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    Glass Washing Machine Original price was: ₹180,000.00.Current price is: ₹160,000.00.

    Machinery in the restaurant business is very useful for enhancing efficiency and customer experience. Moreover, numerous pieces of equipment work together in harmony to create a successful restaurant business.

    However, if you are running a restaurant, it is important to always keep hygiene in mind. Thus, a Glass washing machine is necessary for the restaurant where glasses are commonly used.

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    Undercounter Dishwasher Original price was: ₹260,000.00.Current price is: ₹230,000.00.

    Hygiene is the first thing you should be concerned about as a restaurant owner. Moreover, people like visiting places again. You offer hygienic customer service with good food. So, whether you are in a small food business or a bustling restaurant, you must have dishwashing equipment.
    However, if you don’t want to spend much space on this, then an undercounter dishwasher would be best for you.

Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Ready to elevate your restaurant’s hygiene and efficiency? Enter the world of commercial dishwashing equipment. Discover how these tools revolutionize restaurant operations, from spotless cutlery to streamlined workflows.

Whether launching a new restaurant venture or managing an established eatery, the right dishwashing equipment can make all the difference.

What Is Dishwashing Equipment?

Maintaining hygiene is always the prime concern if you are starting a restaurant business or running a bustling food business. So, owning commercial dishwashing equipment becomes important.

Moreover, the dishwashing equipment washes the dishes and utensils on a large scale in less time. In addition, for restaurants with heavy workflow, dishwashers have become a necessity.

What Is The Need For Commercial Dishwashing Equipment?

Being in the restaurant business, it’s important to showcase various cutleries. And when you have a high customer flow, washing these cutleries becomes a task and takes a lot of time. Thus, there we need commercial dishwashing equipment.

However, there are various reasons that any food business needs dishwashing equipment.

  • Excellent customer service: Manual cleaning takes time and slows the operation rate. Thus, dishwashing equipment saves you time by washing all the dishes and offers excellent customer service.
  • Hygienic environment: Customers are attracted to restaurants that maintain hygiene. Unlike manual cleaning, dishwashing removes the bacteria and ensures you serve it in hygienic dishes. In addition, the dishwasher removes microorganisms by washing dishes at high temperatures and guarantees hygienic results.
  • Reduces wastage: Dishwashing equipment washes the dishes better than manual while minimizing the wastage of water, detergents, and energy. Thus, it saves money in the long run.
  • Cost-effective: Using a dishwashing machine lowers the requirement of extra labor for cleaning. Thus, it saves your labor costs. Also, it is energy efficient.
  • Less time-consuming: The dishwasher washes your dishes faster and dries the dishes inside, reducing the time. Thus, you can serve more people in less time, which benefits the sales of the business.
  • Mess-free kitchen: Working in a clean kitchen positively impacts people. The dishwasher makes your kitchen clean without messing with plates and utensils in the working area.

Types Of Commercial Dishwashing Equipment 

Over the years, the food business has emerged significantly, and dishwashing equipment has become more important.

Moreover, different types of dishwashing equipment are available to meet the food business’s needs. These are:-

  1. Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher

This is a small, compact-size dishwasher, just like a domestic dishwasher. Moreover, they have a faster rate of washing dishes than domestic. However, they have less washing capacity than other commercial dishwashing equipment.

Thus, this dishwasher is best for small restaurants, food courts, cafés, small canteens, and food places in smaller areas.

  1. Door Or Hood Commercial Dishwasher

This type of Commercial dishwashing equipment is larger than the under counter dishwasher and has a large capacity. In addition, they are best for large commercial kitchens as they can wash many more dishes and come with safety switch features.

However, this dishwasher uses more water and detergents than other dishwashing machines.

  1. Rack Or Conveyor Dishwasher

This type of commercial dishwashing equipment is heavy-duty and is the largest of all the dishwashing equipment in the industry. Moreover, they are bigger and have more capacity to wash dishes.

It has a conveyor belt to channel the washing dishes into the washing chamber. It takes a lot more space and, thus, is best for large-scale food businesses with large kitchens and heavy customer flow.

  1. Glasswashers

These are special commercial glass washing machine that only wash glasses or glass dishes. In addition, the equipment can clean over 1000 glasses per hour. Moreover, it is best for a food business to have more glasses, such as wineries, bars, coffee shops, etc.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Any food business is successful not only because of good food or good interiors, but every small thing together makes any business reach its heights. Having good commercial dishwashing equipment is one of them.

However, looking at the demand, numerous dishwashers are in the market, and it is confusing which one will be best for your business. Thus, here are a few factors to consider before buying dishwashing equipment and investing your money in the right place:-

  • Type of commercial dishwashing equipment

There are different types of dishwashers for other businesses. Thus, buy the dishwasher that suits your business requirements. In addition, you may choose automatic, semi-automatic, and manual dishwashers.

  • Size and capacity

Buy the dishwasher that fits your kitchen space. In addition, it’s necessary to look at how much dishwasher capacity you need for your commercial kitchen.

  • Material of dishwashing equipment

Before buying the dishwasher, check whether the dishwasher has a steel tube or a plastic tube. Steel tubes are expensive but are durable for the long run. Plastic tubes are cheaper but hide water stains better than steel tubes. Thus, choose according to your requirements.

  • Wash cycle duration

Different dishwashers come with different wash cycle durations. Thus, buy one that fulfills your commercial kitchen needs.

  • Energy efficient

Choose dishwashing equipment that consumes less energy and reduces water wastage. Thus, it saves money in the long run.

  • Easy to clean and maintain: 

Dishwashers are appliances that are used regularly. Thus, it should be easy to clean and require less maintenance. Moreover, make sure you buy dishwashing equipment that is easy to use and does not require any specific skills.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Dishwashing Equipment
  1. What is the use of dishwashing equipment in restaurants?

Dishwashing equipment functions to wash dirty dishes such as plates, utensils, cookware, and others in less time and effort. Thus enhancing better customer experience. In addition, the dishes are kept inside the dishwasher and sprayed with water and detergents to rinse them.

  1. Does dishwashing equipment in restaurants remove all bacteria and give hygienic results?

Dishwashing equipment with a separate sanitizing feature sterilizes the dishes and is washed at a water temperature higher than 65 degrees for five minutes to remove all the bacteria. However, the other normal dishwashers clean the dishes properly but do not remove all bacteria.

  1. How is it different than a domestic dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashing equipment has a larger capacity than the domestic dishwasher. Moreover, the commercial dishwasher takes less washing time and thus washes more dishes in a given time than that of the domestic dishwasher.

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