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    gelato machine Batch Freezer
    Batch Freezer Gelato Ice Cream Original price was: ₹250,000.00.Current price is: ₹138,000.00.

    The Batch Freezer Gelato Ice Cream machine is specialized equipment for making high-quality gelato ice cream. The machine works by freezing and mixing the ingredients to create a smooth and creamy texture. It is ideal for small-scale or artisanal ice cream production, as it allows for precise control over the freezing process and ensures consistent results. With its compact size and user-friendly features, the Batch Freezer Gelato Ice Cream machine is popular among gelato makers.

Commercial Gelato Ice Cream Machine

The most trending in the range of ice cream is the gelato ice cream. Its smooth, creamy texture just tastes wow. Finding that perfect consistency needs a perfect gelato ice cream machine therefore we are up with the machine.

The gelato ice cream is also a frozen dessert just like ice cream with the only difference that the gelato ice cream is fluffier than the normal US ice cream and is made of milk mostly instead of cream. And because of its soft creamy texture, it is the most favorite choice of the public nowadays.

So, if you too are looking for that perfect scoop of ice-cream for your restaurant then the gelato ice cream machine manufactured by us is designed to give you the perfect taste that you are looking forward to. The Gelato Natural Ice Machines gives you the finest peaks to your ice-cream and is very good in taste.

Get the Best Gelato Ice Cream Machine Price in India

Machine Capacity Price
Gelato Ice Cream 20-30 L/H Rs. 99,999
Fried Ice Machine 18-22 L/H Rs. 85,000
Softy Floor Model Ice Cream 18-22 L/H Rs. 155,000
Batch Freezer Gelato Ice Cream 20 L/H Rs. 60,000

We Manufacture Automatic Gelato Ice Cream Machine

Hadala’s Kitchen equipment manufactures a wide range of kitchen equipment. So, in the range of kitchen equipment, we have also manufactured the commercial ice cream machines that will fit in your restaurant easily. If you are running an ice cream parlor or a restaurant or hotel our Gelato Ice Cream Maker is perfect for you. The Gelato Ice Cream Machine manufactured by us is named Batch Freezer Gelato Ice Machine.

The Gelato Ice cream maker design by us is made of stainless steel and is more durable. It comes with good technology and is easier to operate. You don’t have to bother much related to its working. Just use the machine and it will give you the soft peaks automatically that you needed.

Qualities of Gelato Ice Cream Machine

The gelato Ice Cream Machines have many features. With the rise in its demand, the ice cream machine is also designed so that it can be simpler to work with. It will consume your extra effort. Let us check out the qualities of the Gelato Ice Cream Machine.

  • Uses modern technology
  • Provides multiple features
  • Heavy Duty product
  • Long-lasting Freezing property
  • Reduces manual work
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Handle
  • Less Maintenance
  • And many more

Why do we need it?

To prepare the perfect scoop of gelato ice cream with the exact taste, the restaurant has to buy a gelato Ice Cream Machine to get the original texture. Therefore it is necessary to buy the machine. We understand that customer satisfaction is way too necessary. If you perform the manual work on such a large scale than getting the perfect ice cream is not at all possible so it’s better to buy the gelato natural ice cream machine.

The machine manufactured by us is made of good quality products so do not worry about the quality. It is very easy to use and gives a modern look to your restaurant kitchen. Serve the customers with the premium taste that your restaurant offers. So buy the finest ice cream maker with us.

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