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    sugarcane crusher machine
    1 HP Sugarcane Crusher Machine Original price was: ₹200,000.00.Current price is: ₹135,000.00.

    The majority of people in India consume sugarcane. Moreover, sugarcane juice gives multiple health benefits, such as immunity boosters, detoxifying the body, and improved digestion. And, to make sugarcane juice, you will need a sugarcane crusher machine.

  • New-32%Limited
    rigour sugarcane juice machine
    RIGOUR Sugarcane Juice Machine Original price was: ₹68,000.00.Current price is: ₹46,500.00.

    The sugarcane industry has grown tremendously over the years with the rise in the technology of sugarcane juice machines. Moreover, sugarcane juice has many health benefits, making it a popular drink in India. In addition, there are many sugarcane juice machines in the country that fulfill the demand of the sugarcane juice industry. Thus, the Rigour sugarcane juice machine is a must-have appliance if you are running a juice business and want the best quality machine.

Sugarcane Juice Machine

Sugarcane juice is the most common drink in India, which is enjoyed by the largest population in the country. Moreover, it is a healthy drink and has become so popular that the business of selling sugarcane juice is expanding everywhere in the country. And to extract the juice, there is a sugarcane juice machine available in the market.

Commercial Sugarcane Juice Machine

Moreover, when you visit any juice corner, you might have seen different types of machines to extract sugarcane juice. Earlier, there were complex machines. But, now, with time, there are so many advancements; new sugarcane juice machines are arriving in the market with the latest technology and better performances.

In addition, with the introduction of the sugarcane juice machine, there has been a great revolution in the sugarcane juice business. These machines are ruling the business with their great performance, large capacity to extract juice in less time, and many more.

3 Types of Sugarcane Juice Machine in India

Furthermore, the Sugarcane machine is used to extract sugarcane juice from its stalks efficiently and in less time. Thus, serving numerous customers in a short time. In addition, as the business is expanding exponentially, there is a huge demand for commercial sugarcane juice machines, resulting in different types of machines in the market competing with each other. Also, we have different brands like Rigour sugarcane juice machine, 1 hp sugarcane juice machine.

Moreover, talking about the type of sugarcane juice machine, there are mainly three different types of machines in the market.

Manual sugarcane juice machine: The machine works manually and thus, takes a longer duration to extract juice. It is best for domestic use or small-scale businesses like putting up small juice stalls.

Semi-automatic sugarcane juice machine: The machine comes with partial automation. It takes less time than a manual to extract juice but is more expensive as compared to a manual machine. Additionally, it is best for medium-sized businesses with a good amount of customer demand.

Automatic sugarcane juice machine: The machine comes with full automation and takes less effort to extract juice in less time than any other machine. In addition, it is best for large businesses with huge customer demand.

What is the Benefit of Having a Commercial Sugarcane Juice Machine?

Commercial sugarcane juice machines are making the sugarcane business reach new heights like any other food business. So, if you are running a juice business, or going to start a sugarcane juice, then it must have an appliance in your shop as there are many benefits to it.

Large capacity: Commercial sugarcane juice machines come with large capacities that can extract large amounts of juice in a given time. Thus, best for large-scale businesses with large customer flow. It reduces the need to extract juice multiple times to meet the customer’s demand.

Save time: Commercial sugarcane juice machines allow large amounts of juice extraction in less time. Thus, increasing the sales when there is huge demand.

Efficient and effortless: The sugarcane juice machine extracts juice from sugarcane stalks very easily and effortlessly unlike manual juice extraction. In addition, the machine consumes less energy, saving the cost in the long run and making it a profitable business.

Hygienic:  The machine is designed in such a way that it prevents contamination. Thus offering hygienic sugarcane juice to customers. Customers are always attracted to the places where they get quality and hygienic taste. Also, it is easy to clean after use.

Safe to use and maintain: Sugarcane juice machine allows simple functioning and does not require special skills to run. Moreover, it is safe to use in a busy environment as there is no place to get injuries or anything. In addition, its simple structure is easy to maintain after long use.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Sugarcane Juice Machine for Your Business?

The sugarcane juice machine is a remarkable game-changer in the sugarcane industry. Moreover, if you are in a business, then it is mandatory to have a high-quality machine. However, looking at the demand, there are numerous sugarcane juice machines in the market with features better than each other. Thus, there are a large number of options in the market to choose the best from the rest.

Moreover, there are a few important factors to consider before buying the best commercial sugarcane juice machine for your business.

  • Capacity:  If you have to run a large-scale business, then it’s crucial to have a large amount of juice production to meet the requirements. Thus, look for a large-capacity sugarcane juice machine for your business that will upgrade your business. However, if you have a small business, then it’s necessary to check the right capacity machine so that you don’t waste your money on large machines.
  • Size: Choosing the right size is important to process the proper functioning of the business. Moreover, every business has its demands. Thus, there are numerous sizes of machines fulfilling the needs. You need to look for the right size that could fit in your shop and it would be easy to move when needed.
  • Power: Commercial sugarcane juice machines have to deal with a large volume of work. So, it is necessary to have a high-power machine for your business. In addition, a high-power motor allows efficient juice extraction without any maintenance for long. Thus, if you want to choose the best sugarcane machine, then consider a powerful motor to fulfill the requirements of the business.
  • Material: Buying a machine is a long-term investment in a business as it is not a thing one can buy daily. Moreover, if you want your machine to be long-lasting, then it should have durable material so that it can handle large volumes of work. In addition, good material adds life to the machine. Thus, in search of the best commercial sugarcane juice machine, you should look for a machine with durable and robust material.
  • Easy to use and maintain: Customers are always attracted to clean and hygienic places to eat or drink juice. Moreover, regular cleaning is necessary if you are running a juice business. Thus, there are machines designed in such a way that it does not require skillful workers to clean and maintain. So, choose the sugarcane juice machine that can be easy to clean after use and save you time and effort in cleaning. It’s essential to check whether the machine you are buying is user-friendly or requires some technical information to use and maintain.
  • Budget:  Planning a budget to buy an appliance is important in business as it helps to decide exactly how much to spend. Moreover, various machines with different features are varying on price range. However, commercial sugarcane juice machine price depends on the quality of the machine you are choosing for your business. And, considering it a one-time investment, it’s best to spend a little more on machines as high-quality machines are expensive.
  • Warranty: Looking for a warranty on the machine is important as it saves you money if it needs maintenance. In addition, these are heavy-duty machines that are more prone to damage. Thus, it’s smart to look for a maximum warranty period sugarcane juice mixer machine.


The sugarcane industry is growing with an increase in technology in the sugarcane juice machine. With lots of health benefits, the business in extracting sugarcane juice commercials is attracting a large number of customers. Moreover, if you need to buy a machine from Hadala Kitchen because we have a wide range of sugarcane juice machines, you can also compare rates because we have verified sellers.

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