices, payroll

7. Torqus Pos Restaurant Billing Software

Torqus POS billing software for restaurants streamlines your operations with efficiency. Moreover, the software is accessible in mobile and API and offers customization. It supports desktop platforms such as web apps and Windows.

Features: Torque POS offers multiple benefits to your restaurant. It includes

  • Point of sale
  • POS invoices
  • Tracks sales and orders
  • Maintain customer database
  • Estimates food and drinks costing
  • Track and secure payments
  • Notification through emails or phone SMS
  • Manage inventory, table, delivery, stock, and staff

8. Limetray Restaurant Management: Billing Software For Restaurant

Limetray is a simplified cloud-based POS restaurant billing software that comes with a simple user interface offering a better experience. Moreover, the software supports desktop platforms such as Mac OS and Windows. It arrives with the following software.

  • Online food ordering software
  • Restaurant POS software
  • Restaurant billing software
  • Bar POS software

Features:- It offers multiple benefits for your restaurant that include

  • User-friendly design enhancing customer experience.
  • The software is easy to set up. All you need to do is install it and log in, and the POS will be ready to use.
  • The software will work even if there are no internet services. In addition, it has an offline mode that allows you to punch in orders, download reports or store customer data without any inconvenience.
  • It allows you to monitor daily business reports and check how your business is doing on the central dashboard.

9. Mybillbook Billing Software For Restaurant

MybillBook is the best online billing software for restaurants. It offers GST billing and manages accounting and inventory for small- to medium-scale restaurant businesses. Moreover, the software is accessible from mobile and desktop platforms such as web apps, Mac OS, and Windows.

Features:- MybillBook comes with multiple features that make your restaurant outshine the rest in the market. It includes:-

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Email or SMS marketing
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Manage inventory, table, delivery, stock, orders, and staff
  • Billing and customized invoicing
  • Balance sheet and billing system
  • Quotation and estimation
  • Barcode scanning and compliance management

10. Eretail Cybertech Prana Pos Billing Software For Restaurant

Prana POS billing software for restaurants is a powerful cloud-based POS software that offers flexible and adaptable restaurant solutions. Moreover, the software is accessible through mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and eRetail Cybertech prana POS App. The desktop platform includes web apps and windows.

Features:- Prana POS billing software offers a series of features that benefit your restaurant:-

  • Purchase
  • Cloud computing
  • Customer support
  • Inventory control
  • Maintain customer database
  • Tracks consumption, sales, and orders
  • Multi-currency support and payment handling
  • Manages customer, inventory, vendor, warehouse, catalogue, table, stocks, staff.

11. Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software

Pelagian Restaurant billing software is the best software for restaurant billing, and it helps you manage your restaurant in a much better way. Moreover, the software is different from others as it allows you to make bills without a Kitchen Order Token (KOT) system for restaurants. However, it is not available on mobile platforms. Thus, it is only accessible through Windows desktop.


  • Management of customers, inventory, staff attendance, staff shifts, table, delivery, order, stock, vendor 
  • Food and beverage costing 
  • Maintain customer database 
  • Reservation and bookings 
  • Dashboard and POS 
  • Data import and export 
  • Online payment 
  • Tracks orders and deliveries.

12. Ciferon Billing Software For Restaurant

Ciferon is the best billing software for restaurant assistance to level up your productivity and reduce your expenses. Moreover, the software is accessible through mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Ciferon App. And desktop platforms such as web apps and Windows. It comes with a yearly subscription plan with a hybrid deployment.


  • Accounting, CRM
  • Tracks sales and orders
  • Estimation of costing
  • Multi-currency support and POS invoice
  • Manages customer, inventory, staff, payroll, production, survey, and front office.

13. Hdrestaurant Billing Software For Restaurant

HDRestaurant is an advanced billing software for restaurants that automates the business and makes easy operations. Moreover, the software is accessible on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. And on desktop platforms such as windows.


  • POS invoices and email template
  • CRM and accounting
  • Track sales and orders
  • Reservation and bookings
  • Calculate costing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Manages customer, inventory, staff, payroll, vendor, warehouse, and commission.

14. Ezee Burrp! Restaurant Pos

eZee BurrP is a comprehensive billing software for restaurants that streamlines all the major restaurant operations. Moreover, the software comes with a one-time License plan and is accessible on desktop Windows only.


  • Customer support 
  • Manages customer, inventory, payment, vendor, orders, table, staff, and stock. 
  • POS invoices 
  • Purchase and estimation of costing 
  • Multi-currency support 
  • Email and SMS marketing 
  • Process credit card and gift card 
  • Sales tracking

15. Horizon Erp Billing Software For Restaurant

Horizon ERP billing software for restaurants has complete operation solutions. It is fast, easy, and reliable software that is accessible through the Windows desktop platform.


  • Banking and barcode integration
  • Invoicing and multi-location support 
  • Multi-user login and access control 
  • Outstanding payment handling 
  • Product database 
  • Quotation and estimation
  • Manages customer, expenses, inventory, payment, purchasing, and taxation.

16. Posbytz Billing Software For Restaurant

PosBytz billing software for restaurants is a complete restaurant solution from setting up your business to managing inventory, sales, and reports. Moreover, the software is both mobile and desktop-supported. It is accessible through mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and PosBytz App. And desktop platforms such as Windows and Web apps.


  • Accounting and auto discount
  • Cloud computing
  • Barcode integration
  • Payment handling and POS invoice
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Vendor, customer, inventory, and purchase order management

17. Slickpos Billing Software For Restaurant

SlickPOS billing software for restaurants is a cloud-based software offering outstanding restaurant services, including invoice customisation, online table booking, and many more.


  • Manages cash, user, stock, table, orders, inventory, and customer
  • POS invoices and estimate costing
  • Maintain customer database and track sales
  • Tracks payment and print receipts
  • Export and import data

18. Touchbistro Billing Software For Restaurant

TouchBistro is the easy billing software for restaurants that is based on smart iPads. It features includes:-

  • Handle payment and print receipts
  • Reservation and bookings
  • Tracks sales and secure online Payment
  • Credit card and gift card processing
  • Management of customers, inventory, staff maintenance, payroll, table, and orders.

19. Dineplan Billing Software For Restaurant

DinePlan is the best online billing software for restaurants. It offers complete restaurant automation, enhancing customer experience and reducing costs.


  • Reports and analytics
  • Separate checks and split checks
  • Loyalty program support with online ordering
  • Manages customer, inventory, table, order, delivery, gift card, recipe, tips, and staff.

20. Alivenet Billing Software For Restaurant

Alivenet billing software for restaurants eases the billing process, enhancing productivity and preventing errors.


  • Online ordering and dashboard
  • Reports and analytics
  • Table and online billing
  • KOT management and managing inventory, table, billing, menu, and recipe.

Running a restaurant requires lots of inventory, and billing software is the most important part of it. However, the manual calculation is much more outdated and tedious, so it’s smart to have billing software that would enhance your restaurant’s productivity and level up customer experience. Thus, here are details of the top 20 billing software for restaurants that you could choose from and outshine your business among competitors.

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