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    Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Original price was: ₹89,000.00.Current price is: ₹77,350.00.

    If you are planning to open a coffee shop or run one with a regular coffee machine, then it is time to switch to a fully automatic coffee machine. This will give your business an extra edge.

  • New-39%Limited
    Regenta Espresso Coffee Machine Original price was: ₹22,000.00.Current price is: ₹13,499.00.

    Regenta espresso coffee machine is a powerful espresso maker that extracts essential oil, giving your coffee a rich taste. It comes with a die-cast aluminum alloy boiler, portafilter, steam brother, stainless steel body, and transparent water tank, offering great performance and enhanced customer experience.

Coffee Shop Equipment

Coffee is the most common beverage in India, and the coffee business has grown exponentially over the years. Moreover, gathering around coffee shops is now more common for people whether they have coffee dates or hang out with friends. Thus, opening a coffee shop is a potential business.

However, it is very challenging if you are doing it alone. In addition, before opening a coffee shop, it’s crucial to have the necessary coffee shop equipment to run the business successfully.

Important Equipment For Your Coffee Shop

It can be very confusing to find and research all the equipment necessary to set up a coffee shop. Thus, we at Hadala Kitchen have you covered by providing you with a complete list of equipment necessary for business on our platform.

Hadala Kitchen offers you the platform where all the finest researched equipment is available to make your coffee shop business grow and outshine the market. Moreover, here is a complete, detailed list of things necessary to build your business:-

  1. Beverage Equipment

The first and foremost thing to set up the coffee shop is to decide how many beverages you want to offer the customers. Thus, the equipment should be bought per the business’s needs. We offer you high-quality and safe equipment, ensuring they meet your demands.

  1. Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

An automatic drip coffee maker is an important coffee making equipment, considering black coffee consumption is the highest among customers. Moreover, we offer you a durable machine that can produce high coffee quantity, meeting the daily demands of the café.

However, it’s essential to have more than a coffee machine as it helps in rush days enhancing customer experience.

  1. Espresso Machine

Espresso is a typical customer demand. Thus, having an espresso machine in your coffee shop will attract more customers. What Hadala Kitchen offers you is a branded espresso machine.

  1. Coffee Brewer

It is essential café equipment when you don’t want to keep brewed coffee from before. 

  1. Commercial Coffee Grinder

Ungrinded coffee beans that you grind yourself offer high-quality coffee. Thus, if you are new in the market, you must include a commercial coffee grinder, which can grind 1.5 pounds of beans in a minute.

  1. Commercial Blenders

Blenders are crucial for making smoothies or other drink items. We offer a robust blender that can withstand heavy workloads.

Best Equipment For Coffee Shop

Ovens And Toaster

Other than coffee, cooking equipment becomes important for your business if your menu consists of different food items such as cake, pastries, muffins, and sandwiches.

In addition, ovens and toasters are kitchen equipment that is important in every field of the food business. Thus, we have the best oven and toaster on our platform to meet the needs of your business. Moreover, based on your demands, we have a convection or heavy-duty microwave oven for you.


Refrigerators are important coffee shop equipment as they store food and reduce wastage. We have various types of refrigerators and behind-the-counter fridges for your coffee shop.

Other Necessary Café Equipment

Besides the above equipment, you must have many different things to open a coffee shop.

  • Shelving
  • Water supply system
  • POS system and websites
  • Containers, pumps, and storage

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Coffee Shop Equipment

  1. How do you help to have coffee shop equipment?

Hadala Kitchen offers a platform where we have customized the necessary coffee shop equipment in bulk, making it easy to buy without wasting time researching.

  1. What to do after we have all the coffee shop equipment?

You are one step closer to starting your own business if you have all the necessary coffee shop equipment. Next, you need to decide the location of your shop, make a floor plan, take the required license and registration, hire staff, design a brand, market your shop, and, thus, start your own business.

  1. Is it reasonable to buy used coffee shop equipment instead of new ones?

There are many pros and cons to using coffee shop equipment. Buying used café equipment will save you money and make it affordable to start your own business.

In addition, it will be safe to experiment with new machines to check how viable they are to businesses. However, they may not last long and waste your investment. There will be no warranty. Thus, decide on the terms of your business situation and priorities.

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