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    western deep freezer hard top 103 liter
    Western 103 L Hard Top Single Door Convertible Deep Freezer Original price was: ₹19,999.00.Current price is: ₹14,200.00.

    Keep your food fresh and frozen, even in high ambient temperatures. This freezer’s hard top design ensures durability and reliability. Its spacious capacity of 103 liters provides ample storage for your frozen goods. Experience improved energy efficiency, allowing for optimal performance. Also, the quiet compressor operation ensures a peaceful environment.

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    western deep freezer 343 ltr
    Western Deep Freezer 343 L Double Door Original price was: ₹34,999.00.Current price is: ₹22,999.00.

    Introducing the Western Deep Freezer 343 L Double Door. With a high ambient, hard top design, this freezer ensures optimal performance at any temperature. It is safety-compliant and features improved energy efficiency for cost-saving operations. The quiet compressor provides a peaceful environment. Experience ample storage space with a gross volume of 343 liters.

Have you seen a big refrigerator in a shop and wondered why we don’t have this at home? These are not domestic but commercial refrigerators called Visi coolers. It means a visual cooler, a commercial refrigerator specially designed for the retail food business.

Moreover, being in the retail business, it’s necessary to display food items to attract customers without spoiling them. Thus, a Visi cooler serves the dual function of cooling the food at optimum temperature and visualizing the items to increase sales.

What is a Visi Cooler and its Types?

Visi coolers are upright refrigeration equipment in any commercial market for showcasing food products, attracting customers, and preserving their freshness.

Moreover, commercial Visi coolers offer uniform cooling, keeping temperatures between 1 and 10 degrees. These are vertical in height with double-layer vacuum glass doors aiding the product’s visibility to consumers and increasing sales.

In addition, these vacuum glass doors are durable, tough, and clear, ensuring the best view for customers. These doors make the cooler sturdy and robust machinery.

Furthermore, these commercial visi coolers have wire racks and gravity doors that protect the cooler from temperature loss. In addition, these coolers have LED lights, offering maximum visibility. The bottom of the cooler comes with wheels or castors, making them easy to transport wherever you want.

Generally, there are 3 Types of Visi Cooler

  1. Single Door Visi cooler: These models have a capacity of 100-700 litres. These are used in small stores or small business setups.
  2. Double Door Visi cooler: These models come with a capacity ranging between 600 and 1200 litres. These are best for businesses having a high demand for food storage.
  3. Triple Door Visi cooler: These models come with the capacity to store up to 1800 litres. However, it is not common and used in large commercial settings.

How Visi Coolers are Different From the Refrigerator

Visi cooler and refrigerator both serve to cool and store food items. But few things separate both of these. The purpose of both machinery makes them different, as one is designed for domestic use. The other one is for commercial use. The other differences are as follows.

Talking about refrigerators,

  • It is a household appliance that stores food items at optimum temperatures and keeps them fresh.
  • It has many compartments, including a freezer zone and a main compartment.
  • These refrigerators are for domestic purposes like at home, offices, small restaurants, and many food service places.
  • The refrigerator offers small storage space, having few compartments. It allows the storage of small amounts of food items.

Moving Forward to Visi Cooler

  • It is a commercial refrigeration unit that displays and chills food products such as beverages and others in commercial settings.
  • It comes with glass doors or panels, offering customers a clear view of products.
  • These are for commercial purposes like stores, supermarkets, and other places.
  • It offers large cabinets and enough storage to store large food items and fulfill the requirements of the food industry.

Visi Cooler vs Refrigerators

  • Cooling: – Commercial Visi cooler has the maximum cooling capacity of a domestic refrigerator. These coolers have a powerful compressor that maintains temperature after continuous door opening. Meanwhile, the household refrigerator will have less insulation and compressor power.
  • Power consumption: – Commercial Visi coolers generate more power than domestic refrigerators. The cooler comes with energy-saving technology. However, it consumes more electricity than that of the refrigerator.
  • Maintenance and repair: The refrigerator requires less maintenance than commercial coolers. In addition, coolers must go through annual servicing and maintenance for a better life. Household refrigerators save more money in terms of repair than coolers.

Benefits of Visi Cooler for Commercial Use

If you own a shop, cafe, or store and want to sell products that need cooling, then Visi Cooler is for you. This is an excellent choice for shop owners as it has numerous advantages that may be unknown to many. It includes:

  • Storage Solution: – Visi cooler is a big commercial cooler offering good options for storing products like drinks, beverages, dairy products, alcohol, and many other food items. In addition, if you are running a small retail setting, a single-door cooler is the best option.
  • Design: – The Visi cooler has a convenient design that looks decent and has optimum energy-saving features.
  • Uniform temperature and adjustable shelves: – Visi cooler comes with shelves that are easily adjusted as needed. For instance, you may adjust racks to create space if you want to store large bottles or big containers. In addition, it has a double-layer door, contributing to consistent temperature overall.
  • Transparent Glass offers great visibility: – if you aim to attract many customers and keep the stock fresh, the Visi cooler should be your must-buy. In addition, the cooler has clear transparent glasses, making it easy for buyers to choose. It also promotes impulse buying.
  • Double-layer vacuum glass door: – The cooler door is efficient enough to keep the temperature stable, allowing people to peek in and select whatever they want. In addition, the cooler comes with ventilation cooling technology. Thus giving maximum benefits to the shop owner to keep food fresh for longer.


Summing up the details, Visi coolers are refrigerators with intelligent functions that can cool the products and showcase them to customers. Having a Visi cooler for your shop is a smart choice as it uplifts the shop’s look and attracts customers to upgrade the sale.

Moreover, if you own a shop, store, or cafe, then underestimating the Visi cooler will affect the sales compared to your competitors owning one. As we all know, being in business always demands compact solutions and appliances, and the Visi cooler serves it all, making a huge profit.

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