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    Vertical Display Counter
    Vertical Display Counter (Black Colour Coated) Original price was: ₹155,000.00.Current price is: ₹135,000.00.

    Display counters play a major role in the food business as they are multifunctional. Moreover, if you own a food business, it is important to keep your shop updated with all the equipment to compete in the market. In addition, to keep food clean and fresh, there is now a black color coated vertical display counter in the market, which every business owner must have.

Best Food Display Counter

Doesn’t it look good when you have the entire thing set systematically around you? Of course, we love to work when all things are set perfectly. The same is the concept of food display counters. They not only give a better look but also attract more customers to enjoy your serving. Their mobility features make it a better choice to work with. No matter if you are running a small stall or maybe a bakery shop or a quality restaurant we all require food display counters in your stores.

Stainless Steel Food Display Counter

Many people do complain about the quality of food display counters but no worry guys as we manufacture stainless steel food counters that are more durable, convenient to use, and come with easy cleaning features. A quality product designed to hold good quantity. A team of highly professional and skilled designers takes care of the units and the work we do. So, no worries for now, and just do checkout amazing food counters that are easy to handle and function.

Food Display Counters Price

Display Counter Specification Price
Pizza Counter 240 Litres Rs. 70000
Ice Cream Counter 0-10 Degree C Rs. 9000
L Shape Display Counter 3/4 Shelves Rs. 8500/Feet
Bain Marie Counter 50-100 kg Rs. 27000

Our Discoveries

We have gathered the complete information about food display counters for instance how they work, what are the strengths, and most importantly where it lags. After gathering the entire information about its goods and bad we have realized that there are some loopholes that we need to cover and then we manufacture our product.

With the team of experts, we have designed some products that are l shape display counter, pizza counters. We have also manufactured bain Marie counter, pav bhaji counters, pani-puri & bhel counters, and chaat display counters.

Coming to the colder range we have a cold display counter, sweet display counter, bakery display counter, cake display counter, pastry counters, and Ice cream display counters. All these products are made with glass walls and have proper lighting inside them and the best part is they can be cleaned easily.

PROS of Food Display Counters

The best part of these display counters is that they are good to store things easily and give an attractive look. There are countless advantages of display counters that we need to take into consideration. Some few of them are:

  • Space efficient
  • Easy to manage
  • Low maintenance
  • More durable
  • Gives a modern outlook
  • Mobility feature
  • Increases lifetime
  • Keeps food fresh and safe
  • Free from dirt and dust
  • Hygienic
  • And a lot more

What Does the Food Counters Represent

1. Freshness

Nowadays, people want to watch their food getting cooked. The Food counter represents a symbol of freshness to your consumers as they watch. This works great if you have a salad or sandwich food counter. Also, if you have your stall or shop directly facing the sun, then the food counter will keep your salads and vegetables fresh in the freezer, ultimately leading to their freshness.

2. Display of Art

Food is the closest thing when it comes to art. Also, cooking is a work of passion and storytelling. This will ensure that the food that is being cooked follows a particular recipe, just like any story. The transparency and authenticity between the diner and you will enhance their experience of eating. So, don’t hesitate to contact us further for a commercial food display counter.

3. New Trends

In social media, the most trending reels are food vlogs. In these vlogs, the watcher can see the food being cooked and how it is made. There is a practical experience involved where one feels the urge to visit the place mentioned in the reel. So, to follow up with the trend, you must get on with your Food Display Counters and call up some influencers.

There are different types of Display Counters:

  1. Bain Marie Counter
  2. Bakery Display Counter
  3. Cake Display Counter
  4. Chaat Display Counter
  5. Cold Display Counter
  6. Ice cream Display Counter
  7. L Shape Display Counter
  8. Pani Puri & Bhel Counter
  9. Pastry Counter
  10. Pav Bhaji Counter
  11. Pizza Counter
  12. Sweet Display Counter

You can choose any from the above, and at this Food display counter, you will get a 1-year Warranty. Each comes with unique configurations. Where the Ice Cream counter comes with 220 V + 0-10 Degree Celsius temperature modulation. And on the other side, the Pastry counter comes with 2 shelves and 115 volts. Also, if you are keen on selling Pani Puri, then your Food counter will be multi-functional, you can sell any chaat with this counter.

And just from the range of 8,000/- to 90,000/- you can find the best commercial food display counter at Hadala Kitchen Equipment.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your shop or restaurant, it is a must that you get a commercial food display counter. We are very easily reachable. You can give us your name, email address, phone number, state details, and the query you want us to answer. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. Or if you wish, you can visit us in Delhi too. We will be happy to serve you.

Why do we need them?

During older days when technology has not reached this extent, people used to cover the food items using the net. However, it was covered yet uncovered for flies and dirt and dust particles. Food items also get spoiled within a day or some hours which causes a great loss.

Hence, here comes the modern solution for older problems. To avoid these circumstances we have manufactured a product that can keep your food preserve for some extra days and free from all the dirt. It is more hygienic and gives a better look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Display Counters

1. What is the best way to maintain Food display counters?

The best way is to ensure that you take care and sanitize your counters every day.

2. I am a small business; can I still get a food display counter?

Food Display counter is available for all big or small businesses. You can contact our team; we will guide you.

3. What will happen if my counter breaks within a year?

Due to the stainless steel design, the wear and tear is minimal but you still get 1 year warranty on it.

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