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    four door refrigerator
    Four Door Refrigerator Original price was: ₹100,000.00.Current price is: ₹99,999.00.

    Four Door Refrigerator is the ultimate solution for your kitchen needs. With its sleek stainless steel construction and a capacity of 20 Kg, this refrigerator is designed to meet the demands of a busy restaurant environment. Its semi-automatic functionality ensures ease of use, while the 100% Copper Winding Motor guarantees superior performance and longevity.

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    two door refrigerator
    Two Door Refrigerator Original price was: ₹59,000.00.Current price is: ₹48,800.00.

    A Two Door Refrigerator is a refrigerator that has two separate compartments for storing food items. These compartments have separate doors, which make it easy to access the items without disturbing the other compartment. This type of refrigerator is widely used in restaurants and food service businesses as it offers ample space for storing food items, including beverages.

The King of every kitchen is the Refrigerator. Every time we set up or renovate our commercial kitchen the very first thing that we plan to buy is the refrigerator. Directly from your fridge door to the glass, serve the chilled beverages, and drink to your customers.

There are a handful of varieties available in the freezers and refrigerators range. Pick up which is compatible with your desire. But before, let us introduce you to the Hadala Kitchen where machines are manufactured to provide comfort to you. The commercial refrigerators manufactured by us are available in a wide range.

Commercial Refrigerator Price in India

Machine Capacity Price
Single Door 400 L Rs. 39999
Two Door Refrigerator 500-600 L Rs. 47990
Four-Door Refrigerator 1100 L Rs. 125000
Commercial Freezer 1000 L Rs. 155000

As the need varies the type of refrigerators varies too. Therefore we are up with diverse refrigerators and freezer range to serve your customers with the most hygienic and fresh foods and beverages. The commercial refrigerators come with advanced technology and give a furnished and stylish look to your restaurant and bakery shop. In addition to this, it is more durable and safe to use. And the best part is it consumes less energy.

Best Refrigerators & Freezers

Hadala is the most leading company that manufactures a complete range of all kitchen equipment from start to end, from basic appliances to bigger machines. For every food style, we have a couple of pieces of equipment and this time is the commercial refrigerator. Before manufacturing even the slightest item we study everything about it completely. After gathering the complete knowledge of the product we begin manufacturing the equipment.

So with a team of experts, we have manufactured two-door refrigerators and four door refrigerator. These commercial refrigerators use advanced cooling technology, hold a lot of items, and preserve food items for long hours. It consumes low energy and is easy to maintain. Serve the best of your product with us.

Qualities of Commercial Refrigerators

Our commercial refrigerators have many good qualities that you all are looking for. Along with durability and cooling technology, there are many other qualities that our refrigerators offer.

Quickly check out them

  • Preserves food for longer hours
  • Good Space
  • Consumes lesser energy
  • Advance Cooling technology
  • Stylish outlook
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe to use
  • Less maintenance
  • And a lot more

Do You Need A Commercial Refrigerator?

Refrigerators have the most important role to play in any kind of shop or supermarket. As the restaurants prepare a lot of food that needs to be stored and preserved. To keep food fresh for longer hours and serve the chilled drinks and beverages to your customers you will need a refrigerator. You can store a bulk of food items easily and efficiently in it.

Purchase the Best Commercial Refrigerator for a Restaurant

Our role is to serve you with a high-quality product for your restaurant. We built equipment to raise more profit for our customers. Our motto is to serve our customers with heavy-duty material so that it can work effortlessly and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The products raised by us are designed to work in extreme conditions so you won’t get any complaints from them. Hadala kitchen equipment is known for its quality.


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