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    electric pizza oven
    Electric Pizza Oven Original price was: ₹125,000.00.Current price is: ₹103,000.00.

    An Electric Pizza Oven is a specialized oven used for baking pizzas. This type of oven uses electricity, with various heating elements used to cook the pizza. The Electric Pizza Oven is easy to use and offers consistent results for making pizzas. It is an essential kitchen tool for pizzerias and restaurants that offer pizzas as part of their menu. The Electric Pizza Oven benefits businesses as it increases productivity, allowing for the production of multiple pizzas at once.

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    Pizza Oven Gas
    Pizza Oven Gas Original price was: ₹145,000.00.Current price is: ₹128,000.00.

    Pizza Oven Gas is a clean and efficient gas mixture of propane and butane powering pizza ovens. It produces a high and consistent heat output, allowing for quick and even cooking of pizzas. This gas is preferred over other fuel types for pizza ovens because it burns cleanly and is easy to use.

Preparing a perfect slice of pizza needs a good oven. It is very essential to baking pizzas at the right temperature otherwise your pizza will burn and become stiff and hard. The pizza needs to be baked inside the commercial pizza oven to get the stretchy cheese layers and the perfect topping evolving complete flavors.

Now, as the market has a variety of ovens to offer, most of the customers get confused and buy a low-quality product. Therefore, we have designed our products so well that their appearance can just make you believe that.

Commercial ovens manufactured by us are more durable, safe to use, come with modern technology, and are very easy to use. Our prime concern is to manufacture a safe and quality product for our users. Hereupon, we design our commercial pizza oven that is helpful for the customers and adds more taste to your pizza. The perfect partner to bake the perfect pizza is right here.

Art about Pizza

Pizza making is all about the work of Art. The right amount of cheese, ingredients, butter, and correct heat will get your pizza bread soft on the top and crusty on the bottom. This is only achievable if the pizza oven you are using is going to help you in making a rightly baked pizza.

This process not only decides how your pizza will come out but also determines how much profit you are going to make serving this kind of pizza. And with an adjustable temperature pizza oven, you can cook multiple pizzas simultaneously. Also, as you know, versatility is the heart of any chef, with our oven, you be able to satisfy your chefs too!

Purchase the Best Commercial Pizza Oven for Your Bakery or Restaurant

As the demands keep on changing we have manufactured both power sourced ovens i.e. the electric and gas ovens. Many customers work with the gas ovens while some request for the electric one. Therefore, we have both of the two ovens available. We manufacture electric pizza oven and pizza oven gas.

It’s up to what you want. We also have some customized pizza ovens. Our motto is to serve our customers with the best quality product without giving any dents to their pockets. Hereupon, we manufacture the entire range of restaurant products that will serve our customers with the best quality.

Commercial pizza ovens designed by us use heavy-duty material that can withstand the requirements of the restaurants. The ovens are designed after understanding the requirements of the restaurants. Therefore, you will never receive any complaints about our product.

Select the conveyor pizza oven according to your requirements. We are here to help you with this.

PROS of Commercial Pizza Ovens

There are tons of benefits to commercial pizza ovens. Let us have a glance over them.

  • Quality
  • Comes with modern technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Space Efficient
  • Gives a modern outlook
  • Easy to work with
  • Long working life
  • Easy to operate
  • And a lot more

Commercial Pizza Oven Price in India

Machine Capacity Price
Electric Pizza Oven 4 – 8 Pizza Rs. 42000
Pizza Oven Gas 2.0 – 4.0 Rs. 150,000
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven 4.0 Rs. 75000
Two Deck Pizza Oven 2.0 Rs. 120000

Hadala Kitchen Equipment Pizza Ovens:

1. Conveyor Pizza Oven

If you are facing a large amount of crowd regularly, you need to get your pizza baked faster. This conveyor pizza oven does this job perfectly. All you need to do is get your toppings on the pizza dough and the conveyor belt will bring that to the heating chamber, after which your pizza will come out with that golden crust on the bottom. Our Pizza oven has a double deck, so now you can get multiple pizzas ready. And it is completely electric.

2. Electric Pizza Oven

Afraid of your pizza getting burned because of overcooking pizza ovens? Now, with an Electric Pizza oven, you can get the perfect heat to cook pizzas and satisfy your customers. Also, this oven comes with a 100% copper winding motor, which means you can save energy and avoid the risks of wear and tear. And if you are worried about carrying this 125 kg oven around, don’t worry, this oven comes with wheels on the bottom, so now you can put it anywhere in your kitchen.

3. Pizza Oven Gas

If you are finding the right heat for the chamber of your oven, always prefer propane and butane-powered ovens, as they provide the right amount of heat rapidly. And because of this consistent heating technique, it is easier to cook quicker. Also, you will be able to control the heat in your commercial pizza oven. It has the power of 2 horsepower and runs on 230 to 110 volts.

You can choose any of the above ovens and we will make sure that it meets your needs. Our oven also deals with your power consumption and work efficiency. So to increase your speed, you need a good heating chamber and an oven that gives you a good result

So, a pizza is not just about baking, it is also about craftsmanship and more importantly, handling it delicately. And if you have any questions regarding oven working, we are happy to answer everything. You can also check commercial pizza oven in saudi arabia.

Why Do We Need It?

Some basic food items are available in every food restaurant. One of them is Pizza. Pizza is in great demand and for that, you will require an oven to give it a perfect taste. When it comes to buying pizza ovens we first need to understand the specification, which size, and many more. To solve your problem we have various sizes of pizza ovens available.

With the help of such pizza ovens, you can serve the perfect pizza which the customer demands. Many restaurant owners try to escape the ovens and use some other methods but it won’t help them. The pizza ovens manufactured by us are very durable and easier to function. Therefore it will be easier for you to work and serve the best pizzas in your store.

Frequently Asked Question about Pizza Oven

Q1. What is the best type of oven for cooking pizzas?

There are 4 Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens:-

  • Brick Ovens
  • Pizza Deck Ovens
  • Pizza Convection Ovens
  • Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Q2. How hot does a pizza oven get?

700 to 800 degrees

Q3. What other can be cooked in a pizza oven?

  • Rib-eye steaks
  • Barbeque ribs
  • Barbecued Sardines
  • Beer Can Chicken
  • Corn On The Cob
  • Roast Turkey
  • And many more.

Q4. How long time does it take for the commercial oven to get hot?

Pre-heat the oven before opening the restaurant.  Pizza ovens will reach 450°C in just 10–15 minutes.

Q5. How do I save power while operating the oven?

Our oven comes with a 100% copper winding motor, which is bound to save you tons of energy.

Q6. Which oven is best for a restaurant?

If you run a restaurant, then choose our double-decker conveyor pizza oven. This also gives you a chance to experiment with new flavors.

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