Food Mixer Machine 10L


The Food Mixer Machine 10 Litre is a versatile and compact appliance designed to provide a reliable solution for professional chefs and commercial kitchens. Its gear drive transmission and adjustable speed settings ensure this mixer can be used in any situation. At the same time, its maximum flour capacity of 2.5kg makes it an invaluable addition to any cafe/restaurant.

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    Food Mixer Machine 10L


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      food mixer machine

      Food Mixer Machine 10L



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      Commercial Food Mixer Machine 10L

      Speed148/244/480 RPM
      Max. Flour
      2.5 Kg
      Warranty1 Year
      Size470x390x720 MM
      TransmissionGear Drive
      Capacity10 Litre
      600 W

      FAQ's About Food Mixer Machine 10L

      This mixer has three-speed settings of 148/244/480 RPM, allowing for adjustable mixing speeds depending on the task.

      While the Food Mixer Machine 10 Litre is suitable for various mixing tasks, it may not be ideal for heavy-duty mixing tasks requiring higher capacity and power.

      Best 10 Litre Food Mixer Machine

      If you are new to the food business or have a bustling restaurant and catering, then a 10 liter food mixer machine 10 liter is essential in your kitchen. Imagine your professional kitchen without a mixer machine; manual mixing would have to be performed, which may create havoc in the kitchen. In addition, it would add up the manual labor cost and take more time to complete.

      Moreover, a food mixer machine is a heavy mixer that manages a large amount of work in a short time. In addition, the mixer machine is best for your restaurant handling a large flow of customers as it can handle 10 litres of food items. Thus adding valuable contributions to the sale and profit of the business. In addition, the mixer offers 10 litres of bowl capacity that accommodates everything from mixing to whipping and more.

      Food Mixer Machine 10 Litre Benefits in Business

      A food mixer machine 10 litre is an efficient machine performing various recipes. Moreover, it is a powerhouse assistance in your kitchen and adds elegance. In addition, using a food mixer is very easy and reliable in improving the quality of the materials compared to manual mixing. It is well known that when the productivity and quality of food are better, there will be more sales and, thus, more profit.

      Moreover, there are various benefits of using a food mixer machine of 10 liter in your professional kitchen.

      Large Productivity – A food mixer machine of 10 litre is a heavy functioning machine accommodating large batches of food items. Moreover, its 10-liter bowl capacity is not less but sufficient in a professional kitchen, offering quality products after mixing. The better the mix, the better and faster the process of food making will be. And thus increasing productivity. In addition, the food business profits much more than before.

      Power and Efficiency – A food mixer machine 10 litre arrives with heavy motor power to operate such a large volume bowl with a large quantity of food. Moreover, the higher the power of the mixer, the higher the rpm, and the higher the speed that yields more food product in a short time. In addition, the mixer is more efficient than the domestic mixer machine with its different gear speed function, making your business outshine in the market.

      Durable and easy maintenance – A food mixer machine of 10 liters is built tough and durable to handle heavy work at regular intervals throughout the day. Moreover, the mixer machine bowl is light to lift easily yet strong enough to handle rough use. In addition, the machine is easy to use even if you have the busiest kitchen. You will get an automatic switch-off system in many models, making it simpler for the user.


      Introducing a food mixer machine 10 litre is a boon to professional chefs in a commercial kitchen. Moreover, if you are interested in buying the bakery mixer machine, there are a few points to remember.

      • Durability
      • Safety measures
      • Its size and capacity
      • Performance and efficiency
      • Cleaning and maintenance

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