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    commercial mixer grinder for hotels
    Mixer Grinder for Hotels 15,000.00

    The Commercial Mixer Grinder for Hotels is a powerful machine designed to make cooking more efficient. A Mixer grinder has a capacity of 2.5 liters; it can mix and grind vast quantities of food on a single use, saving time and effort. The stainless steel material ensures durability and easy cleaning. With a weight of 21 kg, this mixer grinder is perfect for hotel kitchens.

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Best Commercial Mixer Grinders

Being Indian, we all have a different sense of taste depending on the area where we live. And, to fulfill all the taste senses, there are numerous eatery businesses running around. But, have you wondered about the machinery behind all these tastes and efforts of any restaurant?

A commercial mixer grinder is essential for your kitchen if you are running any eatery business in its juice and smoothies shop or any restaurant. Moreover, these commercial mixer grinders offer easy kitchen operations with very low maintenance.

Commercial Mixer Grinder Operations

Mixer grinders are an essential part of the daily kitchen. Moreover, its demand is even more in commercial kitchens like restaurants. Commercial mixer grinders help save time in the rush and make the work easy and sufficient.

In early times, when technology was blooming, and grinders were not introduced, people used to grind using stones. That would take much time and effort. However, introducing the mixer grinder was a relief for people working in the kitchen daily.

Moreover, those household mixer grinders were inefficient enough to fulfill the commercial requirements. Thus, the commercial mixer grinder came into action, giving a modern solution.

Furthermore, commercial mixer grinders play a vital role in every delicious cuisine we eat.

  • Dry Grinding: The mixer grinder allows grinding without water. It includes rice, dry red chili, pepper, roasted coffee, seed, sugar, masala for curry, and others.
  • Wet Grinding: This is done for items that include soaked rice, grams, pulses, and other wet food items.
  • Mincing: It includes ginger, onion, garlic, and more.
  • Pulping: It is carried in tomato, mango, pineapple, other fruits, ginger, garlic, green leaves, and more.
  • Mixing: It mixes semi-liquid food items, crushes the material, and grinds it quickly.

Moreover, if you want to own a commercial mixer grinder for your business, consider a few things. Investing in the best appliances will enhance your commercial kitchen efficiency without wasting money and time. In addition, numerous companies manufacture several mixer grinders in the market. So, it’s crucial to know all your requirements before buying one.

  • Power

Before buying the mixer grinder, decide how much work you have in your kitchen. The more amount of work, the more influential the grinder you need for your commercial setting. A mixer with high power usage will make your kitchen process smoother and more efficient. A power mixer grinder offers higher speeds for grinding tough ingredients in larger batches. Thus, it saves time and gives better results than low-power grinders.

  • Material

Different materials of mixer grinder depend upon the usage, such as nylon, plastic, stainless steel, and polycarbonate. Thus, before buying one, know the work demands of your kitchen to avoid buying the wrong one

  • Size

The right size of the appliance allows for efficient functioning. For instance, if you have more food items to grind, but the jar size is small, it would be difficult for workers to work efficiently. Thus, to have a hassle-free work experience in your kitchen, buy the right size of mixer grinder

  • Appliance Protection

Commercial mixer grinders are for heavy workflow, and hours of use may heat the appliance to prevent overheating and short circuits. There are overheating protectors built into grinders.

  • Budget

Different mixer grinders are available at different price ranges. Some grinders are very expensive, and some are cheap, depending on the quality and build. Moreover, choosing your hotel mixer grinder within the budget you can afford is necessary for your business. It’s not advisable to spend a large amount of your budget on this. However, this is an essential kitchen appliance, so compromising on this also seems wrong.

Types of Mixer Grinder in Bakery

There are different types of mixer grinders depending on the business you have. If you own a bakery business, there are two common commercial mixer grinders.

  • Planetary Mixers: It is best for blending cookies, kneading heavy dough, slicing vegetables, and chopping other products. Moreover, it is the most versatile mixer grinder, allowing the bakers to try items other than traditional food items.
  • Spiral Mixers: It is usually for kitchens and bakers, more into breads, pizza, and bagels. In addition, it is best to mix dough at the proper consistency, ensuring the best bread.

Essential Maintenance Tips For Mixer Grinder

If you are buying a high-budget mixer grinder, maintaining it to have smooth functions is necessary. Here are a few tips you must consider:

  • Oil the moving parts 
  • Use the right attachment  
  • Don’t overload the mixer 
  • Ensure proper adjustment of agitator height 
  • Ensure the grinder stays dry 
  • Replace if there is a leak 
  • Unplug the grinder when not in use 
  • Use the mixer as per its intended purpose. Do not use beyond its capacity.

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