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    double tank deep fryer
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    Deep frying is a common practice in Indian kitchens, whether domestic or commercial. Moreover, deep-fried foods are liked by everyone, whether they are fritters for elders or French fries for children. In addition, looking at the demand for deep-fried foods, commercial deep fryers have become the must-have appliance in the professional kitchen. Most of the restaurants with large customer service demand double tank deep fryers to keep up with orders.

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    Single Tank Deep Fat Fryer With Digital Controller
    Single Tank Deep Fat Fryer With Digital Controller Original price was: ₹67,000.00.Current price is: ₹45,000.00.

    Deep fried foods are most popular among the Indian population, and every restaurant owner aims to serve them to generate revenue. Moreover, the commercial kitchen uses multiple appliances for different cooking options.

Deep Fryers

When the world is debating between healthy and unhealthy food, we are fond of eating fried food irrespective of the results. Whether it’s french fries, non-veg deep frying is the most common method practiced in domestic and commercial kitchens. Moreover, if you are running a bustling restaurant or want to open any food business, then a deep fryer is the critical appliance you must have in your kitchen. In addition, commercial deep fryers are used by all food businesses looking at the demand for fried foods. Furthermore, there are two types of deep fryers.

  • Gas deep fryer – It uses gas as the fuel to heat the oil and deep fry the food. It is the most common method of deep frying.
  • Electric deep fryer – It uses electricity to run the deep fryer. It is the most conventional and energy-efficient method of deep frying.

Moreover, talking about deep fryers, it is an appliance that submerges food into hot oil giving it a crisp texture and great taste.

Benefits of Using Deep Fryers

People love deep-fried food because of its taste, texture, and appearance. Moreover, it is easy and convenient to cook fried food in a deep fryer. There are many benefits of using a deep fryer in a commercial kitchen.

  • Easy and faster cooking: A deep fryer allows you to cook food at high temperatures. Thus, the cooking time is reduced, and the process becomes fast and easy.
  • Better taste, texture, and appearance – A deep fryer offers food that is better in taste and texture as it seals moisture and doesn’t allow it to dry; its golden hue makes it look better.
  • Energy efficient: Deep fryers offer faster cooking time, saving energy. Also, electric deep fryers are more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods.
  • Cost-effective: ¬†Cooking in a deep fryer allows you to use oil multiple times. Thus, you can save your money on this. In addition, it consumes less energy and indirectly reduces the investment.
  • Easy to use and maintain: The deep fryer comes with an easy setup that does not require any skills to operate. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain when you have a busy kitchen.
  • Versatile cooking option: A commercial deep fryer allows you to cook a variety of snacks and vegetables. It is the most popular choice of appliance among professional chefs.

FAQs Related to Commercial Deep Fryer

  1. What is a deep fryer used for?

A deep fryer allows a versatile cooking experience. It is a multi-functional appliance that is used to:

  • Cook vegetables
  • Fry patties and a variety of snacks
  • Cook meats and others
  1. How long can I use oil in the deep fryer?

Ideally, you should remove the oil from your deep fryer every time you use it to cook high quality food and keep it for your next use. However, changing the oil every time would be tedious. So, oil is suitable for use for eight or ten uses; after that, it’s advised to change.

  1. How to choose the best deep fryer for the food business?

There are numerous deep fryers in the market. But, if you are choosing the best commercial deep fryer, then you must look for a few factors:

  • Power: Commercial deep fryers need a heavy amount of deep frying daily. Thus, look for a deep fryer with more power.
  • Capacity: A commercial fryer must have a large capacity so that a large volume of food can be cooked at once. Thus saving the cooking time.
  • Baskets: If you are looking for commercial purposes, then consider buying more baskets to fulfill your needs in less time.
  • Use and clean: Your deep fryer should be easy to use with no complications, as in your busy kitchen, simple appliances are better than complicated ones. Moreover, your appliance should be easy to clean without any external help.
  1. Which fryer is better, a gas deep fryer or an electric deep fryer?

It depends on the needs of your business. Moreover, both fryers are best for commercial use. However, the gas deep fryer allows it to cook at high temperatures at a faster rate. But it’s not energy-saving. And, the electric deep fryer allows you to heat oil in more time. But, it is a convenient and energy-efficient deep fryer.

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