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    5 litre planetary mixer
    Planetary Mixer Machine 5 litre Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹17,500.00.

    The Planetary Mixer Machine 5L is an essential piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Its compact size makes it easy to move and store, while its durable, reliable design with stainless steel construction and electric power source will ensure long service life. With a 5-litre capacity, it can mix various types of dough without any problems. The Planetary Mixer Machine is ideal for bakeries and restaurants because of its versatility and durability.

Planetary Mixer Machine

If you are already in the food business or starting a new cake shop, you must have heard the importance of having a planetary mixer machine. There are other types of mixers, too, but planetary mixer machines suit the business most.

Moreover, the commercial planetary mixer machine is a mixing machine that rotates in planetary motion. This mixing motion is different from another mixer machine. Thus, it offers a thorough and efficient mixing of food ingredients.

Furthermore, a planetary mixer machine is commonly used to frost, make dough, and make other thick batters. In addition, they have attachments that perform chopping or grinding vegetables, fruits, and meat. They have attachments such as a dough hook, mixing paddle, and whisk permite.

  • A dough hook is used for kneading dough for bread, cake, pizza, and more.
  • A mixing paddle is used for mixing creams, cakes, and more.
  • Whisk permite beats whipped cream, mayonnaise, soft cream, egg whites, and more.

Benefits of Commercial Planetary Mixer Machine

The commercial planetary mixer machine offers many advantages over other types of mixers. Thus, it makes the best choice for a commercial kitchen.

  • Durable and robust.
  • It reduces waste material and, thus, saves money.
  • It has very low maintenance and reduces wear and tear, unlike others.
  • It performs multiple functions as it has multiple attachments.
  • Results of effective mixing of the food.
  • Reduces manual labor costs and mixing time.
  • Easy to clean after work and create less mess.
  • The planetary mixer machine easily handles any material to make an ideal mixture.
  • It can use interchangeable utensils, allowing the making of various products.

Tips to Know Before Buying a Planetary Mixer Machine

Many types of mixers are used in the baking industry, including spiral mixers, horizontal mixers, and planetary mixer machines. However, choose the type of mixer per your business’s needs. Moreover, you must consider a few necessary points to buy a commercial planetary mixer machine for your kitchen.

  • Type and attachments: Planetary mixer has multiple attachment sets that provide multiple functions. However, choose the mixer type per your kitchen needs and invest in the right direction.
  • Capacity: Planetary mixers, including small and large models, come in different sizes. Thus, choose the right size as per the requirements of your kitchen. In addition, if the kitchen requires a small amount of dough or batter, buying a large-capacity mixer is a waste of money.
  • Budget: Budget is the most important point to consider before buying the mixer. Moreover, commercial planetary mixers are available in different price ranges, offering services according to budget. However, deciding on a budget is necessary if you plan to buy a mixer. Thus, choose the mixer that fits your budget the best. However, you need to buy cheap mixers to be able to perform heavy-duty mixing. And, if you are looking for a heavy-duty and long-lasting mixer, you need to invest more.
  • Multifunction: A commercial planetary mixer machine is available in the market with different features offering multiple functions. However, the range of features you get depends on how much of the budget you spend on the mixer.

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