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    2+1 chinese burner range
    2+1 Chinese Burner Range Original price was: ₹84,000.00.Current price is: ₹55,000.00.

    Chinese food is popular all over the country. And, every restaurant on any corner is now serving Chinese food as this is always in customer demand. Moreover, if you are running a bustling food business or want to start a Chinese-oriented restaurant, then you must have a commercial chinese burner range. To be more specific, if you are stepping into the food business, you can start with a 2+1 Chinese burner range.

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    3+1 chinese burner range
    3+1 Chinese Burner Range Original price was: ₹89,000.00.Current price is: ₹75,000.00.

    Upgrade your kitchen with our 3+1 Chinese burner range. We used high-quality stainless steel 304 with 3+1 noob. It offers high-speed cooking.

Commercial Chinese Burner Range

Chinese snacks are the go-to food for a large number of people, and their popularity is increasing day by day. Moreover, you must have been to many weddings where Chinese food is served. There, you must have witnessed big stoves, especially for making Chinese food. That big stove is a commercial Chinese burner range used by professional caterers to cook and serve heavy volumes of Chinese foods in less time.

Moreover, the commercial Chinese burner range is a special stove appliance used by restaurants and big Chinese corners to make Chinese foods. Moreover, it speeds up cooking with its big burners and thus serves food to customers in very little time. In addition, the Chinese burner needs a special type of utensils that can bear such a huge amount of heat.

How Does a Commercial Chinese Burners Range Work?

Talking about the commercial Chinese stove range, they are specifically designed to provide much more heat than the normal commercial stove. They produce huge amounts of heat in a short period, heating the cooking utensils quickly.

And thus speed up the cooking process. However, this is never achieved by the traditional commercial stove. It is specialized in cooking food items like stir-frying, deep frying, stewing, boiling Chinese soup and noodles, and many more.

How Does a Commercial Chinese Burner Range Differ From a Normal Burner?

If you are running a Chinese restaurant or food corner serving Chinese, then a commercial Chinese burner range is a must-have appliance in your professional kitchen.

Moreover, beginners in the food industry always wonder why they need different burners for these foods.

Here are a few points to make you clear how it differs from a normal burner.

Shape and Size

Normal stoves arrive with a small surface area, and usually, they have round or square burner sizes. In addition, they are designed to accommodate normal daily use of utensils in restaurants.

Whereas the Chinese burner range comes with big and powerful burners offering broader flame accommodating special utensils that have round and curvy bottom utensils.

Heat and Flame Distribution

A normal stove burner offers an even distribution of heat, giving a consistent temperature to cook at. In addition, the burners burn with an optimum flame, which is best for regular commercial cooking.

Meanwhile, the Chinese stove range offers intense heat at the bottom of the utensil and then distributes the heat evenly throughout the utensils. In addition, the flame has maximum heat for stirring, deep frying, and quick cooking style. Thus, it increases the efficiency of Chinese and Asian cooking styles.


Normal burner offers versatile cooking methods that offer a wide range of cooking options, such as boiling, slow cooking, and many more.

Meanwhile, cooking options with the Chinese burner range are limited as it offers high heat that is good for Asian cuisine, like noodles, soup making, deep frying, stir-frying, and others.

What to Look For When Buying a Commercial Chinese Burner Range?

If your restaurant has an asian cuisine specialty, or you are starting a Chinese restaurant, then buying a commercial Chinese burner becomes important for you. However, if you are new, then choosing the right 2+1 Chinese Burner Range may be tedious. So, to help you through this, here are a few points you should look at when buying the best one for your business.

  • Look for the right size as per your business needs. There is a large range of Chinese stoves in terms of size. Thus, choose the size according to the amount of heat you want for the cooking process.
  • Choose the appropriate burner range material as you are investing in it for once. There are many options, such as stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel. Moreover, in commercial business, many professional chefs prefer carbon steel materials as they are durable and a little cheap.
  • If you have to deal with a large volume of food, then look for a Chinese stove with a huge heat flow. Otherwise, you will not get the desired smoky flavors. High temperature not only allows fast cooking but also gives authentic taste and flavors to food.
  • Considering the budget before buying the commercial burner range is necessary as all the features depend on the price range. Moreover, considering it as a one-time investment, it’s advisable to invest a little more to have a high-quality Chinese stove range.

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