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    western deep freezer hard top 103 liter
    Western 103 L Hard Top Single Door Convertible Deep Freezer Original price was: ₹19,999.00.Current price is: ₹14,200.00.

    Keep your food fresh and frozen, even in high ambient temperatures. This freezer’s hard top design ensures durability and reliability. Its spacious capacity of 103 liters provides ample storage for your frozen goods. Experience improved energy efficiency, allowing for optimal performance. Also, the quiet compressor operation ensures a peaceful environment.

  • New-34%Limited
    western deep freezer 343 ltr
    Western Deep Freezer 343 L Double Door Original price was: ₹34,999.00.Current price is: ₹22,999.00.

    Introducing the Western Deep Freezer 343 L Double Door. With a high ambient, hard top design, this freezer ensures optimal performance at any temperature. It is safety-compliant and features improved energy efficiency for cost-saving operations. The quiet compressor provides a peaceful environment. Experience ample storage space with a gross volume of 343 liters.

If you run any food business, refrigeration becomes essential for storing food and beverages. When we are talking about refrigeration, there are two options for the business person, i.e. Deep freezer and refrigerator. And, for large-scale refrigeration, a commercial deep freezer is the best option.

What is a Deep Freezer?

A deep freezer is a freezing appliance that stores food and other items in large amounts at zero-degree temperatures. It does not cool down the products but freezes at a constant temperature. In addition, it is ideal for businesses that require large storage space for a longer duration.

Commercial deep freezers come in different sizes depending on the area you have at your workplace. Moreover, there is no shortage of space in this, allowing the owner to store as many of the items they need to freeze deep.

Furthermore, not only in the food business, but deep freezers are also ideal for storing medical business. Many medicines require storage at an optimum temperature to restore their function.

Deep freezers arrive in the market with many modifications daily per the demand. And their features depend on commercial deep freezer prices, as many include:-

  • Manual and automatic settings.
  • Some arrive with an alarm or notification feature.

Moreover, various freezers depend on the requirements of the business.

Benefits of Deep Freezer in Business

A deep freezer is a boon to the food industry as it is essential for most businesses. In addition, some major benefits are as follows:-

  • Storage Capacity: The deep freezer offers large storage capacity in various sizes. It ranges from small units for small shops to large units for large commercial shops or restaurants. In addition, there are different types of deep freezers to meet your needs. It allows storage of large quantities of food without spoiling it.
  • Long Shelf life: – Deep freezer freezes the food at zero-degree temperature. The frozen food has a longer shelf life than the normal fresh food. This means that the frozen food could be stored for a longer duration without getting it spoiled. Thus, the business should save money on buying food items repeatedly.
  • Energy efficient: – Deep freezers at a larger scale are more energy efficient. However, compared to a normal refrigerator, refrigerators consume less energy. But, when we see the bigger picture of storing large quantities of food, we can say power consumption is less. Moreover, the modern deep freezer is now designed to be energy efficient, thus saving bills and scaling up the business.

How Deep Freezers are Different From the Refrigerator

We might think that refrigerators and deep freezers freeze and store food, so why buy a deep freezer for the business? Both of these appliances seem to have the same function. However, there are slight distinctive differences. So, here are a few differences that would clear the doubt about the deep freezer.


The deep freezer works at temperatures between -23 degrees to 8 degrees. This means it not only cools down the food but freezes it.

Meanwhile, the refrigerator works between -2 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius. Thus, the refrigerator is good for you if you want to store food at adjustable temperatures. However, some of the food items must be frozen to be durable for a longer duration.

Storage Capacity

A deep freezer allows large quantities of food to be stored for a longer duration of time. It has various large compartments to store products in large numbers in an organized way.

Meanwhile, refrigerators allow limited storage as compared to deep freezers.


Deep freezers are less versatile and store products that require freezing. It doesn’t cool a few products separately and freezes them simultaneously. It is used in businesses that require storing food in large quantities longer.

Refrigerators are more versatile and come with different features. In addition, it is best for businesses that require to store numerous products at different temperature ranges.

Types of Deep Freezer

The deep freezer comes in various types depending upon the purpose and build of the freezer. Moreover, knowing which type of commercial deep freezer your business requires is necessary for a perfect buy.

  • Chest freezer: The most commonly used commercial deep freezer is in the shape of a large box. It arrives with baskets for storing food and small items and large areas for big items. In addition, it is ideal for storing bulky food items.
  • Upright freezers: These are domestic deep freezers and are not used commercially. It is a vertical freezer and looks like a normal fridge.
  • Drawer freezer: A counter freezer easily fits into any lower cabin. In addition, it is best for both domestic and commercial use as they are very handy and come in small spaces
  • Portable freezer: These are commercial deep freezers that are easy to move from one place to another. In addition, it is ideal to use in small stores, offices, or moving businesses.
  • Display freezer: Deep freezers with glass at the top showcasing the frozen items. It is most commonly for large commercial stores that allow storage and sale of the product. In addition, this is the most widely used type of commercial freezer in today’s business. It meets the demand of attracting customers and freezing the items simultaneously.


A deep freezer is an essential appliance in today’s business market. These are available in different types, designs, features, and specifications, fulfilling the needs of any business. In addition, it’s important to choose the right deep freezer per your business demand and scale up your profits. Also, we have a western deep freezer you can choose per your requirements and needs.

Moreover, buying an appliance is always a hectic task. But if you are aware of all the aspects of the appliance and are clear on point about what exactly you need, it would be as easy as a piece of cake.

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